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LACA has 4 years experience as a BSN, LPN, RN and specializes in Med Office, Home Health, School Nurse.

I'm 23 years old, married, and I have a 1 year old baby girl.

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  1. LACA


    Ahhhh, I know that feeling! haha!! Only 8.5 more days here (11 for staff)...just gotta keep on keepin' on!!
  2. LACA

    My day just got a little bit brighter!

    I find out next month! I definitely couldn't stand letting it be a surprise, I'm waaaay too impatient for that!
  3. Last year for National School Nurse Day, I walked into my office to find a desk full of presents...it was great!! This year, I walked in to my office to find a desk....with nothing on it. I was so sad! The librarian gave me a cute little plant and a gigantic Hershey bar (yum! I'm pregnant, so I can get away with eating the whole thing, right? heehee!!!) I was sitting in my office, feeling more than a little sorry for myself (darn hormones! LOL!!) when the secretary calls me and tells me I've got something in the office.....the mail had already run, and so had the inter-county mail that goes between the schools, so I was confused..... I walked into the front office to find a huge bouquet of beautiful, bright flowers!!! The card reads "I love you, Mommy! Love, (my 2 year old daughter's name)." My MOM remembered School Nurse Day and sent me flowers!! Her and my hubby got together and got them for me, but since hubby is working where he can't make phone calls and stuff, Mom took care of it. I have the sweetest family!!! :redbeathe *On a side note, the principal realized what the flowers were for and apologized for forgetting SN Day LOL!!!*
  4. LACA

    Student with Lice - what to do?

    It all depends on YOUR district. Some districts still require children to be excluded from class/school if they have lice, regardless of what the CDC recommends. Our state just recently changed the laws to where children aren't excluded at all for live lice. Our district has a fund that they buy lice shampoo and other necessary items like that out of for families that can't afford it. I work in an area that is quite poor and rural, and lice is sometimes a common problem because many families don't have the $10-$15 to shell out for stuff like that. I'm lucky because I can't imagine not having the $ to spend on something that I consider not a huge financial burden, but to some families, $10 is all they have.
  5. LACA

    how did they pass theyre boards??

    I think I'm still in utter shock that the OP doesn't realize what's wrong with this scenario! That's absolutely insane....
  6. LACA

    what do you wear on your job?

    I wear bright colorful fun scrubs--I have tops for all the holidays and for the UT Vols haha!! 90% of the time, I'm in scrubs. On Fridays, I wear jeans for casual Fridays with a tshirt and boots or tennis shoes. On M-Thur, I wear scrubs. Sometimes (like today!) I wear black scrub pants with a tshirt (and a long sleeve shirt underneath if it's cold- like today!) So today I'm wearing--black scrub pants, tennis shoes, a green school shirt with a longsleeve green and white stripe shirt underneath. And when I go outside, my green school sweatshirt! :-)
  7. LACA

    need your valuable help again pls

    I have attached a copy of the pass that I use. Because I can't upload Publisher files, it's the text only version, but it gives you an idea of what I use. NursePassPublisher.txt
  8. LACA

    Should I check my crystal ball or The Weather Channel?

    I'm a summer baby too! I tell everyone (especially when I'm COLD!) that my Mama must not have read my instruction manual when I was born, because I'm sure it says in there "Do not store in areas below 70*!) But, living in East TN, the temperature is (at the moment) a very cool 31*! It's gotten as low as 9* in the past few days, so it's a lot colder than it usually is this time of year!
  9. LACA

    What are you ??

    I guess I'm a happy median....I don't "coddle" them unnecessarily, but I'm not always "no nonsense" either. I guess because I'm so young, people usually expect me to coddle the kids and baby them, but I don't. I may tend to coddle the younger ones more than the older (PreK-5th), but when it comes down to it, they are all in school for the same reason and that's to get an education. It's my job to make sure that they stay in school if they are physically able to.
  10. LACA

    I could SCREAM...

    the majority of the teachers at my school are great...but there is one third grade teacher who is driving me bonkers!!!!!!! she sends kids to me for the stupidest things..."doesn't look right", "too quiet", "feels like they may be sick a little"....really?!?!?!? she just came in here with a kid, who is a known class clown and frequent flier, because he's been very quiet today. so?? i wanted to tell her to count her blessings and get on with it, but i didn't....there is never, ever, ever anything wrong with any of the kids she sends in here. half the time, they tell me they don't know why they're down here, she just said they needed to come. ugh. whatever! ps- i live in a small town, and said teacher happens to be a friend's mother...she's still driving me crazy though.
  11. LACA

    That Cough!!!

