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  1. aok7

    california license by endorsement

    I am a practicing NP in WA and have an employment opportunity in CA. Can anyone give me insight as to whether I apply for both the RN and NP licenses at the same time? It makes sense, as otherwise to process each individually could take approximately 10-12 weeks for RN and another 12-14 weeks for NP licensure (according to current CA BON time estimates).
  2. aok7

    Question about NP License transfer to CA

    Although this is an old discussion, it is on target with my question. Specifically, can I apply for both the RN and NP licenses at the same time? I am a practicing NP in the state of WA, and the application is not clear but does include a section in the NP application to place CA RN credentials.
  3. aok7

    New NP going into nephrology

    I completed my final clinical semester in a nephrology/hypertension clinic in the spring of 2018. I was only in the clinic setting and not in the dialysis setting. During my evening hours, I studied and learned inside and out the topics as outlined above. If I had not done my own studying, I would have been poorly prepared from my school preparation alone. I found the NKF site and KDIGO guidelines incredible resources and useful on a daily basis, as these clinical guidelines were the core of our decision-making. By the end of my clinical, I was seeing patients independently, presenting to my preceptor, and formulating a plan for patients. I would expect the first six months of your job to require real devotion, but completely doable if this is your passion. The nephrology group where I was does not hire new NPs. Even my preceptor, who had been an acute care nephrology RN for years prior to earning her NP degree, had to earn a year of experience prior to getting hired. I think it just depends on the group and responsibilities. The clinic was very demanding, as patients were complicated and needed to be managed with a goal to delay/prevent dialysis, but the dialysis patients, according to my preceptor, were quite easy in comparison because assessment and outcomes are relatively established and organized. Good luck!
  4. aok7

    How long did your DEA take?

    I am also wondering about the time it takes to get the DEA license processed. I am waiting for my WA NP license to process, and will be applying for my DEA the moment I find out I have my license because I want to start my new job the end of August. I am so glad to hear it only took 2 weeks, as that will make all the difference for me!
  5. aok7

    Gave up DNP

    I have no desire to do research or teach, or I'd consider getting my DNP. At this point, as a new NP, I am interested in giving as much effort to my new role as I would give if I were in school. I am considering going back for my ACNP once I am comfortable in my job, but that is to make myself more skilled and marketable.
  6. My advice is to know why you're doing what you're doing. For example, the history should guide you to what you need to spend more time on with your physical. If the patient can't finish a sentence d/t having to catch their breath, then I'd be inclined to spend a lot of time doing all that we are taught about assessing heart/lungs. The MSC exam, on the other hand, I might keep to my basics and not so much time. It's like learning to write, as in, you spend forever learning to write a complete sentence, and then it comes to you and you get to paragraphs and now novels, etc. But, step one, learn the sentence. So for now, it might take a while to do a good H&P, but that's okay because it will all come together if you put in the time and effort now. All said, 15 minute blocks for a full physical is not adequate. Good luck!
  7. aok7

    Starting NP Salary? Help!?

    I would only consider a position that was created for NP practice. Salary would be the least of my concerns in this situation.
  8. I respect that you are realistic about the amount of energy and time you want to devote to school at this time. The end result is that you need to be ready to function as a provider with that knowledge base, and as much as the fast-track or trade-school promotion of ease, there is really no way around getting this much information in your head. I am in my 5th semester, and if I had taken my core courses years ago I would be at a great disadvantage during clinical. If you get the kind of training and clinical experience which you need to be competitive when interacting in the real world, it is going to be brutal. I think you are wise to set yourself up for success and be ready if you want to be a NP. My two cents, and forgive me if I sound mean, but getting out of a nursing position is not a good reason to go to NP school. I would look into a new job and consider if you want to be a NP separate from your current job experience.
  9. aok7

    Advice?? Having trouble finding NP job.

