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lumbarpain has 17 years experience as a ADN, RN and specializes in Geriatric/Sub Acute, Home Care.

Conscientious, goal oriented, fast learner, great problem solver.

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  1. lumbarpain

    How many residents is too many for one nurse?

    I am burned out. RN charge for over 30 years..have went through the wringer with injuries and now not even being able to function physicaly anymore due to severe short staffing...being habitually hammered on my management and family members. I cut my hours now due to glaucoma and severe vision loss in the left eye....BUT OH NO....don't ask your DON For some type of OTHER work you can do in the facility even though you aren't there as often....they never helped me...but I take care of 30 residents...many don't comprehend or just don't listen to reason. and they are quite capable of doing so. they just don't listen period.....all this patient rights stuff is off the wall too..wheres the nurses rights? when you get hurt and the unit manager says to you..well if you want you can fill out a incident report...... my work place is very very bad.....constant turn over of staff and management for the over 5 years I have been working there.....I do what I can.....I cant do any more than what I have.....I am too seasoned now as a nurse and just want to leave this job and enjoy life a bit.....
  2. Personally as LTC RN over 30 years..I have had it.....I have seen enough....I am burned out physically as well as mentally.....this job is not for me anymore, mostly due to the increased workload, demands, understaffing, and horrible management.........I did my time....and it literally killed me....injuries..stress, sleep deprivation anxiety, too too much....and its a thankless job...
  3. lumbarpain

    LTC nurses: Can I hear from you, please?

    Over 30 years of LTC experience..I am an RN .....tough job...have seen a lot of speciality nurses not be able to handle the dementia, confusion, demands and Irate family members you deal with.. but I am a Overly seasoned LTC nurse...you are young yet....my first suggestion to you is that if you don't have a lot of patience..and I mean a lot this isn't for you.....multi tasking also includes working as a CNA when they are short staffed...giving out po meds, doing Ivs, I&Os..wound care. colonostomy care, nephrostomy, urinary cath care, drawing blood, taking orders....all the regular stuff...plus if you stay long enough you may be voted in as the ONE WHO KNOWS ALL.....and then everyone comes to you to find things or do things for them cause they are new and don't know the ropes.....there is so much I could say here..but its worth a try...but like I said.....Patience is a BIGGEE in this job...not with only just patients and family....its your management and your coworkers also......Good luck to you...I hope you make the best decision for yourself.....
  4. lumbarpain

    What song describes your workplace environment?

    We got to get out of this place...if its the last thing we ever do".....I think its a early60s song by the Animals or Rolling stones....
  5. lumbarpain

    Aggressive family member

    And having been a nurse that had recently been attacked by a demented resident which has never happened to me before in my 30 years of nursing.....It takes you back a few steps. especially when management thinks its funny that you got attacked by a 6 foot tall man who has long arms and punches you in the chest and grabs you by the neckline of your uniform lifting you off the chair you are sitting on.!!!!!!.........I don't get paid enough to be hurt on the job like this when management thinks its humerous and they laugh and blame it on the mans dementia....which at times BTW...he does speak calmly and coherently at times......and all this was because he thought something was in his water pitcher....which was not. so I can relate to you absolutely...some people needs those clown punching bags in their rooms...don't you think?
  6. lumbarpain

    Aggressive family member

    Having family, significant others or friends of any type when you are concentrating on a vital procedure in the same room, I FEEL is not appropriate Its nerve wracking for all involved..... ..however in this world of heavily angered stressed out people, nurses are stuck between a rock and a hard place. I don't mind when family etc is in the room as long as they don't interfere with my job at that time and are pretty much calm, cool and collected... ..some ask a ton of questions which is fine....I like to teach and it helps the significant others do to understand the situation...... , some hang over you interfering with your job, some are just plain ignorant to the fact that this is an extremely important part of care for the patient and YOU Need to concentrate be extremely careful for yourself and the patients welfare...... I am a LTC RN and have experienced incredible anger, cursing, and out of control family to the point of me being fed up with it all.....I am burned out...and some patients are very taxing also..demanding ..want to be number one and cant wait a few seconds for a simple thing like a cup of coffee..... etc when it came to procedures done by staff....even simple changing can be a big fiasco if they feel you aren't doing it properly....at times you just feel like handing them everything and say..OK YOU DO IT THEN IF YOU THINK YOU CAN DO A BETTER JOB.......but.....we cant do this...although many times its been on the tip of my tonque......hope all worked out for you..
  7. lumbarpain

