Reasons patients turn on their call light

  1. I had a very enjoyable night two nights ago, because for the first time in my nursing history I had a patient who literally turned their call light on every 2-5 minutes.

    Reasons the patient turned her call light on:

    1. I farted.
    2. I coughed.
    3. Can I sit at the nurses station naked?
    4. My neck twitched when I took a breath.
    5. Can you scratch my left pinky finger?
    6. My tongue keeps touching my teeth, what should I do?
    7. I think I have to poop but I'll wait until tomorrow to do it.
    8. I'm about to call 911 because I keep hearing the nurses walk by my room.
    9. Am I breathing ok?
    10. My legs are really pretty, what do you think?

    That's to name a few!
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  3. by   dudette10
    I had a patient hit the call light multiple times in a row because he wanted to know what the ringing was. It was his call light..and he was very forgetful of what I just explained to him.
  4. by   L♡vER
    Please tell me you work in psych?!
  5. by   FloatRN19
    When I was a CNA there was this patient, during report she hit her call light twice, and the report from the day aide was that she was on it a lot. First time, wants to go to the rest room, cool. Calls again 20 minutes later wants to use the restroom again. Without getting into her specifics she was old, not weak but lazy, and just a pain to get out of bed. She was in the corner room with a very long walk to the bathroom, so I grabbed a commode. After the first five calls in the first hour I started keeping track. 56 call lights, 8 bathroom requests of the 56. And that's not including the 2 hours I got floated to the ED to sit with a drunk guy who we were waiting for the police to come pick up.
  6. by   lumbarpain
    I wish I could honestly laugh at these but it does bring a smile to my face...because its true....I try to go into the patients room with an open mind and fiqure out why they ring so much...I stand there and ask you NEED anything else before I leave and I wait and engage in small talk...however as seconds later after you leave..that light goes on and your blood pressure goes up......I try to think that ths is a psych problem, or the patient is afraid, lonely or just a Pain in the A and is bored. Some people love to torture people just for entertainment. Or they think they are in a hotel . I don't like it at all, especially when there are other patients who need more care then this one who thinks only of himself and his enjoyment of watching staff bust their behinds running to the rooms all the time when the light goes on.....then you have the patients who threated to sue....or the ITS YOUR JOB type of thing....this Is one thing I cannot tolerate in people and its spitefulness. The best is when they use the callbell when family is in the room and they all watch you like you are on display while you pull the curtain for the patient, or fix a blanket. I know its OUR JOB and WE HAVE TO DO IT...but....this is one of many reasons why I dislike this job. People are just mean.
  7. by   RN403
    It is a pet peeve of mine when fully capable patients ring out so that I can hand them an item that is totally within reach.
  8. by   ixchel
    "There is a cat over there and it won't stop staring at me."
  9. by   Farawyn
    I love number 3 on OP's list!
  10. by   LadyFree28
    In my case, the children think it's how to turn on the TV, OR, they're pretend playing that it's a phone.
  11. by   mirandaaa
    I can't even laugh at this because it is the most frustrating thing about working in LTC.

    I had a resident who would LITERALLY call every 15 minutes at night, claiming she needed to be changed and 9/10 times, she wasn't wet AT ALL. Not even a drop. And I would be required to change her anyway because even with explaining and having her feel the brief, she would continuously call until I changed her.
  12. by   diamondp17
    No, I work night shift in a post surgical unit. We get med surg patients on the weekend when no surgeries are scheduled and she was a medical patient.
  13. by   mmc51264
    I can't get my TV to work
    I can't find the remote.
    I need my light off/on
    I need my door open/closed
    It's too cold/hot
    I need my nurse-can she bring you anything?-no-I want a ginger ale.
    Did i take my ______ today?
    it is endless.
  14. by   mirandaaa
    Quote from diamondp17
    No, I work night shift in a post surgical unit. We get med surg patients on the weekend when no surgeries are scheduled and she was a medical patient.
    I know, but I was saying in my experience this was the worst part about working in LTC lol.