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lumbarpain has 17 years experience as a ADN, RN and specializes in Geriatric/Sub Acute, Home Care.

Conscientious, goal oriented, fast learner, great problem solver.

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  1. lumbarpain

    Why do RN's avoid LTC positions?

    37 years I struggled with LTC...after the first 4, I wanted out...Life happened and set me back and although my biggest dream was to become an Holistic nurse......it fell out of the boat...….I swam to find my NOOK in nursing...but finances brought me to a dead stop...moving from state to state...etc.(finding myself again and where do I go now was my biggest challenge.) all of which never worked out....and I wholeheartedly agree with most of the posts here...you have to force yourself to assimilate....(much like being a BORG ) Its the system itself...….I knew it from the get go...poor everything except the poor patients themselves....who most didn't want to be in a nursing home either......sad...…...a lose, lose situation for all involved. we all get old....and if anything, Nursing homes need to be totally revamped up a thousand notches.
  2. lumbarpain

    Is this anxiety or should I quit nursing?

    ...This suggestion I will make is what was in my heart since nursing school.......but unfortunately Life got in the way and it all ended. YOU are much younger than I....and you have a tremendous background. I always wanted to be a Holistic Nurse or along that line of being a Wellness nurse/Alternative medicine and this may be an idea for you at this time of indecision in your career.....even if its a temporary thing... ….This was a dream of mine because deep in my heart I felt people needed a lot more during illness to effectively BECOME a WELL HUMAN BEING AGAIN.........it may not pay well, but at this time I don't know what the going rate of pay is ..but its a suggestion you may consider....I wish you the best of luck and happiness in your endeavors and hoping God opens up a Happier door for you in Nursing. Ps...although I never went in Holistic nursing and was directed back several times to LTC and it made me very upset because it wasn't what I really wanted to do, I had to deal with it....Bills called out my name!!...At least I did it, I tried, but God directs us where he wants us in life, I am sure He will do the same for you and you have one important thing on your side now....YOUTH! Good luck again..
  3. lumbarpain

    Coronavirus (COVID-19): We Want to Hear from You

    Northern Virginia is vigilant but quiet, however I am not in my regular job anymore, LTC. Working with the homeless now.....and in the past two months with all the off the street people that have come in and new residents...all is well. Strong feeling this is just another flu virus and people/health facilities must just do what they always did at this time to protect themselves. Just my opinion. Incredible Hype out there now..
  4. lumbarpain

    A challenging & rewarding job.... but a "dead end" in nursing?