    Visually impaired nurses

    I am a Long Term care nurse of over 30 years...recently diagnosed with Glaucoma in the left eye and the optic nerve is badly affected where it makes my job very unnerving, due to computer work of over 7 hours at times, measuring and trying to read the Bingo cards, bottles my eye cant take too much even though I was part time.... ...however I get no compassion from my colleagues at work and even though I had a note from my doctor to give to my DON to try to shift me to another position.such as maybe some computer with some paperwork..or something else in the facility she failed me completely..was no help at all..in fact I had called in sick last week two days due to eye pain headache and some bronchitis...and she proceeded to take me off my part time hours and shift me to per diem without even notifying me.....I have worked in this facility for almost 5 years experiencing a ripped meniscus and severe walking problems but NO DON would get me off the floor.....she had her cronnies and favorities.......I did my work...but physically I was being whittled down and my job offered no help at all.....NOW I don't even know if I can collect unemployment due to her shifting me without my knowledge to perdiem because of being out sick for two days..when she was well aware of my vision difficulty....I am hoping I can collect.....but I am still trying to see if I can work at home as a nurse.....and if there is any help out there I would be so grateful to hear from anyone with this type of disability....oh and my glaucoma doctor said I cannot collect medical disability insurance..... ..he said I have to be a pilot or a truck driver......IS THIS INSANE OR WHAT???? there has to be something out there to help me out a bit..I have no health insurance either......thanks to anyone who can help me out out there......
  8. lumbarpain

    I Quit Nursing.

    OMG....I FEEL SO LIKE THIS....too bad I just saw this post.....wow.....what a mouthful of TRUTH that was......I have had it... ..with them all BIG and Small...busted my rump for over 30 years....through the pain and through the tears....no more no more there it goes...GOOD BYE NURSING>...WITH ALL THOSE WOES!!! I am ready to quit NOW
  9. lumbarpain

    death in LTC

    first if you are very familiar with your patients family or significant others....then it relieves you in a way......what I do is if a patient is starting to fail , or I FEEL like something is going to occur..no matter what it is..I always want a good report from the last nurse..then I check the previous days nurses noted...a to see if there is AL shifts to see if there was anything any nurse missed giving me on report..IT DOES HAPPEN....and ask the last shift if the family or significant others are aware of the change of status of the resident ...so everyone is prepared ...sometimes people can just APPEAR like they will pass away and make a complete come back....Vitals can fool you too..I have found that patients can just pass away even when their vitals were looking good...so good research on the residents status will put you in a complete state of calm in a way... Breaking the news is a very tough thing to do......if the family is expecting the worst...then they are a bit prepared for the news......if the family is distant and non emotional..which they can be at times...then it wont be hard saying what you have to say..but its always good to be empathetic.....we all feel terrible when a favorite patient passes....but this is life unfortunately....starting the conversation is hard.....saying" I am so sorry Ms Smith...your Mom had passed away a few minutes ago...she was comfortable and went peacefully. I hope this helps.
  10. lumbarpain

