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BrnEyedGirl has 18 years experience as a BSN, MSN, RN, APRN and specializes in Cardiac, ER.

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  1. BrnEyedGirl

    Nurse Charged With Homicide

    I agree, I have been a nurse for over 20 years, our job is inherently dangerous, our decisions and mistakes can kill people. Unless this nurse was impaired, was practicing out of her scope or intentionally did this to cause harm she should not face criminal charges. Physicians have amputated the wrong limb, operated on the wrong pt etc without criminal charges. That is what malpractice is for!
  2. BrnEyedGirl

    Cardiology nurse practitioner

    I see this is an old post,...but,...I am an NP working in a Cardiology / Electrophysiology Practice. I see patients in the office M-F, I do rounds in the hospital two days a week, I am on call and do rounds every other weekend. My days in the office are spent seeing patients, interrogating devices, etc. I do not work in the cath lab. I'm usually out of the office by 5-5:30, my day starts at 0830. I am salaried, and though I make above the avg NP salary for my area, I would make much more as an hourly employee!! I absolutely love my job and wish I had made the change sooner!
  3. BrnEyedGirl

    CDC Data Shows Strong Relationship Between MMR Vaccine and Autism

    Can you please provide the medical definition of "detoxify"?
  4. BrnEyedGirl

    Nurse Gives Lethal Dose of Vecuronium Instead of Versed

    Im sure no one knows for sure,...but the two syringes were 10cc flushes,..the one with a capped needle on it was full of 8cc of clear liquid (2 cc missing) the other flush syringe had only 2cc remaining and no needle. Sounds like she used the needle to reconstitute, gave the 2mg ordered, then flushed with the other syringe saving the 'versed" to waste with her coworker. But you are correct, we dont absolutely know. Very sad situation.
  5. BrnEyedGirl

    Nurse Gives Lethal Dose of Vecuronium Instead of Versed

    I was not insinuating "she would be fine",...just that such a small dose would help to explain the time line and quick ROSC. One of the physcians felt the dose shoud not be lethal and perhaps her bleed, related to a mass in her brain was really the cause of death. Many many questions
  6. BrnEyedGirl

    Nurse Gives Lethal Dose of Vecuronium Instead of Versed

    She only gave 2 mg of Vec, they have the rest of the med in the syringe, which is a very small dose.
  7. BrnEyedGirl

    Nurse Gives Lethal Dose of Vecuronium Instead of Versed

    See if this works,.. CMS report https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.documentcloud.org%2Fdocuments%2F5346023-CMS-Report.html%3Ffbclid%3DIwAR1gLuGIk0ymnUVYhPw2f2piPyAF4OxPeGTt0fpFqq5ElV5qWNv9XZ6e8Mg%23document%2Fp6&h=AT0FefrDppnICpPk-lMCscGUQ4XEIhMo0cIhKS982_xwmS7i7a3gVFU7L41-RiWizQkx32H4MMVzB8NtKHksY1uLL3ItgRpX-RNJ1OGpBNQj1k9ZuNfXeh6a5QWg8fxl6g
  8. BrnEyedGirl

    Nurse Gives Lethal Dose of Vecuronium Instead of Versed

    According to the CMS report the medication was verified by the pharmacy 10 minutes before she pulled it. The Pyxis defaults to generic names. The nurse entered VE (versed) not Mid (Midazolam) and grabbed the first med on the list Vecuronium. How did she not know to use generic names? How did she not know that Versed/Midazolam does not require reconstitution? How did she not know that Versed requires monitoring? So many questions.
  9. BrnEyedGirl

    Acute care NP vs FNP

    I am an FNP, I work in a cardiology office, and see pts both inpatient and in the office. In my area there is no Acute Care program. I don't actually know an acute care NP.
  10. BrnEyedGirl

    What diagnostics can NPs order independently

    Oh my,..you are right,..I can order insulin, but not diabetic shoes!!
  11. BrnEyedGirl

    What diagnostics can NPs order independently

    I'm not in Canada, but I order what I need, even angio's and CRTD placement! I work in cardiology.
  12. BrnEyedGirl

    Taking call, do NPs get paid call pay?

    I work for a specialty, 2 providers. I do rounds at the hospital 2 days a week plus every other weekend. I am on call 2 nights a week after 5 and from 5p on Friday through 8a on Monday the weekend I am rounding. I do not get "paid extra" for this. It is part of my contract. I also take call for the other provider's vacation and he covers for mine.
  13. BrnEyedGirl

    Advice for an older RN going back for FNP

    I graduated from an FNP program 2 years ago, at the age of 49. I had 20 years of RN experience, most in the ED. I stayed with my current hospital system and split my shifts between ED and Urgent Care. I work for a rural critical access hospital that does qualify for loan repayment. I love my job and am happy that I went on for my FNP, wish I had done it sooner. I worked full time while attending the FNP program. I excelled in grad school, way more than in my ASN program! I believe my experience as an RN was a huge part of my success as an FNP. BTW, I don't consider myself "advanced age" :) Best of luck to you!
  14. Wuzzie, every trauma center I have ever worked in for the last 20 years draws BAC and a drug screen on EVERY classed out trauma patient. You can not just assume that the injury caused the mental status change. This is akin to getting a blood glucose, I don't know how many MVC's I've seen that come in with a glucose of 20, this is important to know.
  15. I think if this happened in my ER and we all had the wherewithal to stay calm, every nurse in the unit would line up to cite the policy/law and wait for handcuffs!!
  16. In the long video, one of the officers asks why they don't just get a warrant. The other officer states there is no PC for one (probable cause). They knew they couldn't get a warrant. This cop lost his cool and was angry because he didn't get his way! The scary thing is that he did this in front of many witnesses and while knowingly being recorded! I can only imagine how he behaves in private!