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  1. MissBrahmsRN

    Question About Stretched Ears

    i work with several RNs that have stretched lobes, most of them wear clear glass or plastic plugs to work. none of them are stretched larger than 1.5 inch though. nasal piercings are common, many of my coworkers have a discreet nose stud and most of them have more like 3-5 earlobe piercings! policy says no artificial nails but fake fingernails abound. policy doesnt care about polish color only says "unchipped and no nail jewelry like rhinestones" so you see black, orange, flowers, all sorts of cute nail designs.
  2. MissBrahmsRN


    i just wanna know one thing....are you hiring?? to be fair, my first nurses week they had free 5 min chair massages and last year i think they had a nice meal on days and i did get a nice wooden picture frame with facility logo on it, i gave it to my daughter and she put a pic of her & her BFF in the frame and covered the logo with cute stickers i think i saw another one of those picture frames at salvation army last week, should have grabbed it for my other kiddo...how nice you are to make nurses week so special...i think they did cool stuff like that for doctors week...
  3. MissBrahmsRN

    extremely high competition for surgery centers?

    central texas
  4. i'm trying to move into outpatient surgery PACU and/or Pre-Op. i have 2 years experience in inpatient hospital critical care and still cannot seem to get a callback, even for PRN positions which is what everyone tells me I need to secure to get my foot in the door. i'm certified in BLS, ACLS, PALS, willing to work 8,9,10,11, or 12hr shifts (many of the centers are open 0700-1700 or 0600-1700 and I'm happy to work the entire day), willing to take a paycut, proficient at time management & verbal communication, great patient teaching skills, I've got several apps out on the various websites for the open positions, I've called around to inquire (I know that clinical nurse managers at these sites are extremely busy and don't have time to be bothered so I just speak with the receptionist and get a fax number for my resume and cover letter.) the receptionist tells me to fax the resume and i'll get a callback but no luck so far for the last few months... some of my coworkers are reviewing my resume to give suggestions but I'm open for any kind of tips/advice/thoughts, what can i do to make myself more marketable, get a callback or two? I know that 2 years isn't alot of experience but I am smart and willing to learn!! ps: what does "fulltime" mean at a surgery center? five 8s? four 10s? three 11s? or a combo thereof? thanks so much for any suggestions...
  5. MissBrahmsRN

    Thank You for Nothing

    omg, you are making me cry...i'm considering a switch to pedi critical care but can i go to work and lose a darling pt (full code or DNR) and then go home and not cry my eyes out or want to hold my own 2 children nonstop while bawling...alot of tough questions to answer...beautiful story.
  6. MissBrahmsRN

    Good hospitals in Austin for a Critical Care nurse?

    i work critical care for Seton at Brack. If you like adult cardiac (including transplants) Seton Medical Center on 38th also known as Seton Main is the place for you. If you like adult heavy trauma, trauma with a large dose of neuro thrown in then Brackenridge is the place for you. If you do NICU with the super teeny early babies then you want St Davids Main on 32nd street. All are good hospitals but i will warn you, St Davids does not have CAs in their critical care units so you will be responsible for everything with almost noone to help you. I have admitted a couple of St Davids ICU survivors with stage IV decubs cause the RNs there dont have time to turn their patients. to be fair i have never worked in their unit but this is what i'm hearing from my patients. could be one bad RN.
  7. MissBrahmsRN

    Controversial new policies at Baylor!!!!

    that's absolutely ridiculous. whether people approve or not, using tobacco is LEGAL. period. testing for it, and treating it's users like hard core drug addicts is just wrong. my grandmother smokes like a freight train and i dont like it but she's happy and it's legal. she smokes outside away from everyone on her own time. it's none of mine or anyone else's business.
  8. MissBrahmsRN

    Controversial new policies at Baylor!!!!

    i also meant to add, if they dont want tobacco users on our staff, well there goes about 85% of your surgical staff. including the surgeons actually they'd lose a good portion of the doctors as well as a good chuck of the nursing staff. whether or not you agree with smoking to deal with it, medicine is stressful work..
  9. MissBrahmsRN

    Controversial new policies at Baylor!!!!

    so what makes the cut i'd like to know?!? a SBP of 130? 140? 150? what the hell sorta lab values are "acceptable?" it's my personal medical info and my boss has no business knowing my blood pressure! and i'm a nonsmoker but last time i checked nicotine products are legal. all of the hospital systems in TX start their RNs out at barely over 20/hr, the market is saturated and they can get away with it. i started at less than 22/hr but fortunately i was able to move over that pretty quick...
  10. MissBrahmsRN

