New to Site!!! HELLO!!!!!!!!!!!


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Just givin' a shout out to everyone... I'm a male travel nurse new to the site....going' to san diego in september and lovin' life!!!!!:cool:

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Nice to meet you. Have fun in San Diego!

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hope you enjoy the site as much as most of us do!

good luck in sam diego--i know several people who love it there!:grpwlcm:


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Welcome to Allnurses!!

I'm going to San Diego next week... so excited! Lucky for you that you get to live there for a while!

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Hi Jeff--welcome to Allnurses!

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hey, jeff--glad to have you here!!:cool:

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welcome jeff, nice to meet you ! :wlcmblks:


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Hi Jeff, welcome to Allnurses.....glad to have you!!!:yeah:I will warn you though, this site is addicting.:D

:clpty: :dancgrp: :hrns&wlcm:

leslie :-D

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jeff, HELLOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

leslie :D

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