Now its getting outta HAND !


a couple days ago i posted a thread about my instructor who talks way too much during lecture, well since then its gotten worst ! :angryfire

its to the point where she is using two classes to go over information for one class. she can't even go over a 25 page powerpoint in 3 hours ( which is one class), instead she uses two class days a total of 6 hours to go over one freakin powerpoint ! yesterday, she was suppose to finish up the lecture from last class which took the entire class time so she didn't even have enough time to go over the new material that we will be tested on monday. all can she can say is sorry, things happen.... the only thing thats happening is that she runs her mouth way too much.

so she told us to read the powerpoint and ask her if we have any questions later.

we pay all this money to go to nursing school and she's not even giving us our monies worth ! :angryfire

i've never been so furious in my life. next time i see her i must tell her how cheated i feel for her not to go over pertinent information d/t her running her big fat mouth !

well vent is over, thanks for reading. :mad:


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You should really go and speak to someone over her. Although she's the teacher she may not be the coordinator for the course. If you speak to her and tell her how you feel and nothing happens I would go higher than her. I really know how you feel we had a test and the instructor was really lost myself and a couple of other ppl went and told the coordinator so she could step in and we are so glad we did.

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Well I guess I'll be killing two birds with one stone because she happens to be the course coordinator which is why I'm a little nervous about confronting her, but I have too ! She is always so behind and its sickening. Other students also complain but i can't depend on them to take action, this is something I must do if no one else will.


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go to the department head, CALMLY, and tell them exactly what you've told us in a CALM assertive manner. i would be super steamed too but you can catch for flies with honey...


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Wow yeah I guess you would be also. Um but like 13goingon30 said go to them calmly. Please by no means get a petition or anything together because you still have the semester to go. At my university some students that took a class before me did that and most of them who signed the petition and were already not doing well, most of them failed. Not saying that the petition had anything to do with it but it could.


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ugh! sorry to hear about your experience!

like someone else has said, calmy approach this. some professors seem to get really "offended" when we students critique their methods...quick story:

i am a smart student, i always show up to class, bring my work on time and get awesome grades......then i met my psychology professor ugh!

like your instructor, my psych professor would ramble on and on and allow other students to constantly chime in with things that often became irrelevant to our discussion. she never went through the various theories we eventually found out she expected us to know....never even talked about it yet, it made it's way on our test!

soooo, i approached her and told her about my frustrations with the class. guess what she told me?

"part of college learning, is self-teaching."

umm yeah but, after we read this stuff how does she/we know if we understand it correctly? lol, you know?

i think she responded like that because she took my concerns the wrong way. for the rest of that semester, it was rough to approach this particular professor.

anyway, good luck in whatever you decide to do.

ps, a funny ending to the story with that psych professor:

one day she was rambling on and on (as usual!) and told us all that her and her son are both dyslexic!! lol!!! this woman has problems with reading and writing. yet she doesn't understand why just shoving the book in our faces and telling us to read it, isn't enough to prepare for her exams! sheesh.

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So, study the subject before the lecture and keep her on track during the lecture by asking pertinent questions to bring her back to the subject at hand--OR--bring some knitting to do while she is lecturing.


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At least your teacher lectures. My Fundamentals teacher doesn't lecture. She expects us to do the reading and come to class and ask any questions we might have. Then we have a test and if we self studied wrong, we fail. (Not complaining about having to do the reading or anything BUT... I like lecture)


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Have you tried any of the suggestions given in your previous thread? Time to go to the Department head if steps to remedy the situation have not worked.


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We had a very similar situation last semester. our instructor was telling so many stories that were off topic that we wouldn't get any of the lecture done. Then, we had four weeks worth in one lecture and no adjustments to the schedule. It was horrible. And, the instructor was the program director, as well. So, after several students began to voice the same concerns, we named one student (who had a 4.0 gpa) to go to the department head and share our concerns. We felt that if a 4.0 student went to the dept head with these complaints, it would be taken more seriously than if a student who was failing went in.

It was not something that was easy for us to do, and it's not something that was fixed quickly, but we did get some relief from going to her...he's not our instructor this semester (as was planned)...and we're doing much better :) And, it sucks, because he's a great guy and sooo nice and soooo smart! Just wasn't able to teach us very well.... :(

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Oh... Very touchy subject! USE EXTREME CAUTION when attempting constructive criticism of a nursing professor. Read your syllabus carefully b/c (at least at my school) there are so many SUBJECTIVE grading tools, such as the term "PROFESSIONALISM." They can fail you for practically anything.

Also at my school it is considered very unprofessional if you go above an instructor's head.

One more thing. Recently at my school, there were a group of students that had a "confidential" meeting with the president of the college re:the "problems" with the nursing department (mainly the instructors). Well it isn't "confidential" anymore b/c one of them was unintelligent enough to go to the chair of the department and inform her of the the meeting. The chairperson became "extremely ticked off."

-as a side note: I'm glad I had nothing to do with that meeting but I am concerned for the academic welfare of those who did for there could be grave consequences for them-

Please be careful! Best of Luck to you though.

-Spooky :twocents:

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Ok, so here's an update... We had the other instructor lecture us for our last class before the exam and she over heard another student and I complaining about the instructor that talks too much. She butted in our conversation and says " You all need to read before class and study everything" I told her that I do read before each class and take notes, but the issue comes in because she doesn't cover the material or even leave time to ask questions about the "lecture" that she never taught. The other instructor is so organized with her time and never get side tracked, when I leave her class I feel like I actually learned something enough for it to sick. The blabber mouth instructor leaves us feeling lost, dazed and confused. I asked the " good" instructor how would she like for a student to approach her and basically say " you talked too much" She then said she will talk c- her, especially since our class isn't the first to complain. So hopefully we'll see a difference soon. I'll keep you guys updated !

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