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DrCOVID has 12 years experience as a DNP and specializes in psych/medical-surgical.

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  1. DrCOVID

    The state of APRN education

    The DNP programs are at least 1000, mine was 1200. I feel like this was barely enough. We were lucky to even find a good psychiatrist to precept us. Another huge problem is blind leading the blind. My teachers barely knew what they were doing. Didn't...
  2. DrCOVID

    The state of APRN education

    There is nothing novel here per say... just wanted to vent I guess. I just started this year and all I can say is no wonder NPs get a bad rap. I have had several patients come to me and tell me the previous NP wasn't listening to them or fill the med...
  3. DrCOVID

    Legally can I mix RN/NP roles?

    Ohhh not this crap again! YES I DO - I introduce myself as DOCTOR and explain I'm a Nurse PRACTIITONER with a DOCTORATE
  4. DrCOVID

    Any PMHNPs working for online platforms?

    I did some digging and calling - these huge national companies should be shut down along with all the "online only" for profit easy 2 year NP schools.
  5. DrCOVID

    Legally can I mix RN/NP roles?

    Legally? Sure of course. You are always an RN if you are an NP. Can't be an NP without RN. RN license is TIED to NP license. But uhh... practically? What the hell... why would you wanna split the two? You should be an NP all the time, and do RN ...
  6. DrCOVID

    Neuropsych testing

    Hey NPs, has anyone trained to do neuropsych testing? Seems that you need a degree to do this... like a PhD in neuroscience/neuropsychology. Does the APA publish guidance? https://www.apaservices.org/practice Thanks!!
  7. DrCOVID

    NP Schedule

    Kinda depends on the setting. I have a colleague that does inpatient under a psychiatrist in a hospital, she does on 7 days, and then it decreases from there until she has a week off. She recently told me that the MD recently did 12 days on. RIP. I f...
  8. DrCOVID

    Schedule II Meds

    I feel like a good % of people don't actually meet criteria for their DX history. All of the people that have come to me with "ADHD" have already had stimulants (mostly Adderall) many times.
  9. DrCOVID

    Schedule II Meds

    Right, the main concern is misuse/abuse. I had my main problem child turn meds into the police 2 weeks ago since he was collecting them rapidly... I always check the PMP before any stimulant RX. Always try to use the XR formulation for these yes...
  10. DrCOVID

    Schedule II Meds

    I'm a private outpt only practice as an independent entity. The problem is, these pts usually have had the medicine they are requesting from another provider. Seems that providers hand these out like candy for anyone that says they can't focus. I am ...
  11. DrCOVID

    Texas FNP role

    I don't think there is a black and white answer to this. The base is you have to be familiar with the nurse practice acts and practicing outside your scope. Moreover, if you haven't been trained or didn't learn in school to do something... you ...
  12. DrCOVID

    Schedule II Meds

    I have already had several patients come to me seeking specific types of medications (take a wild guess which ones) why STIMULANTS of course. I am a relative new grad and it makes me a bit uneasy RXing these for people that have demonstrated they hav...
  13. DrCOVID

    BSN to DNP

    No, institutions don't grandfather you a degree. DNP is a degree. I have essentially two years more than the typical MSN in didactic and clinical time. DNP capstone is done in a clinic fyi. I learn about psychiatric disease and medications i...
  14. DrCOVID

    NYU DNP Fall 2021

  15. DrCOVID

    Why is finding preceptors so hard?

    So number 1 is psych is like one of the lowest matched specialties for both MD and NP. It is only 2% of NPs got certified in psych as of 2018. Finding a good PsychNP is pretty hard in the first place. The best thing to do is network. That reall...
  16. DrCOVID

    Should I be concerned?

    Your first clinical round you should mostly be observing?