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  1. ThePMHNP

    Medical Foster Care

    Hello! My husband and I are considering becoming foster parents. I am debating on whether to be a general foster parent or a medical foster parent. I've worked in child psychiatry as both a nurse and now as a Psychiatric NP and have had quite a lot of exposure to foster children. I was wondering if anyone has experience in medical foster care and what the most common illnesses are? Since I have a background in mostly psychiatry (worked for a year in med surg after nursing school) I would not feel comfortable with cases that require high level skills such as managing a tracheotomy, but would be more comfortable managing illness such as HIV or diabetes. What are some of the most common conditions you seen? Just deciding which track to go. Thank you!! :)
  2. ThePMHNP

    NP salary/pay let’s be transparent

    Yeah it was pretty bad. It was in the South where there were 2 PA schools in the area and 1 NP school, so the competition was pretty fierce. What made matters worse was the psychiatry facility I worked for was mostly hiring PAs in psychiatry and didn't think much about me having a psych certification as an NP, it was outpatient and I was actually replacing a PA. When I got my supervision agreement they wrote for me they initially wrote FNP as my credentials, in fact I had a psychiatrist ask if I could even prescribe medication on an interview! I now am about to start a new position making $70 per hour, seeing 1 patient an hour (doing med management and therapy) much better arrangement!
  3. ThePMHNP

    From PNP to FNP

    Hello! So sorry you are having a tough time in the job market. Im a psychiatric nurse practitioner and the last two jobs I got werent even advertised. The first one I emailed one of the directors at the clinic site, the second through a recruiter. I would try contacting clinics and practices directly to see if they need any help. A PNP I used to know had to move around a lot because her husband was military and would just email clinics with her resume and she would find jobs so much quicker! I know with a lot of job postings sometimes your application doesnt even get looked at by an actual person, it just gets screened by a computer algorithm. If pediatrics is your passion don't give up!! Best of luck!
  4. ThePMHNP

    Baby due 3 months after graduation

    Congrats on the new baby!! Im a psych NP and I would say don't worry too much about the gap. For NP jobs most employers don't want you to start until you are credentialed which takes about 3 months. So if you're looking to start in Feb, realistically you'd look for jobs in Nov, which would narrow your unemployment gap. With COVID I'd say more employers would be more understanding about gaps. Also remember you have your whole life to work but time with your baby is limited and precious! Best of luck! :)