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IdrilRN has 12 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Psych.

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  1. IdrilRN

    We are human too

    And old as **** frail elderly resident in the nursing home I work in who was half dead the other night and has no family but the people who take care of her.
  2. IdrilRN

    We are human too

    #justnursinghomethings. #weepy #justnursethings #beanursetheysayitwillbefuntheysay #veryrewarding When you hope the medication is enough. When you hope your touch is enough. When you hope your nursing skills are enough. When yo...
  3. IdrilRN

    Different Types Of Coworkers

    Polly policy. And I say that with great admiration. As she knows the policy book backwards and forwards so it is quite helpful! Me, I would be, saftey queen. Very rigid on my unit with issues regarding saftey of patients and staff. But alas...
  4. Not going to sugar coat it but you are lucky not to be kicked out of the nursing program for doing a tube feeding with a nurses aid, or nurse like person. In other words not with your instructor. There are rules for a reason. We are dealing with...
  5. IdrilRN

    Patient Reported Me To Nurse Manager

    Please please don't take things patients say about you personal. You will burn out very quickly. I've had patients rip the cuff off and storm off while calling me every name in the book and accusing me of breaking their arm because the cuff was to...
  6. IdrilRN

    How to get a job in Correctional Nursing?

    Yes it is possible for RN's. I just got hired on perdiem. And will often be the only RN on besides the charge nurse.
  7. IdrilRN

    How to get a job in Correctional Nursing?

    Find out who the company is that provides medical care for the DOC. I just got hired on per diem at my local prison. It's not through the DOC it's through an out side company. Could be as easy as calling the prison, asking for medical and speak ...
  8. IdrilRN

    Total Disregard for Visiting Hours

    Oh yes. 6p-8p M-F and 2-4 and 6-8 on weekends. And even better if the pt is on any type of detox protocol. They get no visits unless it is "therapeutic" And even then requires an md order and supervision with the social worker. But a sad poi...
  9. I wear boring jeans and boring t shirts or shirt, and sneakers. But then again thats my "style" or lack of style, anyway I work on a forensics unit and as a nurse I would never wear a dress or a skirt. I get down and dirty (no pun intended) with ...
  10. IdrilRN

    Degree level required to work as a psychiatric nurse?

    I worked as an LPN on a psych unit. Now as an ADN, I work in a private psych hospital. Psych nursing is not at all slow paced, except maybe on night shift and that's only if everyone is sleeping.
  11. IdrilRN

    Types of units at your hospital

    It's for people who have commuted a crime and at some point are suspected of having or already have a diagnosis of a mental illness. They come to the suit usually psychotic (they've been off their meds) with in two weeks they have an eval by a foren...
  12. IdrilRN

    Types of units at your hospital

    Child, adolescent, LGBT, Detox, 2 adult units (regular) and one forensic. A uniformed service program, intensive outpatient program for adults, children and adolescents and residential programs for children and adolescents.
  13. IdrilRN

    A Rough Nursing Shift...

    This is how I was before 8am today, and it was downhill all day. But then I got to leave at 330pm, so all is well.
  14. I've worked in 3 psych units. There is always the potential for violence. Each place I've worked has a non violent crisis intervention program they use. Pro Act, CPI, NAAPI All teach us how to to recognize when the patients could be come dangerous...
  15. we lock it in a closet that the patients can't access during their stay, then it's given to them upon d/c. Illegal drugs are given to the med nurse and then the police come and collect it to dispose of it, but with no identifying information. The p...