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MentalKlarity has 9 years experience as a BSN, NP and specializes in Psychiatry.

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  1. MentalKlarity

    Independent Contractor (1099) NP Pay

    You are a PMHNP? Most of us make around $120-$150 WITH full benefits. For independent contractor I would imagine $200 per hour minimum. Paying your own insurance, PTO, retirement without match, etc plus all your own payroll taxes. Inc...
  2. MentalKlarity

    Chamberlain FNP Student

    Plenty of in state programs are that cheap. And a lot more reputable than these online diploma mills. But they often require tests and references and interviews and actual selectivity and so many nurses just can’t be “bothered” with all that when bec...
  3. MentalKlarity

    Chronicles of a VA APRN Resident

    Is there a way we could possibly get a “NP Residency & Fellowship” - they are becoming more popular and I feel a dedicated sub forum on here could be useful.
  4. My unpopular opinion: NP school is "soft" on hard sciences because half of nurse practitioner students would fail out, nursing schools would have to be more selective, and their cash cow funds would dry up. The for-profit programs, if they required s...
  5. MentalKlarity

    Chamberlain FNP Student

    4000 NP grads a year from chamberlain LOL! They are basically single handedly responsible for flooding the NP market (along with Walden) and those two schools make up a substantial chunk of graduation nurse practitioners. Terr...
  6. MentalKlarity

    Chronicles of a VA APRN Resident

    It's a totally different experience. No, NP school does not do a good job preparing students for practice - PAs and Medical Students are terrified and fumble for months in residency/first jobs and they have 2,000-4000 hours of clinical. The requireme...
  7. MentalKlarity

    Burn out in psychiatry

    How long are appts? I had burnout when I had 20 min appts. I switched to 30+ min follow ups and 60 min intakes and capped at 10 patients or so a day. Made a huge difference
  8. MentalKlarity

    Regretting My Decision To Be An NP

    Full-Practice Authority States Alaska Arizona Colorado Connecticut District of Columbia Hawaii Idaho Iowa Maine Maryland Massachusetts Minnesota Montana Nebraska ...
  9. MentalKlarity

    Does RN experience affect NP salary quote?

    One or two years helps just with being comfortable in a hospital, recognizing what certain things look like and how patients present. It helps later for you to be able to connect the dots and say “ah yes I remember what appendicitis looks like in act...
  10. MentalKlarity

    Does RN experience affect NP salary quote?

    Depends on their negotiating ability. I regularly make more than colleagues because I refuse to accept pay below what I am worth while many others are willing to take first offers. Always negotiate!
  11. MentalKlarity

    Reference Recommendation

    This is the correct answer. It's a small little ring or spiral bound book that basically has a quick reference for every common primary care problem with name, stats, exams and tests/labs that should be completed, referrals sometimes needed, and trea...
  12. MentalKlarity

    Chronicles of a VA APRN Resident

    Mine was like 85K annually. we learned the VA residency programs are all different. For example, we got the full vacation allowance (all holidays, 24 days PTO, 12 sick) but another VA only got 2 weeks PTO total for all residents. we also di...
  13. MentalKlarity

    Does the School Matter?

    From the website: Applicants to the MSN in Nursing Education must provide the following information for admission: A bachelor’s degree from an institution accredited by an agency recognized by the U.S. Department of Education, or from an in...
  14. MentalKlarity

    Does the School Matter?

    I mean, the Capella acceptance rate is 100%, they advertise getting a masters in 13 months and “payment plans”, they have coupons for the admissions fee, and for admission they only require a bachelors (with a 2.8 GPA!?), RN license, and application....
  15. MentalKlarity

    Does the School Matter?

    Congrats! Some people who buy lottery tickets also end up winning! It doesn’t make it the norm or a safe bet.