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  1. MissBrahmsRN

    Question About Stretched Ears

    i work with several RNs that have stretched lobes, most of them wear clear glass or plastic plugs to work. none of them are stretched larger than 1.5 inch though. nasal piercings are common, many of my coworkers have a discreet nose stud and most of them have more like 3-5 earlobe piercings! policy says no artificial nails but fake fingernails abound. policy doesnt care about polish color only says "unchipped and no nail jewelry like rhinestones" so you see black, orange, flowers, all sorts of cute nail designs.
  2. MissBrahmsRN


    i just wanna know one thing....are you hiring?? to be fair, my first nurses week they had free 5 min chair massages and last year i think they had a nice meal on days and i did get a nice wooden picture frame with facility logo on it, i gave it to my daughter and she put a pic of her & her BFF in the frame and covered the logo with cute stickers i think i saw another one of those picture frames at salvation army last week, should have grabbed it for my other kiddo...how nice you are to make nurses week so special...i think they did cool stuff like that for doctors week...
  3. MissBrahmsRN

    extremely high competition for surgery centers?

    central texas
  4. i'm trying to move into outpatient surgery PACU and/or Pre-Op. i have 2 years experience in inpatient hospital critical care and still cannot seem to get a callback, even for PRN positions which is what everyone tells me I need to secure to get my foot in the door. i'm certified in BLS, ACLS, PALS, willing to work 8,9,10,11, or 12hr shifts (many of the centers are open 0700-1700 or 0600-1700 and I'm happy to work the entire day), willing to take a paycut, proficient at time management & verbal communication, great patient teaching skills, I've got several apps out on the various websites for the open positions, I've called around to inquire (I know that clinical nurse managers at these sites are extremely busy and don't have time to be bothered so I just speak with the receptionist and get a fax number for my resume and cover letter.) the receptionist tells me to fax the resume and i'll get a callback but no luck so far for the last few months... some of my coworkers are reviewing my resume to give suggestions but I'm open for any kind of tips/advice/thoughts, what can i do to make myself more marketable, get a callback or two? I know that 2 years isn't alot of experience but I am smart and willing to learn!! ps: what does "fulltime" mean at a surgery center? five 8s? four 10s? three 11s? or a combo thereof? thanks so much for any suggestions...
  5. MissBrahmsRN

    Thank You for Nothing

    omg, you are making me cry...i'm considering a switch to pedi critical care but can i go to work and lose a darling pt (full code or DNR) and then go home and not cry my eyes out or want to hold my own 2 children nonstop while bawling...alot of tough questions to answer...beautiful story.
  6. MissBrahmsRN

    thinking about trying child/adolescent psych...

    oddly enough, at ASH that just might work..seeing as how when i call all i get is "come over looking nice and we'll talk to you."
  7. MissBrahmsRN

    Need advice from night shift veterans!

    yeah, i really enjoy nights. i get more time to spend with my patients and there are fewer people messin' with 'em so when i leave they can often sleep for a few hours... the extra shift diff sure helps when you're trying to pay for college. i love not having to mess with meals, doctor rounds, less family, etc.
  8. MissBrahmsRN

    Pregnancy and Critical Care Nursing

    congrats! i'm a critical care RN. wear support hose (i wear those every single shift), STAY HYDRATED, take potty breaks, snack if you can, get lots of sleep. i think ALL of those are important. if you have a good relationship with your management and coworkers i would tell them. they will be more understanding of needing to sit down some more, needing to refuse certain assignments, etc. dunno where you work but we have alot of DTers & drug abusers, kicking, trying to hit, restraints, you could be kicked in the belly and your child endangered. be careful.
  9. MissBrahmsRN

    Need advice from night shift veterans!

