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    Non-Clinical RN to NP

    You sound committed to your profession and value growth and development. There are a lot of ways to look at the options you present, as from the monetary aspect you would be wise to stay in the position you currently work. I also took a rather non-traditional path toward becoming a NP. I started as a LPN, saw the boom and bust of the RN experience like you said, and all along, just kept my focus. A lot of opinions along the way, but every step was meant to get me where I am. One thing I do advise if you decide on the NP route, get experience in your mental health field of interest as a nurse if you can. I am a relatively new NP (graduated in May, 2018) and I got my job because of my focused experience. It's my interest. I am already sitting on hiring panels for my group, and I cannot even put in words what this means. That, and attend a school which is established with a brick-and-mortar regardless of whether it's online. Do your own thing and take this time to have your resume reflect your focus of interest as a future NP. Can you tell I advise NP?:)