    Nurse physical and verbal abuse by patients

    thank you so much for your responses....since then I cut my hours...this nursing home has a lot of severe staffing problems , amongst other things. During the time of this incident..I felt confident I can divert this mans attention..but I felt that another female(very confused resident)who comes to visit him often MAY have instigated the water problem...but this is heresay and was never approved.. I was never attacked in my life by anyof my residents...and this was very scarey for me since I am a bit long in the tooth now and I don't move as quickly.....I was not actually SEATED on his bed.I was seated in a regular chair next to the bed....bbut he had gotten up and lunged at me so fast..it really shocked me. I was iffing and awing about calling the police cause it took a long time for him to calm down...he was yelling out for some time after that occurrence...I was lucky I had a witness , one of my aides. This man was yelling out so much and was not calming down and I was undecided whether to call the police which either could have went both ways at the time..making him more resistant and uncontrollable or much calmer.....so we just left him by himself in his room to calm down.....but since then...I was actually laughed at by my Unit manager and a senior day RN..///because it wasn't THEM..they thought I was fabricating and they thought getting hit , pinched, spit at , grabbed , squeezed, and hit by resident is a joke then its time for me to get out of this business...I have done my time....but this is the first I have ever been hurt and scared to death for myself by a male resident. He was very strong and all nurses shouldn't say to themselves OH how strong can a 90 years old be? believe me they are!! He was originally in a room by himself because of past verbal and physical abuses of his roomates...but we have construction going on and they started to switch his rooms with other male residents ...who both were A&O but have complained about him being verbally abusive and hitting them in their rooms...so.....now I hear they are finally going to transfer him to another unit.....it took almost 3 weeks for them to do this!! hurting me and abusing 2 other male residents....and I DID report this to the State of Virginia..but haven't heard a word about it yet!!!! Thank you for all your input on this matter..I was terrifically upset over this and its affecting me a lot since then.
  11. lumbarpain

    Nurse physical and verbal abuse by patients

    thank you all for you input....and the man was demented and had a past history of physical assaulting his roommate who wound up flooring him with a punch one day..police were called for that event. however as a LTC nurse of over 30 years...I am working in a very disorganized Nursing home which has changed DONS four times in the last four years...and the revolving door has swung off the hinges on this place from so many staff coming and going. Its a horrible place to work. This man had been possiblily instigated by a female resident who resides In the room across the hall so no one knows if he became agitated over "something being inn his water pitcher by something she said" the man has a history of abusing roomates..the nursing home has put him in another room with a male resident who has complained about this resident hitting him already......but my assault was the worst I have ever encountered in my career. It was very fast and I didn't see it coming ...you never know when these people will just lash out, grab something and hit you with it or just plain sucker punch you like he did to me. I find this very unnerving as a LTC nurse...and my Unit manager and another senior nurse laughed this off as OH..we all get hit, we get scratched, spit on etc, that's no big deal" the problem here is that non of hese two nurses were a witness..only one aide was there to help me when he held me up in the air by my scrub top....sounds funny now..but at the time I was waiting to be sent to the hospital by his other fist coming at me......right now I am seeking other work.....I am 62 and tired of the BS in Nursing homes....I gave them enough time to prove themselves over the years and they are all the same...some a little better than others..but I would never ever work in one again. And Demented or not.....I am not a referee, I am not a boxer, nor a wrestler or trained in protecting myself.
  12. Been a Long Term Care RN for over 30 years.. the other evening I was attacked by one of my 90 year old, 6'3 male resident. Intensely upset over his water having something IN IT...which was not true(the aide just gave out fresh water and ice prior) his rant went on and off since the start of the shift..as I got to his room to administer meds and do a blood sugar but he was super agitated over his water....he demanded I check the water out...so I reached over to get the pitcher and sat down next to him near his bed. he was sitting on his bed. I took the cover off and examined the water..I smelled it..and looked carefully to see if there was any type of particles or anything in it...nothing...I proceeded to inform this patient as I sat next to him that there is nothing wrong with the water, no smell or anything and that the aide just.........(at this point of my speaking to him.he went wild...he leaned over toward me and his hand came rushing at me and hit me in the chest and he then grabbed my uniform top near the neckline and hoisted me up ..I came off the chair!!! I was waiting for his other hand to come around and hit me in the face..but an aide was there..LUCKY FOR me and intervened and verbally yelled out stop!!! this distracted him and he let go of me..but it seemed like forever I was being held by my uniform top in the air....at least it felt that way......then soon after another Aide walked in hearing all the commotion..and the resident threw his water pitcher at all of us.....I was having pain at that point and being hit in the chest...some breathing problems which alleviated..thank God....I was on the verge of calling the police..but then I changed my mind and said..lets leave him be and he will calm down..but he still ranted a good part of the night....we have no male Aides...all women which is very bad for a man of this size..hes 220 pounds also. The power of his fist and grip against my chest/shoulder was truly amazing....so to my fellow nurses..please be careful with patients like this.....he was a timebomb and didn't care about me at all at that point in time......his water was changed and I didn't want the aide going near him cause we had just gotten told by the Unit manager to leave him alone...she was at home and was called about this incident. I thought to myself...this was an actual assault and I hurt badly now.....should I have called the police? Did I do the wrong thing in not calling them when I was assaulted..>>I feel I should have. IT IS an assault....on me. Hope to get some needed advice.......mymy unit manager requested I write a note about the event and an incident report on my injury...which I did.....this is the ONLY time in my entire nurse career I was attacked by a male patient and was hurt....hope to get some needed advice...thanks guys...
  13. lumbarpain