    I have LifeSavers and Lifesavers mints for coughs/sore throats. You just have to be careful about them coming constantly. I have to actually hear them cough for them to get one, I'm not a candy store!
  12. LACA

    policy on throwing up

    I'm mostly just echoing what's already been posted, but this is my policy.... 1. No witness? It didn't happen. Plain and simple. I'm not sending a child home for a vomiting episode that no one witnessed. Half the school would be out every day. 2. You threw up, no one seen you, but you want to go home?? Okay, well sit in my office for about 15 minutes. Typically, if you're throwing up because you're sick, it's going to happen again. 3. If you're okay while in my office, off to class you go. 4. Thrown up more than once? Nine times out of ten, they go home. But if it's a child who is asymptomatic and they've been told that someone has to witness it and the second episode isn't witnessed, they stay. 5. Vomiting, even once, with any other symptom (fever, lethargy, etc) go home.
  13. LACA

    Christmas countdown !!

    13 1/2 more school days til Christmas break! (at least for me, haha!)
  14. As for the pregnant high school student- my answer was along the lines of "I would assure her that she could trust me and I would maintain her confidentiality and together we would sit down with the school guidance counselor to discuss what the next actions should be that would be in her best interest and I would also make sure she knew that I was available any time she needed me." As for the student using drugs, I answered "I would gather as much information as I could so that I would have enough reasoning behind my suspicion to avoid falsely accusing a student. Once I had the information I needed, I would confer with the principal and school resource officer to plan what steps should be taken next. However, if any student, including the user, was in danger, I would immediately contact any necessary personnel to handle the situation." As for angry parents (and I've used this one several times!!) "I feel that the most important thing is to first hear them out completely. Even if I don't agree or I think they are completely in the wrong, I will take the time to listen to them and try to understand what they are feeling. They are a parent and their child would be involved and they may have underlying concerns that I can address. I would do all I could to take care of the problem, and depending on the situation, offer them what solutions I can. If they refuse to be appeased with that, I would refer them to the school administration with a sincere apology that I could not help them with the problem." IEP is Individual Education Plan, used when a child has a medical or behavioral issue that requires a plan to be in place to help them and their teacher make the best use of their instructional time. The 504 goes along with it (I'm pretty unfamiliar with these, even now. I was completely honest in my interview and told the principal "I'm sorry, but I'm not very familiar with those terms." He understood and appreciated my honesty. Said he had had several people attempt to "bluff" their way through that question and he knew right off that they were clueless and refused to admit it to him.) At the end of the interview he asked me if I had any questions for him. I asked him what the population of the school was, what resources they had in place for underprivileged children, what was his view on a school nurse who implemented new programs and lessons in the classroom on her own, how much say I would have in how I did my job, and what his expectations were. Another thing I just thought of--he asked me how I would handle "frequent fliers"--kids who visit the clinic repeatedly. I told him that I would do my best to address any physical ailments they may have, I would look for signs of emotional, mental, or psychological stresses and if they didn't have any other reason to be coming to me other than getting out of class, I would direct them back to class and discuss their frequent visits with their parents and their teacher. I told him that it was my job to keep them in the classroom as much as possible, and making the best use of their educational time. Their job is to learn, my job is to make sure they are healthy and well and in the classroom doing their best. He REALLY liked that answer.
  15. My interview consisted of a lot of "what would you do" type questions. I'm in an elementary position now, but also interviewed for a high school position before this one. I have been asked: What would you do if a (HS) student confides in you that she's pregnant? What would you do if you knew a student was using drugs, alcohol, etc? What would you do about an upset/irate/angry parent? What would you do if you saw two children roughhousing in the hallway? What would you do if a friend outside of school asked you about another friend's child? What is your policy on how to treat children who may be poor, dirty, or uncared for? What is the relation between a 504, IEP, and medical conditions? What type of staff member do you think you will be? What can you offer this school? Would you be willing to participate in extra curricular activities, attend after school programs, and other events? The typical "tell me one strength and one weakness" questions. How do you view attendance and punctuality as a school employee? Why are you interested in this job? That's all I can think of for now...I'm sure I will come up with a few more 🙂 I'm not going to give you my answers for all of them, because that would make this post even longer, but if you want to know what I said, just tell me which question and I will answer it for you. BTW--I was second in line for the high school job, and was immediately offered the elementary school job, so my answers must have worked! 🙂
  16. LACA

    Possible Meningitis...

    I don't know all the details, the Mom said they did the spinal tap last night and were told nothing, other than the results would be available in two days. I haven't contacted anyone else in our district yet, because I don't want to cause a panic if the results are negative. His teacher knows about the situation and she's aware of what to look for in her students.