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extremely high competition for surgery centers?


i'm trying to move into outpatient surgery PACU and/or Pre-Op. i have 2 years experience in inpatient hospital critical care and still cannot seem to get a callback, even for PRN positions which is what everyone tells me I need to secure to get my foot in the door.

i'm certified in BLS, ACLS, PALS, willing to work 8,9,10,11, or 12hr shifts (many of the centers are open 0700-1700 or 0600-1700 and I'm happy to work the entire day), willing to take a paycut, proficient at time management & verbal communication, great patient teaching skills, I've got several apps out on the various websites for the open positions, I've called around to inquire (I know that clinical nurse managers at these sites are extremely busy and don't have time to be bothered so I just speak with the receptionist and get a fax number for my resume and cover letter.) the receptionist tells me to fax the resume and i'll get a callback but no luck so far for the last few months... some of my coworkers are reviewing my resume to give suggestions but I'm open for any kind of tips/advice/thoughts, what can i do to make myself more marketable, get a callback or two? I know that 2 years isn't alot of experience but I am smart and willing to learn!!

ps: what does "fulltime" mean at a surgery center? five 8s? four 10s? three 11s? or a combo thereof?

thanks so much for any suggestions...

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Your qualifications are great. All I can think of is be the squeaky wheel, be persistent, make appointments for a face to face interview at a surgery center. Offer to work part time, per diem, adjusting your availability around your permanent benefited job? Don't give up applying for the position, staff changes, people move, retire, etc.

Full time "benefited" hours can really vary. Forty-eight hours a pay period (two weeks) more or less? The hours can vary from 8's to 12's and anything in between. Sometimes I work a 4 hours shift, but I am extra help per my request.