    Going from nights to days

    girl, how on earth do you do it?? even when i worked days, after 12-13hrs running around at work all i had the energy for was to put my feet up & watch TV. even then i crashed usually within a couple hrs of getting home (DH found me passed out on the couch more than once) and then after my 3day run i was sooo tired i spent the next 2 days just sleeping 10-12hrs a night then not having the energy for housework or cooking dinner or anything until a couple days before i had to be back.
  11. MissBrahmsRN

    Going from nights to days

    is your manager ok with a trial period? i had a coworker who tried days for a couple weeks then decided it wasnt for her & went back to nights, our manager was fine with the trial. if you can try it, go for it!!! she found that she was just as exhausted on her days off on days as she was nights and nights paid her more money so she went back to nights. i think it's the 12hr shifts that just take everything out of you. one of the beauties of hospital work is that you arent bound by the M-F 9 to 5 schedule. there's a schedule out there for you, whether it's 7-7, 3-3, 11-11, you name it, go find it!!
  12. MissBrahmsRN

    Too old for ICU?

    i would NEVER accept a job from a manager that said something like that unless i was desperate. he/she has told you two things right there: 1- they do not like employees who take a day off, even if you are sick 2- they do not want their employees to have an appropriate work/life balance (ie: they dont seem to approve of leaves or vacations) could never be a good thing working for someone like that. i worked for someone like that many years ago, they said something similar in the interview but i was naive and brushed it off. turns out she became angry when: i took a week off many months later(doctor-ordered btw) due to severe pregnancy N/V. (she was informed about the pregnancy during the job interview and i had plenty of PTO in my bank to cover the time off also my doc sent her a letter.) she also became upset when i had a family emergency with my husband being very very ill several weeks later & took some time off (again had plenty of PTO to cover it) and said to me, "isnt there someone else who could help take care of him??" she seemed to have no problems with single employees who took two weeks off with one days notice "cause i got a cheap ticket to Paris on expedia..." and called in 2 hrs late "cause i just dont feel like working today, ya know??" she seemed to want only single childless employees for some strange reason, i ran out of that job PQD...
  13. MissBrahmsRN


    we dont do seniority, if you are fulltime (36hrs weekly) then you are expected to sign up for 4 weekend shifts per schedule (each schedule is 4 weeks.) the way we do holidays is everyone fills out a sheet in late Sept telling which is their 1st choice off, their 2nd, and their 3rd. The choices are Thanksgiving Eve, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Years Eve & New Years Day. if you want to work one of them or all of them (like i do, cause i want the moula) then you put that on the holiday sheet. then they assign the holidays out and that's that. it's worked pretty well. Management doesnt care as long as the shifts are covered, some people find a buddy and split a shift into 2 6hr shifts which can be really nice.
  14. MissBrahmsRN

    Maintaining the license without work, and a general rant

    Texas is not begging for nurses that's for sure. Texas is flooded with new grads & everyone with experience who can't get jobs anywhere else!! In my system we have 100+ people competing for one experienced slot in some cases..and there are zillions of new grads everywhere.
  15. MissBrahmsRN

    Preceptor gift

    i think i was misunderstood. in our hospital system preceptors get their normal hourly wage plus a precepting bonus (kinda like a shift diff) for precepting. so for example, say your base pay is normally $26.00/hr and you work nights and you have been precepting for the last month on every shift. so your hourly pay is: 26.00 + 4.00 (night shift diff) + 2.00 (preceptor pay) = 32.00/hr. even if you work days and you precept you get 28.00/hr which is alittle less than a 10% bonus. as one of my preceptors put it: "a couple more bucks for me to sit more & be your mini-charge?! why not?" i cannot believe that preceptors dont get paid in other systems...that's ridiculous!! they should be getting their regular hourly wage plus any applicable diffs! i never saw anyone give their preceptors gifts. it was understood that they were getting paid for precepting and gifts weren't to be accepted, it would constitute a conflict of interest since the preceptee is also getting rated by the preceptor.
  16. MissBrahmsRN

    Preceptor gift

    i didnt get my preceptors anything. not that i didnt appreciate all they did for me, i really do, and i was sure to tell them at the end of my residency and since i still work on the same unit I still tell them often how much they've taught (and continue to teach) me. i opted not to get them a gift though, i had 5 different ones and besides, they get an extra $2 an hour for precepting. it's not much but it does add up when you spend 36hrs a week precepting for a long time, it's like a 10% raise!!