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  1. vballmanrn

    Med passing

    If something happened again, I would remind the RN what I was or was not allowed to do. If it persisted, then you would have no option but to go to you instructor or adjunct. This is what they are there for. Remember, this appplies to you and what happens directly to you and not a classmate. If the classmate won't stand up for themselves, then the instructor will eventually find out and the classmate will have to deal with the consequences.
  2. vballmanrn

    help with care plan!

    Yes, a risk for nursing diagnosis could be appropriate.
  3. vballmanrn

    O2 is 81, what shoud you do?

    I would be careful how you answer this question. If the pt has increased ICP or a dissection you don't want them to cough. You want to carefully assess them and find out the cause of the hypoxia. You definitely want to get the O2 back on a neuro pt. If they have decreased O2 and have a head injury their ICP will rise until the CO2 is decreased.
  4. vballmanrn

    help with care plan!

    In our program, educational diagnoses had to have regarding and related to factors in them. So it would say: Ineffective health maintenance r/t deficient knowledge regarding precautions and self-care following surgery. For psycho-social: Anticipatory grieving r/t change in body image, loss of reproductive status. Hope this helps!! Erick, RN
  5. vballmanrn

    Was Waived on Pre req's

    Don't be overwhelmed. Your English looks fine and since you have a four year degree your math should be fine. Nursing math is not that difficult. Everything is a calculation or a conversion, so it's not bad. Once you memorize the different formulas and the conversions, it's a piece of cake. Don't stress over it. Your program will have a medicine/dosage calculation course. If you really feel you need to, you can go an Amazon and get a cheap dosage calculation book. As far as the rest of you schooling goes, I would focus on your upcoming A&P courses and Micro. These will be your foundation for nursing school and the rest of your career. If you have a firm grasp on these courses, it will be easier for you to understand how different disease processes and injuries affect the body and why the body responds the way it does. Hope this helps and good luck future nurse!!!! Erick, RN
  6. vballmanrn

    Looking for school's

    I really don't know of a school that does not require some sort of placement exam, be it the SAT, ACT, or Nuring Pre-Entrance Exam. More than likely you will have to take one or a combinatioin of the above. I also would not settle for a cheesy, non-accredited school. If you decide to go back to school your previous education might not be accepted. Not to mention the fact that just because you graduate from a school of nursing does not mean you are a licensed nurse. You will still have to take the boards before you can start working. I personally would find a good program that requires you to learn and sets the bar high. This will help you when it comes to the NCLEX. Erick, RN
  7. FreeMe, Do everything she says in the sticky. When you are finished, click on her name and over to the right you will see some contact info. Click on personal message and input all of your scores and whatever else she says needs to be in the message, i.e. contacat info, etc.... Erick, RN
  8. vballmanrn

    NCLEX-RN shut off at 75, had 30 SATA!?!

    Congrats NewYorkGirl, RN!!! :yeah::yeah:
  9. vballmanrn

    So after waiting since monday, I PASSED!!!!

    Congrats on becoming an RN!!! All the hard work and perseverance has paid off!! Congrats again!!! :yeah::yeah:
  10. vballmanrn

    No longer a GN, I Passed!!!

    Congrats Daverica, RN!!! :yeah::yeah:
  11. vballmanrn

    Curious about what the BON................

    My board has two seperate links for licensing and testing. If you look at the test takers page, you enter your confirmation number, last name and last four of your SSN and it tells you pass or fail. If pass, you get a license number.
  12. vballmanrn

    Is there any chance that I can not be licensed even I pass the NCLEX?

    Ok, thanks for clearing that up. That would really be a shame to go through nursing school and the NCLEX and not be licensed. I guess if you have a questionable past, it is best to get approval from the local state board before starting nursing school.
  13. vballmanrn

    Is there any chance that I can not be licensed even I pass the NCLEX?

    Hmm...I've heard in the past that some states, Washington to be exact, didn't do background checks out of state. They only did it on in state criminal records. They were recently called on it and now they run everyone through the national data bank. Don't most, if not all, states run through the national data bank? Hence the requirement of finger printing?
  14. vballmanrn

    Is there any chance that I can not be licensed even I pass the NCLEX?

    I've never heard of that. From my understanding, Pearson-Vue sends the board either a pass or fail result. They don't give specifics. Usually a state won't give Pearson-Vue the OK to send you an ATT if you don't meet their requirements. You passed the test, so you should be fine.
  15. vballmanrn

    Just took NCLEX-RN

    Good luck IvyLeagueNurse!! Just relax and take your time. You should be fine. Let us know the good news and we'll call you IveLeagueNurse, RN!!!
  16. vballmanrn

    NCLEX-RN shut off at 75, had 30 SATA!?!

    I had about 20 plus SATA, one drug calc, some infection control, and a bunch of prioritzation/delegation questions. Mine shut off at 75 questions and I passed too. You should be fine. :yeah: