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  1. You can definitely date and have fun during nursing school! I was married with 2 kids and got a 4.0. Hard yes, but it was fine. Don't plan too much. Things will happen they way they should.
  2. futurecnm

    Looking for some advice before making a mistake.

    go to a community college. You won't be in debt more than 10k for a RN.
  3. futurecnm

    Not taking a break

    I work urgent care clinic. I get a 1 hour lunch and 20 min dinner for a 12 hour shift.
  4. futurecnm

    Not taking a break

    um this is against they law FYI
  5. futurecnm

    3-11 shift schedule outline

    What type of job is it?
  6. futurecnm

    TNCC Before Graduation?

    Your employer will most likely pay for you to get what certifications they want you to have and you will do better in the classes once you have experience.
  7. futurecnm

    Will taking TNCC help me transition easier to ER?

    TNCC is more beneficial once you've had some ED experience.
  8. futurecnm

    New Rule: No work bags allowed in ER

    And I'm assuming there is a locker room or break room to keep those things in.
  9. futurecnm

    From Outpatient to ED... career change

    I worked ER for 3 years and would never go back. Some people love it, but it's definitely not for everyone. Be sure before you leave your current job.
  10. futurecnm

    Calling in for no sleep

    I personally wouldn't call in for not sleeping. Were you sick or lacking sleep? If sick, that's different story and you could have asked that question. Maybe you should look at getting off nights.
  11. futurecnm

    What to do? Underwhelmed RN, stuck in a rut!

    even if you're over 40 it's worth it!!
  12. futurecnm

    How to become a lactation consultant??

    I looked into it many years ago. You need to get so many contact hours of direct lactation education to new moms was a huge part of it. To start, you might want to start working in post partum where you can get the hours and they may pay for your education to become a LC.
  13. futurecnm

    2016 Salary thread

    I'm right next door in MN and starting wages are at least $10 per hour higher!
  14. futurecnm

    Should I continue with nursing?

    Are your medical conditions well controlled? Can you work 8-12 hours at a time?
  15. futurecnm

    Is this a threat?

    2 days is pretty quick to be seen for a W/C. I believe FMLA is 12 weeks. Not sure how long they have to honor restrictions. If you can't fully do the job I'm sure at some point they can let you go.
  16. futurecnm

    New Rule: No work bags allowed in ER

    We aren't allowed personal bags at the nursing station. Any resources you need should be on your intranet. You shouldn't have to provide your own supplies.