    Anyone in the business knows the difference between the for-profit online schools and an established university with an online program.
  10. UC does provide help, but like most schools, is not going to do the work of finding preceptors, per se. For example, I got a list of over 50 MDs and NPs who served as preceptors for former students in my state. From there, I contacted people. I am in Adult-Gero Primary. I am in my 3rd semester, and all classes are a mix of family and adult (and acute/some anesthesia), with some projects or assignments unique to one's track. As I understand, Family is more challenging related to finding preceptors, as pediatric and women's health-focused clinics must be found. If I were you, I would organize a plan to begin looking for preceptors now. For example, I had my first 2 clinical semesters set up prior to school, as I got to know NPs from work and personal experiences. It is an important skill for the future to be able to professionally network, anyway. Join NP organizations in your area, etc.
  11. I go to U of Cincinnati and love it. One of my professors sent out a U.S. News & World Report rating of online NP schools, and we are in the top ten. That's only one way of discerning, but is a well-established and recognized yearly guide since you spoke of prestige. I do agree that it is very important to consider the reputation of one's school. Reputation is built through time and solid standards. Good luck either way, and know it's what YOU make of it that ultimately matters!
  12. I am currently in my third semester of an Adult-Gero Primary Care Program at U Cincinnati. I work on a PCU in a hospital, but most of my 6 years as a nurse have been out-patient. Most of my contacts and all of my mentors for guidance and preceptor opportunities are from my out-patient days. The reason I work in the hospital is because I want to gain as much knowledge and experience as possible as a RN before my NP days. My hospital only hires ACNPs and PAs, and this is aligned with the guidance in the profession as a whole, as primary-prepared work in primary settings and ACNPs work in hospital-type settings. Of course, there are the outliers. I would ask why you want primary care and then see what may be available as a RN toward that direction. I love working with the geriatric population and am interested in women's health and ageism in general. I worked in long-term care, sub-acute care, hospice home health, in the hospital the ACE Unit (Acute Care Elderly), and now the PCU. I plan to work in a sub-acute or even home health type setting as a NP. That's me! I do want to add, the development of core nursing values and thinking in general are essential toward becoming a good NP (in my opinion), but I find that the actual nursing role has little to do with the didactic material of NP school. You have to think like a provider. I read physician notes at work (I did before NP school like most nurses do, but read them differently now) and I force myself to imagine if I were ordering meds or putting the puzzle together then look at what the provider actually did, etc. My NP friends say that the best job for NP school is the one that lets you study the most/allows flexibility. Good luck!
  13. I am in my third semester of NP school and have been a nurse for about 5 years in a hospital. I want to move to California when I graduate from NP school. I attend U of Cincinnati online program, which is recognized by CA for NP licensure. I understand the CA BON process for RN licensure is lengthy, so I am considering that process soon. As I consider organizing a move, my question is one of advice, as I am wondering the opportunities for new grad NPs in CA.
  14. aok7

    Full time vs Part time

    I'm going full-time and work 24 hours/week.
  15. aok7

    Unsolicited Advice From A Preceptor

    Thank you for taking the time to share your experience. I am a third semester NP student and am committed and hungry for insight from preceptors about expectations. I am shocked by the behavior of the students who were late and disrespectful, and appreciate that you are obviously still willing to support students. I would love to hear more about what you recommend for students. Sadly, I go to PA sites (and the profession even has a book for PA clinical students for guidance) for insight about preparing for my clinical time. It's a struggle to find in-depth information from NPs about this topic. Thank you.
  16. aok7

    How not to suck!

    I am in my third semester of NP school. A big part of my plan includes staying positive. In addition to absorbing all I can in my courses, reading additional resources, appreciating mentors, and attempting to adjust my thinking in my hospital job toward that of a provider, I work on being strong so that I may continue to brush off the many naysayers out there. It helps to start with recognizing the psychology behind mean people! They're actually the ones who need recognized, so give them kudos and then keep up your own standards for learning all you can to be an effective NP.

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