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MikeFNPC is a MSN and specializes in FNP.

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  1. MikeFNPC

    New York and Kansas

    With NY and Kansas becoming the 25 and 26th to grant full practice authority, I was thinking that when I graduated in 2014, there were 30 something states that had FPA. Have some gone back?
  2. MikeFNPC

    DEA license in Texas

    Wait for your first job.
  3. MikeFNPC

    Nurse Practitioner

    I do exactly what the doctors I work with do. No difference at all.
  4. MikeFNPC

    NP Please help!!

    Admin needs to remove this thread. Obviously, it's someone baiting the NP profession.
  5. MikeFNPC

    NP Please help!!

    Is this even a real post?
  6. MikeFNPC

    Are you ACTUALLY supervised???

    I'm in Texas and I have a collaborative agreement with a supervision physician, I have no idea what she does. She gets a lot of money for doing nothing, I know that. It's just another way physicians can make money. There is no other reason for the...
  7. MikeFNPC

    Gift Idea for Preceptor?

    When I was in school, I gave one of my male preceptors (who him and his wife had been trying to get pregnant) a pair of camouflaged underwear so he could sneak up on her, LOL! Of course it was a lighthearted gift between men, but wouldn't you know, ...
  8. MikeFNPC

    Gift Idea for Preceptor?

    I'd give something based on the length of time with the preceptor. If it's only 40 hours or so, I'd give a $20 gift card to somewhere that they go. If it's more, I'd give more. My wife was with someone for about a year (because of Covid). We gave...
  9. MikeFNPC

    CME sites

    I think I'm going to use ceufast.com. You can take the courses for free, and to get credit it's $39 for a year access. I'm going to look into it a little further.
  10. MikeFNPC

    CME sites

    I do use UTD, but I don't think I can get the specific courses that Texas requires through that source alone.
  11. MikeFNPC

    CME sites

    I did a search and wasn't able to find a good answer. Is there a good "one stop site" for getting all the required CME's? For example, in Texas, we need: Alzheimer's and Dementia Controlled Substances: A Prescriber Guide Dependent A...
  12. MikeFNPC

    NP salary/pay let’s be transparent

    Afterhours and weekend clinics.
  13. MikeFNPC

    Massachusetts now has Full Practice Authority

    Just saw that. So happy for them. Can't wait for it to come to Texas, if ever.
  14. MikeFNPC

    Advice please: Primary care RN to FNP (possibly oncology NP)

    I'm not sure I understand what you're asking.
  15. MikeFNPC

    NP salary/pay let’s be transparent

    Primary care, 40 hours, 150k after bonus, 5k CME, 150 hours PTO not including about 8 holidays, 5 yrs experience, Texas. Lots of opportunities for OT, but would rather spend time with the family.