Never stop believing..


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Like everyone else, I walked out of the testing center crying...! :chuckle I was so sure it was over.. I failed, already consumed 2 hours at number 64 and stopped at 75.

And after 16 days I received a letter stating that I passed! I couldn't believe it, even until now! I just kept on staring at that confirmation letter, EVERYDAY! Checking if I really passed... :D

All I can say is never stop believing, praying... And don't you ever, EVER underestimate yourself. That's the most important thing really (for me). Enter the testing site without any doubts, with all the faith and hope in the world, and a very good and STRONG prayer.. And you'll be just fine. :bow:

Goodluck to all of you test takers!

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congrats! :yeah:


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congratulations!!! on passing the nclex!!! best of luck in your nursing career!! :yeah:


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congrats kababayan

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Best of luck as you start your new career.


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wow congratulations! very inspiring words

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