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sunnycalifRN has 6 years experience.

former resp therapist (10 yrs) who transitioned to nursing. Back when dinosaurs roamed the earth, went to med school for two years (1970's)

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  1. sunnycalifRN

    how to become a respiratory therapist

    I was an RRT before becoming an ICU nurse. There are two and four year programs to become a respiratory therapist. However, I don't know why you would want to do that, if you're an RN. You can take courses to learn about the ventilator, weaning protocols, ABG interpretation, et al. Unfortunately, RRT's generally earn less than RN's so you'd be taking a step back in earning power.
  2. sunnycalifRN

    Art lines and AV fistulas.

    Yep, I agree, if the fistula is functional and being used. We've had patients with old, non-functioning fistulas (no flow through the fistula), who have art lines on the same arm.
  3. sunnycalifRN

    Not feeling it...

    Hang in there! I didn't feeling really comfortable working in ICU for almost 2 years. But, utilize your co-workers and ask questions . . . no one was born an ICU nurse. It WILL get better.
  4. sunnycalifRN

    Turn Teams?

    A prior workplace had a "Lift Team". We loved these guys!! All were young, energetic and strong!! They carried pagers and could be paged anytime. Unfortunately, the "bean counters" determined that there was no reduction in work-related lifting/pulling injuries . . . so, the allmighty dollar prevailed and the team was eliminated.
  5. sunnycalifRN


    Sorry to hear about your situation. I think you are wise to start sending out your resume. If you are in the union, you can ask your rep if they have heard anything or if they know how lay offs are handled. In my experience, in a union shop, it goes by seniority, which means that the last hired are the first to go. Just hang in there, because you may be okay, but I'd definitely be looking for a new job also.
  6. sunnycalifRN

    Didn't Receive paycheck

    Yep. Although it's unfortunate that you didn't get your paycheck, paychecks are usually kept locked up for safekeeping. I don't think that there is any "issue" here. Just get the check on Monday and sign up for automatic deposit.
  7. Agree! When you first meet your patient, you're using critical thinking, why is the pt here? What interventions are needed? What may go wrong? Etc. . .
  8. sunnycalifRN

    Is this illegal?

    What they did is not right. It is favoritism. Sad to say, it happens all the time. Time to forget about it, and move on. Good luck in your job search!
  9. sunnycalifRN

    what are common times to run IV's in ?

    Well, OP, you've gotten a variety of answers and it shows that it is dependent on your hospital's policy. And, if you don't know, ask pharmacy.
  10. sunnycalifRN

    i cant insert an iv catheter successfully :C help

    CheesePotato, excellent advice!! I second the advice about not slapping the skin. I was a phlebotomist for years before going into nursing and I NEVER slapped anyone's arms/hands and nearly always got blood on the first stick. And, a warm compress for 5 - 10 minutes will get the blood circulating to those cold extremities. OP, you will "get it". As everyone has said, it just takes practice. If you have friends, relatives, spouse or total strangers that you know that are willing, practice on them. Pay them, bribe them, ply them with good food and wine. Believe me, once you "get it" it will become second nature.
  11. sunnycalifRN

    Units with Least Amounts of Call Offs?

    As others have said, very hospital specific. At my workplace, there are never call-offs (they are not allowed to) but instead we get floated to other units.
  12. sunnycalifRN

    This is getting ridiculous!!

    I'm sure you're all aware of the various drugs that we use, that are in short supply. http://www.fda.gov/Drugs/DrugSafety/DrugShortages/ucm050792.htm We're out of versed and now fentanyl!! A while back we were out of mag sulfate and calcium chloride!! From what I've read, it is not because the drug companies are trying to jack up the prices, as one would expect . . . many causes . . . raw material shortages, quality issues and in some cases, the drug co's just don't want to produce the drug because it's not profitable. Soon patients will have to bring their own supply of drugs, if they want to have surgery!
  13. sunnycalifRN

    Are shy and quiet people not allowed to be nurses?

    Yes, SHY people as well as SHORT people are NOT ALLOWED to be nurses!! Just kidding!! I'm both and I do just fine, thank you.
  14. sunnycalifRN

    ICU nursing books

    Without a doubt, one of the most readable, yet informative is: Notes on ICU Nursing: Critical Care FAQ Files From the MICU It is written by Mark Hammerschmidt and Jayne Mulholland and can be ordered on icufaqs.org. The website has all the FAQ files, also. Oops!! Sorry, I didn't read your post carefully!! I'm sure you already know about their book!! And, BTW, the Fast Facts series by Kathy White is good, and I got the iPhone version, but I find that I never refer to it.
  15. sunnycalifRN

    Becoming a Nurse After 40

    I started nursing at age 55 but I don't regret it one bit. You can always look back and say, "I should of . . ." but it doesn't change the past and it's not very constructive. Just live for the present and make your future.
  16. sunnycalifRN

    What career did you have before nursing?

    Before nursing, was a respiratory therapist for 10 yrs. Great preparation for working in ICU! Before that, worked in high tech for 14+ yrs.