    i've worked night shift since june & while both my kids are in school, i can tell you what works for us and hopefully when enough of us chime in you can find something that works for you! i have never been a morning person so i completely changed my schedule. on my days off i go to bed at 0300 & i get up at 1200. when i am heading to work, i keep that schedule, get up at 1200, go to work that evening (i work 3 12s, usually in a row from 1900-0700.) i get home usually by 0830 at the latest unless it's been a crazy night and i have tons of charting left. i chat with DH for a few min before he leaves for work, shower, eat while i watch a sitcom then crash by 09-0930. i sleep until 1600 or 1630 if i'm on my period and unusually tired. i pick up my kids from the sitters then i eat while they have snack and we chat about their day. (i am lucky our sitters are dear friends who lift 2 secs away) at 1745 DH gets home from work and he & kiddos wave goodbye to me while i leave. after i leave they do homework, baths, bed. i'm not missing out on much. after my last day for the week i go home, shower, eat, sleep til 12 or 13 usually about 5 hrs then i go to bed at 0300 and get up at 1200. it's not for everyone but it works for us, i do housework after my family is in bed (they can sleep thru a rock concert) and i run errands sometimes cause my grocery store is open until 0100. i eat another meal since i eat lunch right after i get up. sometimes i cook yummy things like muffins for my family to find when they get up and get ready for school and work. sometimes i make a giant pot of soup which i have some then the rest in the fridge to heat up later. if i'm off for 5 days or so i sometimes flip from 0100-1000. when we are on vacation or camping my schedule gets messed up pretty bad but we get back into the groove once we get home. i actually see my children more than i did on day shift. and DH tells me that even on my days off on day shift i always slept in so it's no different. he likes his daddy time in the am..
  10. so right now i'm a RN on an adult critical care unit, have been there a year. i enjoy the work very much but i work night shift 3 12s and i'm trying to figure out what my next move is. when i was in nursing school we did rotations at Austin State Hospital and i spent a day in the CAPS unit and ever since then have thought about doing child/teen psych. my question is this: how do i get my foot in the door? should i to to ASH and speak with them over there? do adult psych for awhile then transfer to peds? or am i better off transferring to a critical care unit at Dell for a year or so then going straight to peds psych at ASH? or can i go from where i am now to peds at ASH? is CAPS like L&D where basically you have to wait years and years to get in?? i am still willing to work nights or perhaps a mix of swing and nights. should i get over all of this and just perhaps cut my hours back to 2 12s where i am? i enjoy the work alright but the love of my life is some sort of peds nursing and i really enjoyed what i saw at CAPS. i spent some time in therapy sessions, watched the staff take down a child who was trying to harm himself, played pool with some teens who talked with me about their abuse situations..i know the work would be very tough physically and emotionally but so is what i do now.. i heard thru the grapevine that ASH offers set scheduling and 8 hr shifts, both of which i would LOVE but i can't find anyone that will talk to me straight up about what they have. what are the benefits like? i googled "state of TX benefits" but can't find anything...i am tired of the crappy hospital "you have to earn your sick time" benefits. i make pretty well with diffs, etc but frankly, i don't care about the money. i know i will take a pay cut, probably a pretty hefty one.. if anyone is willing to share the good, bad, ugly of their tenure at ASH either here or privately that would be very helpful.. thanks for reading..
  11. MissBrahmsRN

    I've been bullied all my life, and it continues...

    i am a firm believer that if we want this sort of behavior to stop in our profession, we have to lead the way. what is considered "normal" or acceptable behavior ie: nurses screaming at each other, verbal abuse, etc is simply grounds for immediate firing in nearly every other profession. i have been told by a colleague, "well the reason i was standing 5 feet from you having coffee chatting with a friend of mine cause i am down to 1 pt cause the others were transferred, while you were drowning under 2 admits from ER, one with 2 drips to start & titrate, the other with a fever of 39.4 & chest pain, and when you asked me nicely if i could help your 3rd pt to the bedside commode i said, "gosh you are so lazy, do it yourself!" and then proceeded to tell your buddy, "i don't think it's her fault she sucks so much." it was because i want you to learn to take criticism." excuse me, but WTH?? so if you carry this logic to its conclusion it gets ridiculous! "i beat my children regularly so if they ever get beat up they will know how to handle it." "i badmouth my spouse constantly to his/her face so if they ever get someone who talks mean to them they will know how to take it." how does that help anyone?? see how dumb it gets?? I have been in professions where people have been FIRED, on the spot, for much much less. we nurses have to rise up & say, "NO, I WILL NOT BE TREATED THIS WAY!"
  12. MissBrahmsRN

