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I do pulmonology in Idaho in a medium size town. I see between 8-12 patients a day. Starting offered salary was 95K with an adjustment up to 103K based on 2 years experience as an NP. I have been in my current practice two years and make $110k with a yearly 10% bonus. I get 8 hours PTO per pay period. I work 8:30- 4:30 mon thru Thursday and 1/2 day Friday.

Specializes in ICU, trauma, neuro.
2 minutes ago, irvine123 said:

NP pay is way better in Texas and the midwest than in California, thats for sure.

NP pay in California is some of the best in the nation. Now the cost of living and taxes are less than optimal in many places, but not so bad in others (Bakersville, Sacramento for example.).

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14 hours ago, irvine123 said:

I should mention when compared to cost of living, its on the low end.

If you like California or Texas then Arizona or Nevada might be worth considering since they both have IP for NP's and lower cost of living (than California).    Nevada has the added bonus (like Texas) of no state income tax.  Not to mention being able to go for some decent food a 0300 in the morning if that is your thing.


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Specializes in Critical Care.

NYC brooklyn hospitalist

$127k starting

13 shift a month

3 CME day $1000

15 vacation day

6 sick days

8 holidays

Full health benefits

Pension 33% for every 20 years

NYC Vascular 

65/hr W2 no benefits 

8 hours days

NYC nursing home 

50-60/hr depending on billing 

Specializes in Hospitalist Nurse Practitioner.

Hello all,

I'm a hospitalist NP, I live in Philadelphia and work in NJ. I started in 2020 at 115K, 160 hours PTO, 401K with 50% match if I contribute at least 6%, $2000/year CME, they cover all licensing costs and DEA. Also, last year got a $500 holiday bonus which was a nice surprise. Salary goes up every 2 years when contract is re-signed. I work nights 7 on 7 off. I love my job. I admit on average 5 patients over night and cover the med/surg and tele floors. The doc I work with admits and covers the critical care patients.  I am very autonomous in my position which is a great perk for me. 

I do think it's important that we discuss this so that new grads can know their value and what to negotiate for. 

Riburn3, BSN, MSN, APRN, NP

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Hospitalist NP in Southern, NM employed by a large national physician practice.  We work independently within our group and admit to ourselves with no physician oversite.  NM is a very NP friendly state.

-$171k base (have to give fourteen 12 hour shifts a month, at $85/hr).  I typically work 15 or 16 shifts a month so haven't taken home less than 210k a year in the nearly 4 years I've been here.  

-RVU and Quality bonuses equal another $20-30k a year

-4% matched 401k

-Solid Healthcare 

-No PTO, but schedule is week on, week off, so I have over half the month off and can work the schedule between months for more time if necessary

-Holiday differentials

-2k CME (licensing can be covered under CME, as can scrubs and stethoscopes, supplies)

Riburn3, BSN, MSN, APRN, NP

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Specializes in Internal Medicine.
42 minutes ago, Alicia777 said:

This is incredible! Good for you ?

Thanks.  I had to crawl through the muck before I got this job, working for a large volume practice, seeing 30+ patients a day all over a decently sized city, and barely was scratching 6 figures.  It prepared me very well for my job, but it's proof that experience pays off.  I would have never landed my current gig as a new NP, and it's important to remember for new NP's out there, that their starting pay out of school will most certainly not be what you are making down the road.  Even in saturated markets, practice groups and larger companies will pay for experience.  

Specializes in Pulmonary & Cardiothoracic Critical Care.

Hi all, Pain Management Adult ACNP here based out an academic medical center in Baltimore, MD.

100k/year starting as a new grad NP (My experience 13 years RN ICU, 3 years as a CNS), base rate approximately 49/hr Weekend differential additional 7/hr, additional shift 75/hr

800 in CE and education reimbursement

7500 loan reimbursement one time

Expense reimbursement except for MD license

403b with dollar for dollar up to 4% of pay, partial vesting after 2, full vesting after 5 yrs

Medical, Dental, Life (small amount), FSA, HSA, about $60 per pay deduction for a mid tier plan, myself only. 

Overall, I feel like I'm getting pretty screwed in compensation. However this was my first new grad position and I wanted to get some experience first. Ultimately, I will probably go back to working as a clinical nurse specialist, since my compensation for that role was significantly higher. I applied for a CNS role in a similar size institution in Baltimore and was initially offered about 127,000 per year without any negotiation. Previously was working as a contract CNS was taking home about 4K weekly, in SF Bay Area - so take that based on cost of living. I'll probably hangout in this role for a year or two and then reshop the market. 

One piece of advice I might add, is I bought a Salary report off of and am able to use that in the negotiation process.

Specializes in MICU - CCRN, IR, Vascular Surgery.

9 years of RN experience, 1 year of NP experience. This is my new grad job. Vascular surgery NP here, only work in the outpatient office seeing vascular medicine patients, post ops, etc. No time in the hospital. M-F 8-5, $95k per year, 5 days PTO per year, no reimbursement for CEU, DEA, or licensing fees. No call. No benefits offered, no 401k. No raises or cost of living increases offered. Have to do all of the NP work in the office as well as all of the RN work and help at the reception desk. 

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I have 11 years of hospital nursing experience, working in acute care units in the midwest. I will start my first NP job soon in vascular surgery. I will work 1 day a week in the outpatient clinic, and 4 days of week in the hospitals doing consults, post-ops, and assisting in surgeries as I become more experienced. 8 hour days M-F. Starting pay is $110,000, medical, dental, vision, 401K with 4% match, $2000 CME, 5 days CME, malpractice coverage, cell phone reimbursement, mileage reimbursement, PTO (hours accrue each pay period), and the cost for all credentialing. No call. Another perk is free meals and snacks.

Specializes in Surgery.

Boston suburb hospital.
Updated numbers… I think I posted on here a couple years ago. I have 8 years NP experience. RN since ‘99.

$151K. Full time. Surgical NP. First assisting, seeing consults in the ER and on the floor.

-PTO, 4% matching 403B contributions, Full benefits, time and a half over 40 hours. CME credit has been on hold since Covid.


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Specializes in Critical Care.

New grad. Hospital medicine. 127k starting 5 weeks vacation, 8 holiday, 2 weeks cme 2500$, sick days, 1 week conference. Full medical benefits, pension. 3% annual raise. Work 3 days a week. 

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