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Not Studying


Ok - I just want to ask this....has anyone ever taken the NCLEX and passed w/out studying???

I am having a hard time getting motivated for this. After all the work in school, i just cant seem to crack open the books. I keep thinking maybe some miracle will happen to me.

Am i crazy???


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Yes you are! ;-)

The NCLEX-RN can ask you anything.

I wouldn't want to hear you say in a month or so......

I failed the NCLEX-RN. I should have studied.

You've done the hard part (school). Don't give up now!

Finish it off with a BANG!!!!!!

In a word....Yes, you are crazy. Think about the road you traveled to get here. It was long and more than likely difficult. It would be crazy to jeopardize all this schooling and clinicals by not studying for one more test. You're not an RN yet, but you are close. Just try and stay focused. Believe me, seeing RN after your name is payment enough for all the studying I did. Suck it up, you only have one more test to go.

Erick, RN

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I'm sure it's been done more than once, but I don't think it's a good strategy.

The only book I've cracked open so far is the Kaplan review text (the blue one). Went through that once and have since simply gone through the Question Trainers and then done question after question after question on the QBank.

Thanks for all the quick replies. I know what the right answer to that question is, i guess i just need some pushing to actually start studying.

Thank you!

Jules A, MSN

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I'm sure it's been done more than once, but I don't think it's a good strategy.

Lol, that is just what I was thinking. I test pretty good and spent the last 2 years studying for NCLEX essentially so I do think it would be possible that I could have done it, but didn't want to risk it. Get those books open, pass your exam and then you will be done!


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Did u feel that???? I gave u a virtual kick in the butt!

Now go open a review book! :-)


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One of our instructors told us that a majority of the class would pass the NCLEX without studying, as we already have the knowledge to pass. However, I DID study just because I would feel bad not doing everything in my power to pass. Do I think I could have probably passed without studying? Probably. Could most people? Probably. I think studying just gave me a little boost of confidence, feeling I did what i could do be prepared. I just calmed me more than anything. It helps to practice computer questions and get used to that form.

YES I DID! Thank you. I take it June 27th. I will start tonight!

hi there i test tomm :eek:for those use used kaplan only and tested what were your qt scores like Im just trying to gauge ? thanks

our teachers told us not to study... they said take it as soon as you can take it, and don't study.

Our med pubs review said to answer 50-100 questions a day for a t least 6 weeks.

Everyone here has said to do content review and the 100 questions a day.

I pittled with questions and did mild content review of lab values and some disease processes.... I passed with 75 questions.

Its all about your information retention and test taking abilities. I would say to get the guides that tell you about how to take the neclex, like the kaplan book, and at least read through that. That is what I did, so I could be prepared for how the test was set up and structured. But honestly, if you don't know the content by now, there is not much you can hope to learn in a couple of weeks or a month...

thats just my 2 cents on it.

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