    I started out after Nursing school working in a local hospital....being a newbie I found a hospital setting to be very non personal/cold and it had made me feel very separated from my patients, not getting to really know them as human beings. Basically IN and out of the room and that was it..... This was my prerogative however I only worked for 3 months in a hospital setting........ One day all the computers crashed at this hospital (back in the 90s) and I was so stressed out and discouraged at that point working there. It took me 3 hours to revamp my nursing notes and all wondering what I did all day writing them out on paper!!!!! We had in patient room computers at the time..the computers crashed at 3pm right at the next shifts start!!! Being new to the nursing world...I became very discouraged right from the get go and I was in my 30s........... This set me on another road...I ventured into a very fine nursing home back in NJ....best one I ever worked for. We wore our caps and white nursing uniforms...Staff was great and then the DON decided to retire after 30 years(NOT GOOD) she was the best one they had..........then the place never was the same again, it went downhill...lucky me right?....since then I have been stuck in nursing homes ever since, looking for the same thing I had in that particular nursing home.... . One senior nurse who was semi retired of whom I worked with at this nursing home, asked me one day...".what are you doing working in a nursing home when you just got out of school?" She had worked as a Nurse anesthetist before...….so I sat there answering her question saying" I thought hospitals were cold and I didn't have that personal real feel with my patients and felt I never got to really know them" and told her the story about the Computer crash too)......she seemed to understand but persisted on me going into something else besides a nursing home.saying I am going to lose my skills.. Since then..I have been a Geriatric nurse for over 35 years....I have tried to get out of the nursing home scene because I was injuring myself too much lifting patients and all when they fell. Outside of being low staffed and trying to help them when they needed other physical help...so it took a major toll on me physically and later on in life...mentally....... Now I am going on 64 years young and have had my days with pain and being disabled from knee, back and shoulder injuries from nursing home work........, I don't like to be negative...but this was my personal experience......... In a nutshell.....I am the type of nurse that when a call bell rings I go there right away...(due to being so short staffed you have to too.) but through the years I have tried to get other jobs outside of nursing...mainly office and one time being a flight attendant I was so desperate...which didn't work out...had a very bad feeling I had about it then...was in 1996 and I had intentions of moving to a new York airport which would have been in 2001 after getting my feet wet with the airline........which was when 911 hit...so...something bad was telling me shouldn't e doing this and I turned back and went home, I only had the practical in the plane to do, I passed the written with flying colors...relating it to a nursing test..(lol) but it was far easier...…... and I would've had my wings...but like I said...the intense feeling of dread I had at the end of my flight attendant course was intimidating and haunting me...I couldn't get rid of the feeling of dread that I shouldn't be doing this.....so I left...the instructor was so upset.. LIttle did I know that the feeling was related to 911...and that God was telling me or something warning me.. cause I had intentions to fly American airlines in New York city who knows what was warning me at that time.was really unnerving to me ...……and of course many offices don't hire RNS so I was in a conumdrum also........so Here I am now with optic nerve damage from glaucoma...and cant do my regular geriatric nursing job anymore outside of walking physical limitations also.....I wanted so badly to get out of the nursing home scene back in the 90s due to myself living in doctors offices from injuries..sorry for being so long winded but I now firmly believe God put me where He wanted me and just didn't want me to go outside of a nursing home no matter how hard I tried to get out of it. .it was just meant to be. and believe me I tried like the dickens to get out of nursing homes..my family and friends were getting tired of me complaining about it... You don't have to get behind in anything you feel is important in nursing..I always kept myself up to date on the latest nursing information on Nursing homes and kept the skills I learned still up and fresh in my mind, many nurses didn't even keep their CPR/AED/First aid current.which I felt was very important in a nursing home....but this is me ...in fact..my old last nursing home NEVER had IV recerts which I kept telling them to get...because we did get IVs at times....but.....this is the way of the world of nursing homes I guess. Frustrating world we live in . I don't desuade any nurse from going into a nursing home, Old people need nurses who are dedicated and caring.........its finding the right one...go by your gut feeling(which I always did ) work with your team and try to organize yourself to keep yourself and your patients safe. Its a hard job nursing homes but the old adage of it being the bottom of the barrel is nonsense....cause we all get old...some are more fortunate than others to be able to stay at home and be cared for by family or friends or have a caregiver. ...we all get older and we don't know what the future will deal to us where we ourselves would need help..so I always keep this in mind. I did my time....and now I am a Housing Moniter for the Salvation army...non medical. only thing which worried me is being alone at this facility...I was never really ALONE in a nursing home , you always had staff there..no matter if it were just ONE aide to depend on, its someone...….....but I did my time as a geriatric nurse...and its time for me to semi retire now....God bless and I hope you find what you are seeking. Nurses are a blessing for many people and many do so much good for those in need. good Luck to you and I hope your decision comes out spectacular for you.
  5. lumbarpain

    Should I Retire my License?

    Thank you so much Nurse Beth....Been a long hard road for me since moving to Virginia in 2013 from NJ(my homestate) but you certainly helped me greatly with this decision. finances are tight now and I will decide on what to do after I get a response also from the State Board of Nursing in Virginia here. Thank you again...and Have a Blessed, Happy, healthy prosperous New Year!!! Gratefully...Sandra J Lind RN
  6. lumbarpain

    Why do RNs choose to work in nursing homes?

