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myoglobin has 14 years experience as a ASN, BSN, MSN and specializes in ICU, trauma, neuro.

"When the mob and the press and the whole world tell you to move, your job is to plant yourself like a tree by the river of truth, and tell the whole world "No you Move"...

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  1. Hi!  I saw a post of yours and that you work in telemedicine from home.  I was wondering if you could provide me more information.  Where did you search for telemedicine jobs and how did you find companies to apply for?  Do you only see patients in your state where you reside?  Are you required to be FT and can you set your own hours?  Any info would be greatly appreciated!  I am looking into this as an option since my husband is moving and we will be at our next station for only about 10 months.

  2. Hello,

    I wanted to get some input  about  PMHNP program at USI.  I am going  to start fall cohort and wanted to see your  recommendations on how to succeed in this program.  

    Thanks ?

  3. Hi! I was looking at USI's PMHNP program. Any feedback? I live in FL so I'm not really familiar with Indiana schools/reputation. The program looks great though. Any insight, I would really appreciate! Thanks, Hope

  4. Want to open PMHNP business on Oahu or Kauai

    I never did make it to Hawaii that dream was before the world "moved on". Some of the CAM approaches I use can be found in the March 16th episode of The Carlat Report Podcast "Top lifestyle Interventions for MDD and Bipolar". Other's include CBT-I f...
  5. Yes, Employer Can Require Covid Vaccine

    I would argue that characterizing the sincerely held opinions of others presented with information that they (in this case me) consider to be highly informative (albeit not definitive, but one worthwhile perspective) is the more negative behavior. C...
  6. Yes, Employer Can Require Covid Vaccine

    How can you hold such a position and still support people like Dr. Fauci who actually participated in the funding of "gain of function" research which likely made this virus possible? My position is simple: a. Vaccines have risks and benefits. ...
  7. Yes, Employer Can Require Covid Vaccine

    For some most definitely (those over 70 with comorbid conditions) for those younger than say 30 the risk to benefit ratio becomes much more difficult to ascertain. If we also consider "antibody" status from previous Covid 19 infection then the risk t...
  8. Yes, Employer Can Require Covid Vaccine

  9. Yes, Employer Can Require Covid Vaccine

    It can. Montreal came pretty darn close to leaving Canada yet most would still say they love Canada. Scotland toyed with leaving the UK. So long as Republicans keep the filibuster and can avoid an "expanded" Supreme Court I suspect that we will remai...
  10. Yes, Employer Can Require Covid Vaccine

  11. Yes, Employer Can Require Covid Vaccine

    We can quibble whether or not Trump was positive or negative for immigration and US reputation. What we cannot argue with is that he is no longer President (although he could end up as House Speaker in 2021 if the Republicans retake the House) Howev...
  12. Yes, Employer Can Require Covid Vaccine

    Because this : Thanks for proving my point. As strange as it may seem there are 194 other countries than the US. America is one of the last countries in the world I'd want to immigrate to. Collleages don't want to work in the US bec...
  13. Yes, Employer Can Require Covid Vaccine

    According to Gallup it's not even close more people express a desire to move to the United States than any other nation in the World (and the dates reflect when Trump was President).
  14. Yes, Employer Can Require Covid Vaccine

    The blog links to the VAERS database. They have "added" the numbers but all the data is from VAERS. Which part of their conclusions do you question? As for determining causality my point is that there is no "signature" other than perhaps witnes...
  15. Yes, Employer Can Require Covid Vaccine

    Many of the deaths (most) reported in VAERS were not even from the AstraZenica vaccine making your link less relevant. Also, many of the deaths did not involve blood clots. Okay, from your perspective what would be the standard for saying th...