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  1. LyndseyER

    childrens ER

    Hi there I was wondering if there are any nurses working in the ER at Childrens in DC if so how do you like it? I have heard mixed reviews so I really wanted to hear from people who actually worked there. Thanks so much!!
  2. LyndseyER

    Any new grads starting at AAMC ER?

    sorry for the long delay I just realized someone posted. no i didnt got to school or work there I came from PA as a new grad. I think its all in what experiance you have (was a tech during school) and how you handle interviews
  3. LyndseyER

    UNC and cape Fear

    Hi guys I was wondering if anyone has worked at either hospitals and did they like it? What is the average start pay with 1 yr experiance. Any info on either would be great1:yeah:
  4. you have to go to the contact us section on the md bon website and you see the email address for the person who does the state transfer temp lisc. send you name address info and they will mail you a package. if you live close to baltimore you can pick one up. I had mine mailed to me and completed everything and hand carried to BON and I got a temp # that day and once they recv my conf from PA(my orig RN state) I get a perm lisc Hope this helps
  5. LyndseyER

    Shoe choice for custom orthotics?

    i wear nike running shoes the trimaxx models and they mold to your orthodic. I have tried about 10 diff tennis shoes that would fit them and these mold them the best well worth the $ foot locker has them
  6. LyndseyER

    CNA training in AA County.

    look for pct 1 jobs thats for beginners pct 2 is for more experiance. i would call human resources and talk to the pct HR rep
  7. LyndseyER

    CNA training in AA County.

    hi im an RN there and you should apply for a PCT position the training that you receive there i believe qualifies as a CNA once you pass the tests and its not 6 mos. look online at the patient care tech jobs,
  8. LyndseyER

    shoes to help heel pain

    does anyone have any suggestions for a shoe that wil help make my heels not feel like they are on fire after standing all day???? Thanks:bow:
  9. LyndseyER

    Part-time Jobs for New RNs

    im curious too let me know
  10. LyndseyER

    id badge necklace

    hi guys does anyone have anygood sites where they sell tjose beaded necklaces that you can put your hospital id swipe cards on??? thanks
  11. LyndseyER

    i PASSED !!!!!!!! third time IS the charm !

    yeah!!!! congrats!!!
  12. LyndseyER

    ATT: Turnaround Time

    i grad from a PA school took my NCLEX in PA and got my PA lisc moved to MD and brought my info to BON for MD and had my fingerprints receipts from CJIS (which is about 10 buildings up shopping center from BON) and the $ for my lisc and got my temp MD RN that day and they will mail me my perm MD lisc. it was well worth the $ then to wait to have MD BON get my ATT stuff.
  13. LyndseyER

    Kaplan and the magic 65%...Is it necessary to test?

    i got a 62 on QT 6 and 55 on QT 7 and passed with 75 questions back in june. Just read your rationales thats what I found most helpful
  14. LyndseyER

    After assuming the worst, I passed!!!

    i knew you could do it !!! congrats!!
  15. LyndseyER

    Any New Grad nurses looking to move???

    hi I am getting ready to move this Sat from Pittsburgh to Annapolis Md to work as a new grad in the ER and I cant wait. I went their for their year long new grad internship program I couldnt find any hospitals that didnt have anything but a 8 week orientation and I didnt want that. good luck!!!! think of it as a new adventure!!
  16. LyndseyER

    License current until......??????

    im an RN living in PA and I tested this past June 17 and mine expires oct 09 my bday is in July so Im not sure about the whole odd even month or birth month because neither fall into that catagory