    More than 7 working hrs a day = bad for your heart...

    i believe it, i love my unit but a 12hr day wears you out! then you go home (you don't get out until 30min after you get off then 30 more min to drive home), eat, fall into bed, get 6hrs then you are back, by the end of my 3 days i want to puke just walking into the unit...after the long shift you don't get enough "veg" time for your brain.. when i was interviewing i spoke with several managers that had 8hr options on their units because they said there were lots fewer med errors, fewer patient falls, & people tended to stay longer when 8hr shifts were an option. one lady said that the young unmarried want to work 12s but when they have kids they leave to go to other units so they can work 8s so she started offering 8s & her turnover went down by 50%!! i personally would like to do 11p-7a but alas, my unit only offers 12s so it's 7p-7a for me...i have friends that do 11p-7a & they get to have dinner with their families & everything before they go to work. i don't think i will have that sort of time... i am intensely grateful for my job though..i tell my kids everytime they complain that we are very very lucky.
  13. MissBrahmsRN

    I've been bullied all my life, and it continues...

    1- first of all, HUGS to you! 2- nurses for some idiotic reason are super threatened by new blood. i am currently in a preceptorship & while everyone is very nice to me,very few cliques on my unit, basically as a new RN it's impossible to win. one of my preceptors has 20+ years of experience the other 2-3. they are both great ladies, very friendly but the one with 20 years experience gets VERY ****** if i know anything, anything at all. i correctly read a moderately difficult EKG rhythm & got my a** chewed for it cause apparently "you alienate people with your know-it-all attitude." um, i didn't have an attitude at all about it, i'd just finished a critical care EKG course (that the unit required & paid for btw) & i knew the rhythm when asked, didn't say it in a snarky way or anything. guess they wanted the new RN to be a complete moron or else i am "alienating" my fellow coworkers. too bad i don't come to work for them huh... the preceptor with 2-3 experience is also very nice, lovely person but double & triple charts like crazy so basically even when i have run over my charting over & over again she will find something else that i need to add which of course means that when i work with the older RN she is like, "why the h*** are you charting everything multiple times? such a time waster who taught you that!" apparently i also am alienating people because when i have a free moment or two i am in my pts room chatting with them or getting them some ice water or massaging their feet..when i could be at the nursing station listening to so & so b**** about her husband (so not my style) so basically, remember why you go to work: PATIENTS. they need you. you have the ability to provide them with your style of nursing & they benefit from it. who give a crap about others really, at the end of the day if you can go home & say: "Today i made a difference to someone." then that's what matters..
  14. MissBrahmsRN

    Nursing Attracting Ohio Workers Seeking Second Career

    i have an ADN and it took me 3.5 years to get my "easy 2 year degree" as ya'll put it. and no, i wasnt farting around, that's how long the prereqs took me to get done. i had a 3.8 GPA and i still barely got in. the dental hygiene programs here require a 4.0 to even apply which is ridiculous. what they should do is reduce the size of the program, period. a friend who graduated with me is getting her BSN, all is it is 2 management courses (we had one as ADNs), a community health class and that's pretty much it. it's costing her 10k and she won't even get more pay for it. if you make a BSN actually relevant to someone who is blissfully happy bedside nursing then sure, i'll get one. i also expect a tad more pay for my higher degree. until then, forget it, not worth the investment.
  15. MissBrahmsRN

    January NCLEX Study Group!

    flash cards annoy me, i tend to lose them so i made an outline writing on blank printer paper, -olol = beta blockers equals lowers heart rate = check apical pulse before admin and so on. i've actually been very very lucky, i landed a job in the IMC last week but it took me over 100 resumes and 6 interviews... the job market here in central texas is quite competitive but not completely shut down like i've heard about other cities. i lived in pittsburgh for 3 years, i've heard that pittsburgh is pretty bad for RNs now too. i will put positive energy out there for you on the job front (your nclex front is )