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  1. need advice again...please give input

    Sadiemae, Checking medications is a good recommendation. Especially if the patient was started on any new medications during recent hospitalization. I'm my patient population with such high doses of diuretics admin gout attacks/flare ups can be a pro...
  2. First job offer questions

    I agree with Trauma. At the very least I would not sign anything without having the appropriate attorney look over the contract. You have to take into consideration that the contract is in the best interest of the company and not you ( as you stated ...
  3. narcotics anonymous and nursing

    You may get more responses if you post this in the nurses/recovery thread which can be found under general nursing.
  4. Looking for work in the UK.. Canterbury

    Have you tried posting this in the UK forum under World Nursing? I know at the top there is a sticky about the nursing programs in the UK. Maybe posting it in both places will help. There may already be threads on this topic as I remember seeing a po...
  5. Letters after name? FNP, APRN, etc

    Here in Florida we use ARNP.
  6. Life Insurance

    I've personally have never heard of this and would question why this was not brought up during the interview process. Maybe you should contact an attorney for advice. There is a article that discusses this practice called " Capitalism: A Love Story...
  7. DNP programs UF vs. USF Tampa

    Have you looked at the USF CON website for information on the DNP program? It provides a good amount of information, and offers clinical residencies in preventative Cardiology and Dermatology among other specialties. I am not familiar with the DNP pr...
  8. RN pay scale in FL

    North Florida is significantly lower pay than Central and South Florida.
  9. Typhon logs for employment

    During my last semester of school we were required to compile a professional portfolio. We were told that some prospective employers may request to see this portfolio to help evaluate our candidacy for the position but I have never been asked for it....
  10. Resigning a position

    I would get out of there now. As for the contract, i would seek legal advice through an appropriate law office. I'm not familiar with this type of work environment but I would think that being removed by a swat team is not part of the normal day to d...
  11. How long to stay in first job?

    Oops, excuse the missed spellings. Ty
  12. How long to stay in first job?

    I have been told by many of my fellow NPs that most do not stay in their first position for many reasons. When I took my first position as a NP, we discussed and agreed upon what my hours/schedule would be, no call, weekend coverage, etc. After worki...
  13. Got a Per Diem Hospice position

    Congratulations on your new position!
  14. Need some advice from my fellow NPs

    Just wanted to give an update on my situation. I stuck it out an worked through the horrible schedules thrown at me for two months. I have accepted a position in a area I truly love and look forward to going back. I start 9/9!!!! Thank you for liste...
  15. Need some advice from my fellow NPs

    I will be handing them my LOR tomorrow morning. I have been trying to keep some peace while looking for other employment. The email I received today was it. I am also paid hourly as opposed to salary and will be giving them a final date of July 1st s...