Maybe I'm just old and cynical, but....

  1. But I read one more post where people say they aren't into nursing for the money, I am going to scream.
    Seriously? Is anyone THAT naive?
    NOBODY does work for free, out of the love of their hearts, unless they're independently wealthy and need something to do, giving back to their fellow man and all that.
    All these people who are horrified at those who do nursing or doctoring or lawyering or any other profession for the money -- really??? And you personally would do it for free because you love your fellow man so much?

    Don't get me wrong. I'm all for helping one's fellow human along their road of suffering and trying to help them as we are able, I've done it for years. But I would not do all the down and dirty work of nursing for someone I didn't personally love or respect for free. And when they say they're not in it for the money, that's what it implies to me, that they'd do it for nothing if they had to.

    Anyone with an ounce of sense in their head picks a career that they have interest in AND pays enough to live on!!!!! You don't see lines forming to dig ditches for free. BUT.... a lot of people are taking up technology type jobs - interesting, not dirty and they pay decently.
    Maybe I just didn't get enough caffeine this morning, but I read several posts in a couple different threads about how the money didn't mean a thing to them and it makes my brains curdle!! Horse freakin' feathers!!!!!!!!
    (And no I'm not in financial difficulties and yes I make decent money).
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  3. by   LACA
    Hahahahahaha!! I'm right there with ya. The money probably isn't the biggest factor in getting/keeping a job, but it ranks right up there with everything else. In no way, shape, or form, do I think anyone would ever do something as demanding as nursing simply because they are that compassionate and caring. Nurses make fairly good money, when compared to other careers. No, my job doesn't pay very well, but my schedule is amazing and can't be beat, so the lesser pay is the tradeoff.
  4. by   SkiMama
    I agree. When I started reading these boards and saw so many posters lecturing others about motives for nursing...there have been a whole lotta discussions stating that if you are in it for the money, then you are in it for the wrong reasons.

    Last I checked, we work to pay the bills.

    I think that most ppl probably mean that it should not be your sole reason for choosing nursing. But I have got to think that most ppl who are selecting a career on earning potential alone, would not choose nursing. There are many other fields that pay far more and are much cleaner careers.

    But so many nurses can come across as elitist. I think that is too bad. Especially considering these are the ones judging others motive for wanting to be a nurse. That flies in the face of some fundamental traits nurses are encouraged to employ (refraining from judgment and speculation for example).

    For the ppl who aren't sure if nursing is right for them so they are giving it a shot, or for those who are thinking it's a sure fire easy career that will pay well... those folks will learn in their own time what is right for them and what is not. It's not my job to decide for them
  5. by   Butterfly0328
    I agree. I am an older student and after 22 years with the same company am leaving because it doesn't pay enough...AND I have always wanted to be a nurse. I mean seriously, the way in which new grads are stuggling to get a job, as well as even seasoned nurses I know what I am going to be up against. I will not quit my current job until I find another as a nurse.. I will work PT during NS and then go back to FT until I am lucky enough to find a nursing position. But I did decided to make the switch because of the money aspect as well as my heart leading me.
  6. by   futureRN_Anastasia
    Of course money is a factor, at least for me. But if I want to change to equally or slightly less paying career, because I want to help people, and not to sit in the office, it is pretty much not for the money, but because out of the two careers, nursing is more interesting to me. For the pure altruism of it, I volunteer, not work, lol.
  7. by   TheCommuter
    Our bosses take advantage of this martyr mentality, people. The folks who claim they wouldn't do this for the money are the same ones who will accept lower pay, and you'd best believe that upper management loves this!

    I'm sorry, but Hell would need to freeze over before I'd do this job for free. Nursing is an honorable way to make a living, but nurses are not martyrs. If I am willing to give my employer hard labor, they had better show me the money because I do not work for free. There's nothing wrong with doing this job for its monetary returns. I also believe that we should stop bashing people who do admit to being nurses for the money. Nothing is wrong or inherently evil with seeking stability and security through a job in the nursing field. Almost no one in the U.S. shows up to the work for free.

    Nursing is probably one of the very few professions that pays a godawful amount of attention to the motivations of its members. Are you doing this for the money? Are you a nurse because you love fellow humans? Are you a nurse because you're caring?

    Let's look at other educated professions in society. No one is examining the ulterior motives of the physician, lawyer, stock broker, professor, engineer, computer scientist, historian, consultant, physical therapist, banker, urban planner, businessman, accountant, or pharmacist. Other members of their professions aren't hassling them about having selected their respective career fields for the love of the job or other altruistic reasons. Their colleagues are not interfering and asking, "Is this a higher calling from God?"

    Someone's personal reasons for entering the nursing profession are none of my business. We, as nurses and student nurses, should take a lesson from other professions and stop attacking each other over demanding the most competitive pay for this job. I do not work for free, and I want to be paid competitively for the services that I render.
  8. by   steelcityrn
    Money is as important as the job. I feel many were attracted to nursing for the money and job security.
  9. by   systoly
    I think the folks that are in it for reasons other than money are awesome. I want to work with all of them and get big fat raises every year since they won't be needing any.
  10. by   TravelinCEN
    HAHAHA. I needed a laugh this morning!!

    Unfortunately, there are some people who believe that nursing is "a calling."

    As far as I am concerned, all the "calling" in the world could not make me do my job for less than $XX.XX per hour!!

    I do believe that there are some professions that people truly are "called" into a profession, such as priests and nuns. However, they take vows of poverty!

    All the people who say that money doesn't mean a thing should be asked a take a vow of poverty. The health care crisis would be solved if only half of us would work for free!!

    Now quick, KaroSnowQueen, get some coffee!!
  11. by   Katie5
    Flogging a dead horse...

    I wonder is it this way with other professions or just nursing?

    Is it because it is a female dominated profession where one has to put another down to make themselves feel good?

    Who cares what another's motives are so long as excellent care is provided in a compassionate way?

    In a way,we all are actors/actresses- some are just better at it,than others
  12. by   netglow
    I think that the majority of the goody-two-shoes club have a spouse that supplies the money or still asks mommy and daddy for money. Nursing is a "lark" for them.

    I know a few that I went to school with. One will rely on mommy and daddy forever as that one is in her 30's and often remarks "my parents will pay for it". Another's husband has millions - bought school work from past graduates, dinners/lunches with instructors, etc. They will soon come up with some reason that working as a nurse won't fit their schedules... bad thing is they took up space that should have gone to someone else in school and will give hiring a NG more bad press, as they don't know what the **** they are doing clinically.
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  13. by   sunnycalifRN
    I, too, really don't understand why this "I'm not in it for the money" line keeps being tossed around.

    Is it because we think that nurses are overpaid for the work we do? NOT!

    Do MD's go into medicine for the money? uh, yes

    Do pro athletes play only for the "fun of the game"??

    Until we live in the "Star Trek" society where money is no longer used, we all work for the money and ideally, we enjoy the work we do, to earn the money.
  14. by   prinsessa
    I sure wouldn't do this job for free but I don't only do it for the money. Yes, nurses can make pretty good money but we work our butts off for it. There are some nurses who only do it for the money and it shows. Just like there are some doctors, lawyers, etc who only do their job because of the money. I could never do something I didn't like just because it paid well. I tell people all the time (when they can't figure out what career they want to pick) that they have to find something they enjoy doing. That doesn't mean you shouldn't worry about what you will get paid. Would I do this job for half of what I make? No.....but I also wouldn't do a lot of other jobs even if it meant a lot more money.