    I chose nursing home work as an RN for I wanted MORE contact with my residents and most people in them have no friends or family left. they are alone. The elderly are in my eyes discarded like an old shoe. And yes...I got to KNOW them much better , enjoy their conversations, and felt this is the end of their life.....why should it be miserable. But Nursing homes (the last one I worked for was money hungry) and working there was a nightmare...short staffed all the time, violent, verbally abusive residents, complaints were rampant every day, no organization .....no morale whatsoever.....after 30 years....I am looking into new avenues. And the sad part about it all is that WE ALL GET OLD and may wind up in a nursing home one day
  7. lumbarpain

    It's Driving Me Crazy

    I always looked up what was going on with my patients....cause I never got a good report from the day nurses. Never trust no one. Cover yourself so you are ready for questions from a doctor , patient or family member. I found it very good for myself and people complimented me on that and trusted me more cause I KNEW more information than most people and they felt more comfortable and at ease.
  8. lumbarpain

    How many residents is too many for one nurse?

    I am burned out. RN charge for over 30 years..have went through the wringer with injuries and now not even being able to function physicaly anymore due to severe short staffing...being habitually hammered on my management and family members. I cut my hours now due to glaucoma and severe vision loss in the left eye....BUT OH NO....don't ask your DON For some type of OTHER work you can do in the facility even though you aren't there as often....they never helped me...but I take care of 30 residents...many don't comprehend or just don't listen to reason. and they are quite capable of doing so. they just don't listen period.....all this patient rights stuff is off the wall too..wheres the nurses rights? when you get hurt and the unit manager says to you..well if you want you can fill out a incident report...... my work place is very very bad.....constant turn over of staff and management for the over 5 years I have been working there.....I do what I can.....I cant do any more than what I have.....I am too seasoned now as a nurse and just want to leave this job and enjoy life a bit.....
  9. Personally as LTC RN over 30 years..I have had it.....I have seen enough....I am burned out physically as well as mentally.....this job is not for me anymore, mostly due to the increased workload, demands, understaffing, and horrible management.........I did my time....and it literally killed me....injuries..stress, sleep deprivation anxiety, too too much....and its a thankless job...
  10. lumbarpain

    LTC nurses: Can I hear from you, please?

    Over 30 years of LTC experience..I am an RN .....tough job...have seen a lot of speciality nurses not be able to handle the dementia, confusion, demands and Irate family members you deal with.. but I am a Overly seasoned LTC nurse...you are young yet....my first suggestion to you is that if you don't have a lot of patience..and I mean a lot this isn't for you.....multi tasking also includes working as a CNA when they are short staffed...giving out po meds, doing Ivs, I&Os..wound care. colonostomy care, nephrostomy, urinary cath care, drawing blood, taking orders....all the regular stuff...plus if you stay long enough you may be voted in as the ONE WHO KNOWS ALL.....and then everyone comes to you to find things or do things for them cause they are new and don't know the ropes.....there is so much I could say here..but its worth a try...but like I said.....Patience is a BIGGEE in this job...not with only just patients and family....its your management and your coworkers also......Good luck to you...I hope you make the best decision for yourself.....
  11. lumbarpain

    What song describes your workplace environment?

    We got to get out of this place...if its the last thing we ever do".....I think its a early60s song by the Animals or Rolling stones....
  12. lumbarpain

    Aggressive family member

    And having been a nurse that had recently been attacked by a demented resident which has never happened to me before in my 30 years of nursing.....It takes you back a few steps. especially when management thinks its funny that you got attacked by a 6 foot tall man who has long arms and punches you in the chest and grabs you by the neckline of your uniform lifting you off the chair you are sitting on.!!!!!!.........I don't get paid enough to be hurt on the job like this when management thinks its humerous and they laugh and blame it on the mans dementia....which at times BTW...he does speak calmly and coherently at times......and all this was because he thought something was in his water pitcher....which was not. so I can relate to you absolutely...some people needs those clown punching bags in their rooms...don't you think?
  13. lumbarpain

