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  1. SnowStar4

    Sign On Bonuses

    I have experienced that high really sign on bonuses can be a sign of high turnover/ bad situations. I worked as an educator for a department that was basically all travellers because it was so toxic. Even travellers earning ridiculous amounts of money would leave within a week because it was so bad. It was 25k for two years experience. Another hospital nearby had a similar situation and bonus. They can't keep staff either. However, I took a position last year that had a 5k sign on bonus, and always offers it for experienced staff. In the OR training takes forever so experience is always valued. I couldn't be happier with the position. So I would say if it seems super high there's probably a catch, but a small bonus shouldn't worry you too much.
  2. SnowStar4

    Average IQ of a BSN nurse

    Education level and intelligence are two completely different things.
  3. SnowStar4

    Questions on Clinicals at Sinai Grace in Detroit

    I would choose DRH or the VA. They are all next to each other with Children's, Karmanos, Harper/Hutzel, Kresge, and Wayne State and there is a stronger police/security presence in the area. Not that I think it is safe to go stolling about, but safer. The DMC is under transition right now as Vaguard has taken over. They promise a lot of desperately needed updates but we will see. The parking sucks. Pay sucks. Poor work ethic from the locals. But you get great experience working in the inner city. I went to MCC and am currently also at MSU. I didn't do clinicals in the DMC so I am not sure how they treat people. Expect a lot of waiting for your instructor to check off all of your meds/skills. There is a ton of paperwork for students since they make you do care plans and all that. They have great computer charting but I don't know if it is easy access to computers there like it is at many places. Pack lightly- students uselly don't get lockers and things disappear. Wear comfortable shoes and expect them to get nasty. You'll get nervous- and that's normal. Just stay calm and act like you know what you are doing. And when in question...always ask your instructor or a nurse!
  4. SnowStar4

    Though this is what I wanted, not so sure now...

    If offered, I would take it and quit if you decide it is not for you (or use your internal candidate status to transfer to a better fitting department). If it works out great for you. If it doesn't...at least you learned early and earned a little cash.
  5. SnowStar4

    Questions on Clinicals at Sinai Grace in Detroit

    I never did clinicals there but I work for the DMC and do know that it is not a nice part of town. Be aware of your surroudnings, and if possible car-pool.
  6. Some are strict, some aren't. I had plenty of interviews as a new grad for jobs that required 1-2 years experience. It doesn't hurt to apply to jobs...you never know.
  7. SnowStar4

    Do you write medication orders?

    Our institution won't allow standing order sets, so it all has to be put in individually. We go off of our preference cards, or whatever the physician asks for. We can't chart verbal order though, it has to be put in as "perioperative order". In some services the residents/PAs are awesome and put in most of the orders but most of the time it falls on us.
  8. SnowStar4

    What exactly is BSN online?

    I'm starting an online program at my local university in August. There are about 120 total clinical hours involved that you arrange at a facility near your home. Be careful to ask questions about the program you choose. Many advertise "100% online" but then have similar clinical requirements like mine. I have a coworker that was supposidly in a 100% online program but then suddenly she had requirements of having to show up to lab time to perform assessments etc. It was impossible for her due to location and she had to quit! It was a waste of money and time for her.
  9. SnowStar4

    Online patho and other classes in MI?

    Not sure about patho but I used Macomb Community college for mine while out of state so I never set foot on campus
  10. SnowStar4

    Math on NCLEX-RN

    I only had one math question. It involved a couple conversions and was one of the longer formulas but I can't remember which.
  11. SnowStar4

    Interview/Job Shadow in OR

    When you see interesting instruments/equipment, ask what they are used for. Ask about the duties of the RN, and what a typical day is like. Offer to help with something, even though they shouldn't let you :)
  12. SnowStar4

    Ok, this one hasn't been done in a while....

    Ha! Me too!
  13. SnowStar4

    ADN or BSN?

    You may be misreading my point. I'm not saying an ADN is the same as a BSN. It's a completely different education. I understand the difference completely as a Masters educated professional in another field. An associates degree in my previous field (and most others) is nothing. Won't get you a darn thing. I know the difference. I never understood why a few healthcare areas are different. I'm just saying no the doctors do not know what you have unless you are an advanced practice nurse. Personally I went the ADN route due to money, got a job, and am now doing the RN-BSN for free. Yeah, that's the truth. I didn't go that route due to poor grades, inability to get into a university, or any other inferior reason. It was cheap, quick and easy, and it's not my fault that we all get the same job initially. Obviously getting the BSN is more work and a better more rounded education. I don't think anyone is discounting that. But an ADN gets the job done too. There are three main issues here: 1. People seem to confuse education (ADN, BSN, MSN) with credentials (RN). 2. People need to be less condescending to their fellow nurses, no matter what their degree. You know who you are. 3. People need to understand that there are wonderful nurses of all education levels and poor ones of all education levels. Education does not equal intelligence. There has been talk about making the BSN a minimum standard for many years and it has not happened. So we all need to learn to get along in the meanwhile. PS: I had a couple classmates hired into U of M last year....with ADNs.
  14. SnowStar4

    Passed NCLEX RN and now looking for a job

    Make sure you update your applications/resume with your new RN status and license # if possible. Many places will not consider you until you pass, and it has only been 2 weeks so be patient! And network as much as possible.
  15. SnowStar4

    ADN or BSN?

    The doctors and I work with have no idea whether I have an ASN, BSN, or even MSN so there's no judgement! They only care how you do your job. And I have no idea what degree most of the nurses I work with have unless I ask. There is no judgement...and I work in a place where they judge you for everything else!
  16. SnowStar4

    Switching caps between each case?

    We wear ours all day, unless something nasty gets on it of course.

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