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  1. SkiMama

    First Med Error Blues...

    My pharm teacher was a a career nurse and assured us that we will all make a med error. She said it's what we do about it that defines us. You sound like a good nurse. Chin up and carry on!!
  2. SkiMama

    What do you listen to while studying

    Adele radio on pandora or the Harry potter soundtracks, this semester anyway :)
  3. SkiMama

    Which version of CPR is current?

    Depends on method (adult, child, 1 vs. 2 rescuers...)
  4. SkiMama

    Started school, where'd my free time go?

    Lol balance indeed! I tend to get distracted too, but a little break to rejuvenate is sometimes needed. I just need to get used to being in school again with so many short semesters. The good news is that for me, in 7 weeks, I will be 20% through my program!!
  5. SkiMama

    Started school, where'd my free time go?

    Thanks, and you're right. It's just the first week. I think the fact that next week (on my 3rd day of class) I already have exams is making me a little twitchy. Talk about fast paced!
  6. I'm in my first week of NS and never have time to read the posts here... already! I guess the beauty of the A-BSN is that you never have time to quit studying, so the material is always fresh in one's mind... I hope
  7. SkiMama

    am I that "b" nurse? or am I being an advocate?

    Roger that. I am learning a great deal just from reading about so many of your experiences. I am sure in the heat of the moment - being utterly frustrated at having to bust your butt for a long shift while feeling bad for a new nurse who OP felt was not being lead in the best possible way - it would be hard to remain objective and not let the precepting nurse know how she felt, even if only to a small degree.
  8. SkiMama

    am I that "b" nurse? or am I being an advocate?

    I am a student - but a question. If OP should not have confronted the preceptor, what could she have done differently/better when the issue of the incident reports came up and the preceptor stated "I did check up on him". I assume that during report or other times - it's not uncommon for a nurse to come across another nurse's oversights. Is it not prudent to first go to that nurse before heading to the mgr?
  9. SkiMama

    Sexist Comment by Unit Director

    I agree with you OP. I think that falling into that complacency - oh it's just men being men - in the workplace can be a slippery slope. Guys are better at this, women better at that... I don't think there is necessarily harm in little details here and there (a smaller female nurse needing help with turning a large pt), but aren't we beyond sexist generalizations by now? I mean sure, some hubbies don't like to change dirty diapers. We aren't at home and our male coworkers aren't our hubbies. I don't think that work is the place for sexist, racist, agist, etc... generalizations. Even if he didn't mean any harm and was just joking. It's off-putting to all of the women not getting a pat on the back for doing the same job. I don't think I'd make a big deal about it. If it was something I heard a few times I'd speak to him. But maybe that is me just being a little too complacent about standing up for what is right.
  10. SkiMama

    Going to work with a broken heart...

    Aw that can feel like the worst, but it can be a blessing in disguise. Depending on what is going on in your life, it can be good to have work to throw yourself into. Wishing you well through whatever your journey is taking you through right now...
  11. SkiMama

    Why on earth!

    I am all about working in my jammies - I just want them to feel like my jammies!! I am sure I will find brands that work good. I was just thinking it would be easy to find scrubs that fit/look good. I wasn't prepared for the crazy sizing!
  12. SkiMama

    Advice on Cushion Seating

    Therapy should be able to order cushions direct from the supplier for him. I can't believe that all he has is a thin pad - our facility has many styles of cushions for pt use and most of them are ROHO as another poster described. Maybe the family can buy one for him if the facility won't get proper cushions - the OT/PT can order it. You will do better in price to order one through therapy directly.
  13. SkiMama

    Why on earth!

    I am just starting NS, so I went to a local outlet and tried on Grey's Anatomy, sketchers, urbane, and a few types of Cherokee.... what they had available. I ended up getting GA and sketchers... I will see how they wear, love the softness of the GA. But such a discrepancy between size M and L! I am drowning in L pants and the tops are snug (for GA anyway). I will keep an eye out for koi and iguanamed and try those on for size.
  14. SkiMama

    I just have to say this....

    I would like to come and work with you at your facility when I graduate!
  15. Just wanted to know if Jack's Place on Kadena is still serving up their delicious garlic steak and cheese lumpia? I am sorry this is utterly OT, but I miss Oki something fierce sometimes :) It was a great place for me to be stationed - loved the culture and the island. I hope you all have had/will have great experiences too!
  16. SkiMama

    Why on earth!

    Why in the world do scrubs fit so awfully!? The waist is huge, bottoms are ginormous in comparison to tops, hips are not recommended...ugh! I just spent an hour trying on 5 different brands/styles of scrubs in preparation for nursing school. I was looking forward to wearing scrubs until today. Blah! I am not digging it.