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  1. LACA


    Ahhhh, I know that feeling! haha!! Only 8.5 more days here (11 for staff)...just gotta keep on keepin' on!!
  2. LACA

    My day just got a little bit brighter!

    I find out next month! I definitely couldn't stand letting it be a surprise, I'm waaaay too impatient for that!
  3. Last year for National School Nurse Day, I walked into my office to find a desk full of presents...it was great!! This year, I walked in to my office to find a desk....with nothing on it. I was so sad! The librarian gave me a cute little plant and a gigantic Hershey bar (yum! I'm pregnant, so I can get away with eating the whole thing, right? heehee!!!) I was sitting in my office, feeling more than a little sorry for myself (darn hormones! LOL!!) when the secretary calls me and tells me I've got something in the office.....the mail had already run, and so had the inter-county mail that goes between the schools, so I was confused..... I walked into the front office to find a huge bouquet of beautiful, bright flowers!!! The card reads "I love you, Mommy! Love, (my 2 year old daughter's name)." My MOM remembered School Nurse Day and sent me flowers!! Her and my hubby got together and got them for me, but since hubby is working where he can't make phone calls and stuff, Mom took care of it. I have the sweetest family!!! :redbeathe *On a side note, the principal realized what the flowers were for and apologized for forgetting SN Day LOL!!!*
  4. LACA

    Student with Lice - what to do?

    It all depends on YOUR district. Some districts still require children to be excluded from class/school if they have lice, regardless of what the CDC recommends. Our state just recently changed the laws to where children aren't excluded at all for live lice. Our district has a fund that they buy lice shampoo and other necessary items like that out of for families that can't afford it. I work in an area that is quite poor and rural, and lice is sometimes a common problem because many families don't have the $10-$15 to shell out for stuff like that. I'm lucky because I can't imagine not having the $ to spend on something that I consider not a huge financial burden, but to some families, $10 is all they have.
  5. LACA

    how did they pass theyre boards??

    I think I'm still in utter shock that the OP doesn't realize what's wrong with this scenario! That's absolutely insane....
  6. LACA

    School Nurses Day May 11th

    AHHH!! I wish I had thought of that! Hahahaha!!! Great suggestion!
  7. LACA

    School Nurses Day May 11th

    I bought all the teachers here a small planner calendar, a Hershey bar, and a discount card to a local restaurant for Teacher Appreciation Week this week....I'm buttering them up for School Nurse Day :-) Bwahahahaha!
  8. LACA

    Backup Plan?

    I would be heartbroken, to be honest with you. This is my dream job and I love it here. BUT, if that were to happen, I would probably look at going back to a doctor's office job or home health. Something along those lines.
  9. LACA

    How to cope with stress overload??

    I'm also 3 months pregnant with Baby #4!!
  10. LACA

    Kinder RU chaos

    WOW. What a terrible situation you are in! We don't do shots and such at my school, and I can't imagine what you are going through!! Keep your head up, summer will be here before ya know it!
  11. LACA

    Puberty class agreement.....

    We are doing it on a Friday afternoon, the only thing they will have after the discussion is recess, which probably isn't the greatest idea, but it's the only way we could work it with the scheduling. I know I can't stop them from telling other kids, but I'm thinking that if they know up front that they don't need to, then that may cut down on it happening. And I may just be wishful thinking! haha!
  12. LACA

    Puberty class agreement.....

    Honestly, I'm more concerned about them telling the younger ones than I am them telling other 5th graders. I'm of the thought process that I would be fine with my daughter learning it in a school setting, with her peers, as long as she was comfortable and we could build on what she learned at home, as a family. I'm just kinda torn as to what to do about the agreement part of the discussion....
  13. LACA

    Puberty class agreement.....

    this friday, the pe coach and i are scheduled to discuss puberty with the 5th graders. this year's class of 5th graders is notorious for discussing inappropriate things at inappropriate times...last year, i wrote out an "agreement" that each child had to sign before the "talk" began. basically, the agreement says that they will not discuss what we talk about with any other student outside of the class because 1. i don't want them teaching 2nd graders about stuff like that and 2. i have several parents who don't want their child included in the discussion and i don't want the students running and "educating" these kids....also, it says that if they deliberately embarrass anyone in the class, they will be removed from the classroom and will face consequences. and then the last part says that they are not to make any student who did not participate in the discussion to feel any different, because it was their parent's choice for them not to participate. i like the idea of the agreement because i don't want them discussing things outside of class that they shouldn't be discussing, but i worry that it makes them think that the subject is "bad" because they can't talk about it. i'm wavering back and forth on whether or not to use it this year....thoughts???
  14. LACA

    It's that time again!

    15.5 for this girl!! WOOHOO!!!!! COME ON MAY 25TH!!!
  15. LACA

    In the spirit of recent optimism, what is your true love?

    What an awesome post!!! Hmm...what are my loves?? First and foremost is God---without Him, I wouldn't have my other loves!! My children are my absolute joy...I'm currently 3 months pregnant with baby #4 (in four years!) Our oldest son was stillborn at 23 weeks, our youngest son passed away suddenly at 3 months of age, I have a gorgeous, wonderful, intelligent, active, beautiful 2 year old daughter who is my daily sunshine, and Baby #4 will arrive in November! Pictures are all I have of my sons, but they have changed me into the better person I am today, I was blessed to be their mother, even if it was for such a short time. My daughter is the light of my life and I can absolutely say I adore that child. My husband has been my rock through the loss of our children and our almost 6 year marriage. We married extremely young (I was 18, he was 17)--No, I wasn't pregnant and we didn't "have" to get married....but WE knew we WOULD make it, and we've proven everyone else WRONG--almost 6 years later, we are going strong!! Majority of the other couples we went to HS with that have married are long divorced....but we are in this for the long haul. You don't have and then lose two children and have two more with a person and not commit your life to them---he's stuck with me! My parents are my inspirations, they are wonderful and caring people who are facing a hard time right now, but will come out on the other side better off. I love them both dearly and would never, EVER be able to repay them for all they have done. Now, for the completely frivolous things that I love? In no particular order: my '04 Saturn Vue (favorite car I've ever owned) my Kindle (I LOVE LOVE LOVE this thing LOL!!) My iPhone (I would be LOST without it!) My hair straightener (Hey, I have THICK hair...it's a miracle worker haha!!)