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  1. I have been accepted to both online programs for Spring. I would like to hear from anyone who has any experience with either of these programs. Thank you!! Janice
  2. jaylynn67

    Kent State University FNP program

    EmergencyRN 22 - Are you doing the online program? I have been accepted to the online FNP program and would like to hear from anyone with experience with the programs. Thanks!!
  3. jaylynn67

    Kent State or OU FNP program?

    I have been accepted to spring 2017 FNP program at Kent State University. I also applied to OU and am waiting to hear. Has anyone started either one of these programs and have an opinion on them? I'm pretty sure KSU is more highly regarded, but would like to hear from anyone with experience with either school. Thanks! janice
  4. jaylynn67

    Nurse Choice?

    I am getting offers from them starting at 40 an hour, guaranteed 48 hour work week. has anyone worked for them? this seems like so much money to me. My recruiter quoted 15,000 gross in 6 weeks!! too good to be true?
  5. jaylynn67

    Top of pay scale Cleveland Clinic

    When i was in nursing school, one of my instructors told us that his mother is an RN, and after about 5 years of nursing, he was making the same that his mother made, and she had been a nurse for 20 plus years.
  6. jaylynn67

    Top of pay scale Cleveland Clinic

    it is, and i said ADN, not BSN.
  7. jaylynn67

    Top of pay scale Cleveland Clinic

    I am a new grad who just started at at Cleveland clinic hospital. I am curious what the top of the pay scale is, i started at 23 an hour, which is what everyone starts at. I would like to hear from RN's who never got their BSN, and what they make. I have always heard there is a "cap" and nurses don't continue to make more and more money with experience. Thanks!
  8. jaylynn67

    LPN- RN or straight to RN? (Cleveland market)

    I work at a Cleveland Clinic hospital, and i definitely think going straight for the RN is the way to go. Alot of hospitals are hiring less and less LPN's. I think the main campus got rid of all of their LPN's. Every LPN on my unit is in school to get their RN's. Hope this helps.
  9. jaylynn67

    RN - Evening and Weekend courses in Cleveland area??

    Huron School of Nursing has an evening/weekend program. I worked full time while going to school there. The hours are very convenient for working people.
  10. jaylynn67

    NCLEX results

    Well, i can answer my own post now. I didn't pass. It continues to say "pending" until you pass. It will never say "denied or failed" on the site. Here we go again.
  11. jaylynn67

    NCLEX results

    I took the NCLEX Friday and the licensure verification page on the Ohio Board of Nursing still says "pending"!!! Everyone else i know who took it had their results by noon the next day. Is this a bad sign?? What does it say if you don't pass? I know if you do, it says "approved" Maybe pending means i didn't pass? I'm going crazy here. Did it take anyone else this long to get their results and if so, did you pass? Thanks.
  12. jaylynn67


    How long do you have to wait to take the NCLEX again if you don't pass???? I'm taking mine Friday and am not feeling very confident. I thought you could take it again right away, but someone told me you have to wait 45 days?? Does anyone know for sure? Thanks.
  13. jaylynn67

    Starting Nursing At 40...am I Too Late???

    I just graduated and am 40. I never thought that it was "too late" or i was "too old" to get into nursing. I wanted to change in life for the better, to have a career for myself, so that is what i did. I truly believe it is never too late to do anything, or change anything in your life. what else are we here for? To just do the same thing every day after we reach a certain age? Life is about growing and changing.
  14. jaylynn67

    Took NCLEX RN Tuesday, cut off @ 75 Q's

    That line "i was born with a plastic spoon in my mouth" was originally from the Who, not Great White.
  15. jaylynn67

    Application for licensure in Ohio

    See, this is where i get confused. I did not check yes to any of those quesitons. DUI's are,or were at the time, misdemeanors. I have never been convicted of any of the things they ask. They ask if they were committed "during the course of practice" and the last question specifically says "this does not include alcohol related offenses" Never once does it say to disclose information about a misdemeanor committed while not in practice.
  16. jaylynn67

    Application for licensure in Ohio

    Thank you so much! You have put my mind at ease! I will definitely disclose it. Should i include details, like dates, etc. Or just say i had a dui when i was 19? Thanks!!!