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I am going to start working on my BSN part time this fall.

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  1. linzz

    Disaster Relief - Overseas

    I have heard that some of the colleges take their students as part of their programs. I think that Humber College does and maybe Mohawk but I am not 100% sure. I took a course two years ago and the instructor went on one of these missions with a church group. She was an RN who had worked emergency for a long time, but I have heard of students going too. Good luck.
  2. linzz

    Part-time Job: Can you have more than one?

    Yes, I think that you can do this. I would tell my employer that I was doing this, but I have heard of lots of people here in Ontario that have more than one job and not usually by choice. I sort of understand what you are saying because I am thinking of taking a non nursing job soon as I am having some health challenges right now that will likely preclude shift work and the heavy stress of nursing. Best of luck to you and remember to always put your health and sanity first.
  3. I had an apointment at the hospital this week and I overheard the nurses saying, we have beds but we can't use them. So yes, I would say that more care may be in the community, however our government is also not really providing enough of that either. In my area, there is a severe family doctor shortage which seems to just back up everything. Very frustrating. I appreciate universal care but things really need to change. I am tired of hearing that there is no money for healthcare.
  4. linzz

    For all of you Practical Nurses....

    Sounds good, momonamission. My spouse also works shifts, so I found it hard. The one thing that did help was that my kids were young enough to still have a fairly early bedtime (between 8:30 and 9:00), so if I needed to finish an assignment, prepare for clinical or study, I had a few hours to do it. The downside to this was that they were also young enough to need childcare, but lots of people work that one out. Also you don't always have classes for a full day, so if the kids are gone all day, you may be able to get an extra hour or two for homework or rest (lol). You will find your own way that works for you. Best of luck. :)
  5. linzz

    New Grad RN Advice Please

    Best of luck to you Joanna, I hope that you find that things look up after you write the exam and get your paper saying, pass back. One of these days, the Canadian government will wake up and realize that they will need nurses, as many nurses will eventually retire or burn out.
  6. linzz

    For all of you Practical Nurses....

    I know how you feel. I am a worrier too. Anyways, the workload is heavy but with some organization, good self care and determination, you can do it. It will help a lot to have a supportive spouse but many moms who are single get through school and become great nurses. I think the most important things you can do are to attend all the classes, take good notes and keep up with the reading and you should be fine. Also if you are having trouble with a class, seek help early on before it gets out of control. Try to relax, and enjoy as the two years will fly by. Best of luck to you.
  7. linzz

    New Grad RN Advice Please

    I have a previous degree, just an arts degree. Anyways, I can't say it has helped me much on the floor at all. However I am not against the degree nursing program at all, but I do think that all nursing students need more clinical time and to be made aware just how hard nursing is. I sure got a big reality shock when I started. Also, I had every intention of briding, but now I am not so sure. The older I get, the more I realize that I just can't handle that much stress in my life. I also doubt that I could handle the stress of being an RN in a cardiac or emergency unit. I guess we all have a place where we should be and as one gets older, I think you just get a lot more pragmatic about your life choices. jmo.
  8. I certainly can't say whether or not you are allowed to do this according to your work place policy. It's already been said that your licencing board allows you to do this. I live in Ontario and have not heard of RPN's being able to do IV push but I could be wrong. I think if you are in doubt, then don't do it until you are sure. It is just not worth the risk. Also I would consider whether you have been taught this skill and whether you are competent to do it.
  9. linzz

    jobs for new graduates ?

    I loved your post fiona59, good one about trusting Duck man and Stelmach. They must be related to our premier who also has a rather dubious relationship to keeping the many promises, he makes. In regards to the op, perhaps being bilingual would open doors in Quebec if you want to work there.
  10. linzz

    More RN's being cut in Ontario

    If I were looking, I would apply everywhere I wanted to work, they may not be hiring today but they could be next week, month etc. Things will have to open up soon, I hope.
  11. linzz

    Anyone worked at First health care?

    Perhaps when you get your sheet with PASS on it, things will get easier. Some LTC homes hire with a temp licence and some don't. I am not sure why some don't. Good luck to you.
  12. linzz

    Anyone worked at First health care?

    Sweetjot: Have you considered trying long term care. In some facilities, you would not be on your own as much there and they may offer you some orientation.
  13. linzz

    Palliative Care and New Grads

    I agree. Palliative care is tough.
  14. linzz

    Negative Attitudes Towards RPN's

    Indeed it is a fact of life, wrong person in the wrong job however as mentioned it is no fun for the patient. My son saw a dentist who I would say was in the wrong profession and it was a terrible experience. Fortunately there are many dentists to switch to. I am not saying that nurses have no reason to be unhappy but I can understand what the op is saying to a degree.
  15. linzz

    RPN program admission cut off?

    TaylorMade: Is it possible that the college will bump up your university marks and/or any advanced level high school courses that you took by a certain number of points. I think some colleges used to do this but I am not sure if they do this now. Might be worth looking into. As for being shocked, I was looking at some post secondary options for my teenager and I was quite surprised at how high the cutoff marks are now. Uggh! Best of luck to you in your education.
  16. linzz

    New grads job in Ontario

    Best of luck to you RescueNinja. I am sure you will do just fine and that things will open up at the hospitals eventually. This provincial government has to get it together soon and start turning on the taps.