    Aggressive family member

    Having family, significant others or friends of any type when you are concentrating on a vital procedure in the same room, I FEEL is not appropriate Its nerve wracking for all involved..... ..however in this world of heavily angered stressed out people, nurses are stuck between a rock and a hard place. I don't mind when family etc is in the room as long as they don't interfere with my job at that time and are pretty much calm, cool and collected... ..some ask a ton of questions which is fine....I like to teach and it helps the significant others do to understand the situation...... , some hang over you interfering with your job, some are just plain ignorant to the fact that this is an extremely important part of care for the patient and YOU Need to concentrate be extremely careful for yourself and the patients welfare...... I am a LTC RN and have experienced incredible anger, cursing, and out of control family to the point of me being fed up with it all.....I am burned out...and some patients are very taxing also..demanding ..want to be number one and cant wait a few seconds for a simple thing like a cup of coffee..... etc when it came to procedures done by staff....even simple changing can be a big fiasco if they feel you aren't doing it properly....at times you just feel like handing them everything and say..OK YOU DO IT THEN IF YOU THINK YOU CAN DO A BETTER JOB.......but.....we cant do this...although many times its been on the tip of my tonque......hope all worked out for you..
  14. lumbarpain

    Visually impaired nurses

    I am a Long Term care nurse of over 30 years...recently diagnosed with Glaucoma in the left eye and the optic nerve is badly affected where it makes my job very unnerving, due to computer work of over 7 hours at times, measuring and trying to read the Bingo cards, bottles my eye cant take too much even though I was part time.... ...however I get no compassion from my colleagues at work and even though I had a note from my doctor to give to my DON to try to shift me to another position.such as maybe some computer with some paperwork..or something else in the facility she failed me completely..was no help at all..in fact I had called in sick last week two days due to eye pain headache and some bronchitis...and she proceeded to take me off my part time hours and shift me to per diem without even notifying me.....I have worked in this facility for almost 5 years experiencing a ripped meniscus and severe walking problems but NO DON would get me off the floor.....she had her cronnies and favorities.......I did my work...but physically I was being whittled down and my job offered no help at all.....NOW I don't even know if I can collect unemployment due to her shifting me without my knowledge to perdiem because of being out sick for two days..when she was well aware of my vision difficulty....I am hoping I can collect.....but I am still trying to see if I can work at home as a nurse.....and if there is any help out there I would be so grateful to hear from anyone with this type of disability....oh and my glaucoma doctor said I cannot collect medical disability insurance..... ..he said I have to be a pilot or a truck driver......IS THIS INSANE OR WHAT???? there has to be something out there to help me out a bit..I have no health insurance either......thanks to anyone who can help me out out there......
  15. lumbarpain

    I Quit Nursing.

    OMG....I FEEL SO LIKE THIS....too bad I just saw this post.....wow.....what a mouthful of TRUTH that was......I have had it... ..with them all BIG and Small...busted my rump for over 30 years....through the pain and through the tears....no more no more there it goes...GOOD BYE NURSING>...WITH ALL THOSE WOES!!! I am ready to quit NOW
  16. lumbarpain

    death in LTC

    first if you are very familiar with your patients family or significant others....then it relieves you in a way......what I do is if a patient is starting to fail , or I FEEL like something is going to occur..no matter what it is..I always want a good report from the last nurse..then I check the previous days nurses noted...a to see if there is AL shifts to see if there was anything any nurse missed giving me on report..IT DOES HAPPEN....and ask the last shift if the family or significant others are aware of the change of status of the resident ...so everyone is prepared ...sometimes people can just APPEAR like they will pass away and make a complete come back....Vitals can fool you too..I have found that patients can just pass away even when their vitals were looking good...so good research on the residents status will put you in a complete state of calm in a way... Breaking the news is a very tough thing to do......if the family is expecting the worst...then they are a bit prepared for the news......if the family is distant and non emotional..which they can be at times...then it wont be hard saying what you have to say..but its always good to be empathetic.....we all feel terrible when a favorite patient passes....but this is life unfortunately....starting the conversation is hard.....saying" I am so sorry Ms Smith...your Mom had passed away a few minutes ago...she was comfortable and went peacefully. I hope this helps.

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