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  1. nola1202

    1st RN Job, feeling discouraged and disappointed

    Hang in there baby! It's not you it's Health Care these days (profit driven, not acuity driven.) Survive for a year then get out! Look for a Hospital position that lives up to it's Magnet Status PR (not all do) Getting in will take a long time because turnover is low but it will be worth it. Meanwhile stay safe, use your head and don't listen to Supervisors or peers who tell you to do something you know could get you in trouble with theNursing Board. Study your areas Nursing Practice act and back your comments up with the latest evidence based research. Take Care!
  2. nola1202

    1st Psych Nursing Job starts Monday, any advice?

    Be afraid, be very afraid .
  3. nola1202

    April 2013 Caption Contest: Win $100!

    "He says he was replaced by someone named Jimmy Kimmel."
  4. nola1202

    A Phone Call

    well done!
  5. Hee, Hee, Hee, we talk about this at work all the time....my answer is yes, no, yes, maybe, no...mmmm I'll get back to you on that. Like many other "lifers" (over 24 years) I have taken time off to work in other careers, some low paying (retail at a craft store, a picture framer, radio as a DJ) some a little better but not as good or as flexible as nursing. I come from a pretty messed up family, maybe I miss the abuse! I keep comming back, and I think it's a pretty good gig when I only have to work part-time, full time wears me down. My goal is to be debt free, live simply and work less with more down-time to take art classes and marine biology classes.
  6. nola1202

    Is this what night shift really does to us?

    I do nights, but I feel it. The sleep deprivation is the hardest, even when I sleep well I still feel deprived. Usually I come home, stay up about an hour or two, lie down around 9 or 10, sleep till 2 or 4p then I'm up. If I only work an 8hour shift I take a nap around 8 pm to 9:45 or 10pm. If I work 12'sI'm just up and hit the wall on my 3rd night and wonder who I am and what the he#$ I'm doing here...and yes frequently forget the obvious (such as where a peer has gone when they told me not 5 minutes ago they were going to go on a break. Nights are easier so far as the chaos, phones ringing, multi-tasking,coordinating with other dept's and having more 1 on 1 time with the patients who really need it, but the rest including the weird aches and pains...(my big toe hurts after a 12 hour shift) (and my feet are so stiff when I first get up...I walk down the stairs going "owie", "owie" "owie" ) Other friends who are nurses also confirm the stiff sore feet part no matter what shift they work! Oh heck, this post is a good example, I am Rambling and lost the thread of my idea..
  7. nola1202

    Heel stick on side of foot/medial ankle

    Excellent advice from all the other posts, just wanted to address your anxiety. Thankfully, 99.9% of our less than stellar interventions have no adverse effects. You are learning and that's what's important. I notice with the square lancets for heel sticks, the actual stick is a little higher than I anticipated it would be. I've learned to correct for that with experience. I also lol about getting stuck with a lancet...me too! youch! Rest easy, and keep asking questions, reading and learning from experience.
  8. Respiratory failure in kids can be easily missed. They compensate very well for a long time, then poof! Respiratory arrest. I was a new grad who had the wonderful fortune to have a Ward Clerk who was also an experienced CNA who warned me one of my kids respirations were very elevated and she was worried he was "gonna poop out." I called the respiratory therapist, who told me to call the resident, and the kid was transfered to ICU, a few hours later he was intubated. Listen to others who have experience and they will save your (and your patient's) behinds.
  9. nola1202

    Tourniquet with heel sticks?

    I also had this experience, and wondered about it. I guess there's the prefered method, and the unconventional that works that one time. Glad the labs ended up comming out fine.
  10. nola1202

    Peds nurse with no kids

    Also childless, mostly by choice. I was on the fence about having kids, never really was in a good enough relationship to want to risk it. If I had it to do over again, I think I'd think more about just being a single mom, but....I see how difficult it is to be a single mom when I work in the hospital and I think "thank God that isn't me, I'd lose my mind!" I also feel uncomfortable with the "do you have children?" comments and wonder what they think when I say I never had kids...good, bad, neutral? I look at it this way, I get to enjoy someone elses child without having to worry about having the energy to go home and cope with mine, less stress and conflicts and guilt. "you like your patients better than me!" I am a proud dog mom and share his picture whenever possible!
  11. For the longest time I would start to walk in a geriatric patient's room and she would wake and holler "look out for the dog!" I would stop mid-step and lurch to the side in an attempt to avoid the non-existent? dog. I swear to you, that dang dog was real to me!
  12. "thanks for sharing."
  13. nola1202

    How to promote tolerance and support teamwork,

    ditto. I thought I'dfound the perfect job, now I find out someone has lied about me to management and mangement believes them. I'm stuck with a "performance improvement plan" and having to go through more "orientation" so I can learn to be more supportive of my co-workers. I feel so bitter. I've been a nurse for over 24 years. I'm good at what I do. I am supportive of my co-workers. ARRRGH! I know, I know, tell it to the hand cuz the face don't give a da@$! I'm so angry and hurt and betrayed, it's all I can do to keep showing up till I can find another job. I just can't deal with being treated like yesterday's garbage.
  14. rofl. This seems to be really common. The other most common is the grab a quick break after am report, chart checks and assessments. I used to get so annoyed at the smoke break and breakfast break right after report people and say nothing. I was one of those nurses on orientation of abt 2 weeks when a group of MD's walked on the unit and had a bunch of questions...did the best I could and no one was ever the wiser, but boy did I say something after that! (don't you dare leave me on this unit all alone!)
  15. nola1202

    How to explain depression/PTSD to young children

    dad/mom is sad. It's not your fault, and it's not your job to fix their sadness. You don't have to be extra good to make things better. PTSD: Something bad happened to mom/dad and sometimes something reminds them of that and they act like or look like....and it's not your fault or your job to fix them. Family therapists rock. Hope you can find one who is helpful.
  16. nola1202

    I'm grateful for you crusty old bats

    Every time a bell rings a baby bat gets their wings. (very loose quote from "it's a wonderful life."