NO more LPN's


I doubt it with the shortage.


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No, I do not think this at all.

Jules A, MSN

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Jeez are they still saying this? Not new news, this rumor has been around for at least 20 years. :(

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Jeez are they still saying this? Not new news, this rumor has been around for at least 20 years. :(

I know! I remember first hearing this back in 1991 when I was waiting to sit for boards. Drove n utty at first, wondering when the iother shoe would drop, but that has been going around a LONG time. I was very relieved when I finished RN school, and then we started hearing about that RNs with associate degrees would not continue to be used.

Anne, RNC


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:no: I heard the very same statement back in the late 90's when I first began nursing and I'm still working as a LPN.:yeah:


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There are many threads on this topic. Please do a search before starting yet another one.


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Can they abolish the LVN/LPN role? I am pretty sure they can. Will they abolish the LVN/LPN role? I highly doubt!:no:


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i wonder who "they" is?? they say, they do. they will. nope they haven't said anything to me. this they rumor has been around 35 years that *i* know of. it will be headline news with plenty of advance notice should they at the board of nursing ever decide to do such a stupid they thing.


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It seems like there will be a major increase in nurses because of the recession and everyone is turning to the "recession proof" jobs(nursing). It seems like there are fewer nursing jobs day by day.


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The role of LVN/LPN in acute hospitals are diminishing all the time. I know of few hospitals that hire them any more. The hospital where I have worked for many years stoped using them on the floors and basically phased them out. They will find lots of positions in LTCs but will find it difficult in acute settings. I am sure there are some career LVNs that have been at the same hospital for many years and will probably retire from there. But the hospital won't fill their position with another LVN. This why I wonder when an individual has the choice of going to LVN school or RN school they pick the former just so they can get into the business. Makes little sense to me, go with what will totally benefit you in the long run.


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i hope this never happens


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Oh please, I need a long vacation.

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