    Nurses with Visual Impairments

    I have been recently diagnosed with a rare form of exfoliative Glaucoma..which is hereditary and it has affected my optic nerve...this all happened very fast and I intensely recommend that any nurse here who has any one in their family with it..get YOUR Vision checked NOW....on top of the glaucoma is a cataract which was why I thought my vision was getting worse..so I headed to the eye doctor again..(this was almost 3 years after the cataract was diagnosed..but the first eye doctor said I had no glaucoma....NOW I have it....I thought stress was making my eye more blurry and I blamed the cataract all the while..but it turned out bad.....since then.....I have seen a regular eye doctor who found the glaucoma which I literally went into shock from....he gave me a excellent exam....then he recommended seeing a glaucoma specialist...I didn't really care for this doctor..wasn't personable and I felt like he was turning me off to my questions...THEN he sends me to a retinologist cause he thought he saw something going on with my retina...so this has become a big deal in the past 2 months.since then..I am on eye drops..3 different types to curb the pressure in my eye which has gone up to a big 51....I am surprised the eyeball doesn't explode Thank God.....but I have had side effects galore which are very unpleasant for a person who hasn't taken hard medications since the 90s...so this is psetting me greatly......my eyesight in a nutshell is pretty annoying....this exfoliation is kind of like a sliver of gray in the corner of my lens....its weird....it puts a dark gray curtain over half of my eyesight.....glare is bad....and doing my job is bad....I had asked the doctor to give me a note to excuse myself from floor work in hoping my DON would give me some type of office work to do....but she said to me....well.., what do you want me to do for you? at that point of the conversation..I knew there was nothing she would offer me cause I am NOT one of her favorites even though she complimented me on being a strong nurse.. I am having trouble with drawing up insulin and seeing the lines...pouring medication I have spilled a lot...and my perception is bad to the point where I have run into doorway walls with my med cart. I have told the doctors this and my DON and no one is giving me any type of direction......Its very scarey at my age now and living in a different state than my own is even more scarey...even though I have been living IN Virginia over 5 years now...its still a big void of nothing to me..and the help isn't there . I asked my glaucoma doctor if I can go on medical disability...cause I am having trouble driving also ..I drive to work. he says this....only way you can collect medic al disability is if you are a pilot or drive for a living like a truck driver.....at that instant I think I was in shock...so ..in a nutshell..its ok if I make a medication mistake...or accidentally overdose a patient, give too much or too little insulin... that's quite ok....does this make any sense to anyone? I even took myself off some days while the state was there at my facility so I wouldn't be surveyed by them and make a mistake being overly nervous and worrying about my eyesight... ...I don't want to lose my license...I am plain scared right now.. If anyone out there knows of any resources for nurses with severe visual impairment, please answer this post...I would be most grateful...
  14. lumbarpain

    My Life with a Nurse: A Man's Perspective

    IN all my years of nursing....most of the docs and other male nurses I met.....I wasn't attracted to....I was more attracted to police officers for some reason....so there ya go...I never cheated on my husband either when we were married...although I wasn't a nurse yet either...ha ha...
  15. lumbarpain

    I hate being a nurse

    from my experience seeing what new nurses have done to themselves in the past is ..they take on the highest stressed jobs first...ER, OR, cardiac/stroke unit like you yourself took...try stepping down a bit from that and alleviate that stress....to a more calmer unit if you can.....you will burn yourself out before you even get started.....I started in LTC..worked on a med surg unit briefly but even LTC I cant handle anymore....this is after over 25 years of it....so....step down a bit ...do something different or lower key until you settle in , then move up good luck.
  16. lumbarpain

    What Is the Problem???

    I do it all...meds to snaking toilets....we are still alive and well !!!!