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MikeFNPC is a MSN and specializes in FNP.

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  1. MikeFNPC

    Pedi preceptor needed in San Antonio

    Thank you, I'll try that.
  2. Need a pedi preceptor in San Antonio please! It's for my wife, he rotation is due to start in October. If anyone knows someone, that would be great.
  3. MikeFNPC

    Two roads diverged.....or nah.....

  4. MikeFNPC

    Prescription "cookbooks?"

    I second the Epocrates app, free version. It's great for a quick check.
  5. MikeFNPC

    Sending patients to ER

    We're all on the same team. Calling the other team members to give a heads-up, in my experience, has always been met with appreciation. It's also a good way to avoid getting thrown under the bus by the ER, which can easily show up in their HPI.
  6. https://www.bon.texas.gov/pdfs/newsletter_pdfs/2008/july08.pdf The only test you take in Texas is a certification test, not a board test. And, the Board of Nursing grants the advanced practice titles, not a certification body such as the AANP. "Please be aware that Rule 221.2(c)(2) prohibits the use of any titles or credentials that imply that a person is an advanced practice nurse if he/she is not currently authorized to practice as an advanced practice nurse in Texas." page 8 of the link. Licence comes from the BON, then certification comes from taking the certification exam. You can work in several states as an APRN without taking any tests. However, if applying for a job and others are certified, the employer would more than likely take the certified person over non certified persons. California, Kansas, and New York do not require a certification exam to work as an APRN. Therefore, you don't need to take any test to work there after graduation. However, as we all know these rules are changing daily, so all of us need to know the rules in our states for working as well as identifying ourselves as advanced practice nurses.
  7. Maybe it's Texas. We can't "practice medicine" here, we "practice advanced practice nursing", as stated in the Texas occupation code. It doesn't matter that we do the exact same "thing" (whatever you want to call it, LOL) as MD's do, if you get caught saying that you practice medicine, the Texas Medical Board fines you $1000.
  8. I probably should have been clearer. My situation is, BSN RN before graduating from getting a MSN in Advanced Practice Nursing (what it says on my diploma) from UTEP, then MSN RN until getting licensed from the Texas Board of Nursing as an APRN FNP (what is says on the TBON website), then MSN APRN FNP until getting certified from AANP, then MSN, APRN, FNP-C. So, it depends on your states board of nursing and where you are on your journey.
  9. MSN, APRN, FNP. When you pass the boards, add -C, or -BC depending on who you take the boards through. Some states allow you to work as a FNP without being certified.
  10. MikeFNPC

    FPA in Florida passed today!

    In Texas we can only write for schedule II if we work for hospice or inpatient.
  11. MikeFNPC

    FPA in Florida passed today!

    https://www.flanp.org/ Congratulations Florida, FPA passed and was signed today!
  12. I agree, the last thing that we need is tearing down. I've been in the nursing field for almost 30 years. In that time, I've done several different jobs, many don't involve direct patient care. All have been fulfilling in one way or another. Yes, sometimes nurses can get caught up in a bad situation. In that case make a change, don't tear-up the whole profession based on a bad experience. There's always going be those who want to rain on everyone's parade. Of all the professions out there, the nursing field should be the ones lifting each other up. The unnecessary negativism on this forum is one thing that brings us down as a profession.
  13. MikeFNPC

    finding a collaborating psychatrist

    Get plugged in with your local NP professional organization and ask other NP's who they're collaborating with. In my experience the ones who collaborate are usually looking for other NP's to collaborate with them.
  14. Ha, time and stamina is a serious understatement.
  15. MikeFNPC

    Good NP jobs

    Where do you live?
  16. MikeFNPC

    Good NP jobs

    Get plugged in with your local professional NP organizations, go to the meetings, and network with NP's in your area. I know where I'm at, we meet once a month, and there are 50-60 NP's who attend from a wide variety of work environments. There are a ridiculous amount of different jobs for NP's.

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