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Transparency is important so we can negotiate. As a new grad nurse practitioner I accepted a ridiculously low paying position and I assumed that was the pay in the new city I move to. I have grown over the past couple years and I understand I was taken advantage of. I hope that this doesn't happen to others. Therefore, I believe it is critical we know what other nurse practitioners are being compensated so we are able to negotiate our salary and benefits packages.

I'm an FNP-C in Houston area working in Surgery (first assist, preop, and follow up post op care) Salary is 110k (negotiating to 115k), 3 weeks pto, 9 paid holidays, 1500 CME/yr, paid DEA, malpractice, 401k without match, 4 day work week (40-50hrs), on-call practically all the time (but only get calls on surgery days 2-3days/week). Overall I'm happy with the work I do.

What is your compensation package look like?

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I am wondering about the specialty, how are you feeling about surgery in the setting of FNP preparation?

As a new grad in Seattle I earned about $135K including incentive with 4 weeks PTO, $2K education, all license payment, on-call pay about 3-4 days per month, and quite flexible schedule, but for outcomes I worked about 50 hours/week.  Plus a lot of self-study as a new grad LOL.

I actually have quite a pay cut by choice in my current job.  It is my specialty of strength and choice.  Cost of living provides a similar financial outcome, and vacation about the same, which is most important to me.

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Psych NP, private practice owner

Did 510k this year, finally broke the 500k mark after a few years.  Enforcing no show fees has been a game changer for me.  Granted I work M-F 10 hour days and didn't miss a single day of work this year with no vacation.  

The money is out there

Doximity has a salary map that I've found helpful.  It provides est. compensation and average home price per county.  

I figured I would throw in a military perspective for an FNP. I returned to active duty Air Force. So there's a different breakdown compared to civilian. Bear in mind these numbers vary with location and nursing/NP experience. 

I came on as a NP with 3 years NP experience and 9 years RN experience prior which hit me the rack of 03/capt. 

base pay:4849.80/mo taxed to 3540.35

 housing allowance (non taxed based on location/higher with dependents) 2082/mo 

Monthly food allowance (not taxed):311.88/mo

speciality pay (all NPs have a specialty): 500/mo

 total take home: 6434.23/mo

 This is not including an accession bonus of $20000 for initial 3 year commitment or $30000 for initial 4 year commitment. 

After your initial commitment, you're looking at a retention bonus structure dependent on amount of years of your commitment and specialty (up to $36k/yr for 6 year option on FNP scale).

 My personal take home per paycheck is way more than when I finished as a civilian NP with a guaranteed 4 hours of weekly admin time and other patient load decrements based on actual military duties. 

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12 years practicing, dermatology certified nurse practitioner

$230k base, bonus is 30% after revenues go above $750k, 35% after $1 million

This year practice will do $1.5 million in revenues.  Should net $480k

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General surgery nurse practitioner with a first assist with about 2 year experience and an NP and 6 years experience as RN before. Located in upstate NY. When I first got hired I got offered $125k base, $10k yearly retention bonus, $1500 CME, 5.5 weeks of PTO, and some matching for 403B. I negotiated a raise last year and got my base up to $135k and made over $180k total last year including call pay. 
working hours are usually M-F 7a-5p. Call about 7 days/month but there is room to pick up more calls. 
job includes OR, inpatient, and some outpatient. 
I'm happy with my current job and compensation but I'm thinking about negotiating another raise

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PMHNP graduated Oct 2019 working in the Seattle area on pace to earn around 250K three days per week seeing patients. No benefits 1099. Also I work from home and see clients only through telemedicine. My SO has been a PMHNP since 2016 and sees Medicaid patients (mostly few Medicare and private pay) in Arizona and earns $85.00/hr no benefits 1099 also working from home.

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There are huge salary ranges depending on area of the country/patient population. Completely dependent on patient population and pay structure; many users and posts here discuss that. 

I did many interviews in different states: here in big TX cities - offers were around 120-140k (70$ an hour+ benefits). Offer in NM was a 50-50 split, so the provider would take around 100k if they generated 200k and the pt population was poor. In affluent areas like Seattle, NYC or CA, income can go up to 200k+ even with a 70% provider split if you are in private practice. DE there was an offer from 170-190k that was inpatient. In some other rural area of TX I think I had an offer at $50 an hour, inpatient/geri... which comes out to about 100k for full time work. The FNP who started her own concierge service in Austin, TX is easily making 200k+. I had an offer from a Psychiatrist in Austin as well and they did cash only, so you would probably at least make 150-200k+.

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SE (Massachusetts suburb not city)
1.5 yrs NP, 10 yrs RN
Hospital based transitional care and mobile integrated health
I pick my own patients, work my own schedule and can work from home when needed.  I work on my own and only answer to one MD.
Salary $125,000
$5,000 bonus
4 weeks PTO
1 weeks CME + $5,000 CME
Full health benefit at manager level (but I don't need them)

FNP in the Bay Area/CA working in university setting in specialty practice. 
Salary 210k - no negotiations - based on union set rates/previous NP/RN exp.
2.5 weeks pto + separate sick time bank
All holidays paid 
1,500 CME/yr 1 week for education
Dea, malpractice included 
pension plan after 5 years 
Work 4 10 hr shifts, no call

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Primary care, 40 hours, 150k after bonus, 5k CME, 150 hours PTO not including about 8 holidays, 5 yrs experience, Texas. Lots of opportunities for OT, but would rather spend time with the family.  

Just left my last job after having a baby but here it is:

New grad PMHNP in the South with previous psych RN experience

  • $86k
  • 8-5pm weekdays
  • No paid holidays
  • No CME
  • No bonuses
  • Had to pay 90 dollars every month for parking
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