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Transparency is important so we can negotiate. As a new grad nurse practitioner I accepted a ridiculously low paying position and I assumed that was the pay in the new city I move to. I have grown over the past couple years and I understand I was taken advantage of. I hope that this doesn't happen to others. Therefore, I believe it is critical we know what other nurse practitioners are being compensated so we are able to negotiate our salary and benefits packages.

I'm an FNP-C in Houston area working in Surgery (first assist, preop, and follow up post op care) Salary is 110k (negotiating to 115k), 3 weeks pto, 9 paid holidays, 1500 CME/yr, paid DEA, malpractice, 401k without match, 4 day work week (40-50hrs), on-call practically all the time (but only get calls on surgery days 2-3days/week). Overall I'm happy with the work I do.

What is your compensation package look like?

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I am wondering about the specialty, how are you feeling about surgery in the setting of FNP preparation?

As a new grad in Seattle I earned about $135K including incentive with 4 weeks PTO, $2K education, all license payment, on-call pay about 3-4 days per month, and quite flexible schedule, but for outcomes I worked about 50 hours/week.  Plus a lot of self-study as a new grad LOL.

I actually have quite a pay cut by choice in my current job.  It is my specialty of strength and choice.  Cost of living provides a similar financial outcome, and vacation about the same, which is most important to me.


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There are huge salary ranges depending on area of the country/patient population. Completely dependent on patient population and pay structure; many users and posts here discuss that. 

I did many interviews in different states: here in big TX cities - offers were around 120-140k (70$ an hour+ benefits). Offer in NM was a 50-50 split, so the provider would take around 100k if they generated 200k and the pt population was poor. In affluent areas like Seattle, NYC or CA, income can go up to 200k+ even with a 70% provider split if you are in private practice. DE there was an offer from 170-190k that was inpatient. In some other rural area of TX I think I had an offer at $50 an hour, inpatient/geri... which comes out to about 100k for full time work. The FNP who started her own concierge service in Austin, TX is easily making 200k+. I had an offer from a Psychiatrist in Austin as well and they did cash only, so you would probably at least make 150-200k+.


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Primary care, 40 hours, 150k after bonus, 5k CME, 150 hours PTO not including about 8 holidays, 5 yrs experience, Texas. Lots of opportunities for OT, but would rather spend time with the family.  


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Just left my last job after having a baby but here it is:

New grad PMHNP in the South with previous psych RN experience

  • $86k
  • 8-5pm weekdays
  • No paid holidays
  • No CME
  • No bonuses
  • Had to pay 90 dollars every month for parking


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Yeah it was pretty bad. It was in the South where there were 2 PA schools in the area and 1 NP school, so the competition was pretty fierce. What made matters worse was the psychiatry facility I worked for was mostly hiring PAs in psychiatry and didn't think much about me having a psych certification as an NP, it was outpatient and I was actually replacing a PA. When I got my supervision agreement they wrote for me they initially wrote FNP as my credentials, in fact I had a psychiatrist ask if I could even prescribe medication on an interview! 

I now am about to start a new position making $70 per hour, seeing 1 patient an hour (doing med management and therapy) much better arrangement!


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I do pulmonology in Idaho in a medium size town. I see between 8-12 patients a day. Starting offered salary was 95K with an adjustment up to 103K based on 2 years experience as an NP. I have been in my current practice two years and make $110k with a yearly 10% bonus. I get 8 hours PTO per pay period. I work 8:30- 4:30 mon thru Thursday and 1/2 day Friday.

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2 minutes ago, irvine123 said:

NP pay is way better in Texas and the midwest than in California, thats for sure.

NP pay in California is some of the best in the nation. Now the cost of living and taxes are less than optimal in many places, but not so bad in others (Bakersville, Sacramento for example.).

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14 hours ago, irvine123 said:

I should mention when compared to cost of living, its on the low end.

If you like California or Texas then Arizona or Nevada might be worth considering since they both have IP for NP's and lower cost of living (than California).    Nevada has the added bonus (like Texas) of no state income tax.  Not to mention being able to go for some decent food a 0300 in the morning if that is your thing.


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NYC brooklyn hospitalist

$127k starting

13 shift a month

3 CME day $1000

15 vacation day

6 sick days

8 holidays

Full health benefits

Pension 33% for every 20 years

NYC Vascular 

65/hr W2 no benefits 

8 hours days

NYC nursing home 

50-60/hr depending on billing 

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Hello all,

I'm a hospitalist NP, I live in Philadelphia and work in NJ. I started in 2020 at 115K, 160 hours PTO, 401K with 50% match if I contribute at least 6%, $2000/year CME, they cover all licensing costs and DEA. Also, last year got a $500 holiday bonus which was a nice surprise. Salary goes up every 2 years when contract is re-signed. I work nights 7 on 7 off. I love my job. I admit on average 5 patients over night and cover the med/surg and tele floors. The doc I work with admits and covers the critical care patients.  I am very autonomous in my position which is a great perk for me. 

I do think it's important that we discuss this so that new grads can know their value and what to negotiate for. 

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Hospitalist NP in Southern, NM employed by a large national physician practice.  We work independently within our group and admit to ourselves with no physician oversite.  NM is a very NP friendly state.

-$171k base (have to give fourteen 12 hour shifts a month, at $85/hr).  I typically work 15 or 16 shifts a month so haven't taken home less than 210k a year in the nearly 4 years I've been here.  

-RVU and Quality bonuses equal another $20-30k a year

-4% matched 401k

-Solid Healthcare 

-No PTO, but schedule is week on, week off, so I have over half the month off and can work the schedule between months for more time if necessary

-Holiday differentials

-2k CME (licensing can be covered under CME, as can scrubs and stethoscopes, supplies)

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42 minutes ago, Alicia777 said:

This is incredible! Good for you ?

Thanks.  I had to crawl through the muck before I got this job, working for a large volume practice, seeing 30+ patients a day all over a decently sized city, and barely was scratching 6 figures.  It prepared me very well for my job, but it's proof that experience pays off.  I would have never landed my current gig as a new NP, and it's important to remember for new NP's out there, that their starting pay out of school will most certainly not be what you are making down the road.  Even in saturated markets, practice groups and larger companies will pay for experience.