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    Hi, I'm responding and do realize the OP posted more than a year ago, but I wanted to help with a couple of suggestions. I am also a RN and am taking coding classes to take the cpc exam through the AAPC. By any chance do you have a local chapter that meets monthly for meetings? I've been attending my local chapter meetings and realized how valuable these meetings really are. We talk about open positions, and also network within the chapter and through the guest speakers. I've also been able to get business cards and keep in touch for open positions.
  2. jadu1106

    Rn to HIM after one year experience?

    Hi, I also have a few questions. I'm an RN with 3+ years exp. I'm also wanting to move toward the HIM/coding areas. I'm actually looking into community college/continuing educ programs to see which would be the best fit for me. You stated no classes are necessary, but how would I go about trying to get my certifications? And what is a MDS nurse? Any help in pointing me in the direction of HIM/coding will be appreciated. Thanks in advance! :)
  3. jadu1106

    Is this considered a HIPAA violation?

    Hello! Thank you to everyone for your input...unfortunately it isn't homework, and an actual incident. I appreciate those that took the time to read and reply! :)
  4. jadu1106

    Is this considered a HIPAA violation?

    A full term mother at 38 weeks came into the hospital last month and delivered a baby. The mother states she did not know she was pregnant, and thought her labor pains were "gas" pains. This mother delivered at shift change, and mother nor baby came to the nursery before this particular shift ended. My question is if a message seen on Facebook later that day suggests a comment/opinion about this situation: something is just not right if a mother is full term and delivers a newborn without knowledge of being pregnant due to "gas" pains. Is this considered ok or in violation of HIPAA?
  5. jadu1106

    Passed my PBDS!

    Hi Everyone! Just wanted to share that I passed my PBDS and do not have to repeat! There is just not enough time to watch the videos and write everything down in the given time frame. Nothing could have prepared me for that. IMHO, you are prepared for it or your not. I was not, but somehow I passed! I am beyond happy and just so thankful I do not have to repeat it at the end of my internship! :) So excited and just wanted to share the good news! :yeah: :yeah: jadu1106, RN :balloons: :lvan:
  6. jadu1106

    I did it!!!

    hi! wow! congratulations on your wonderful accomplishment and best wishes as you begin your new rn job! :)
  7. jadu1106

    GN / RN Internship at Medical City Dallas

    hi puffi77, i actually got an internship in women's at another hca facility (medical city dallas is an hca facility as well). i am loving it and learning so much. like most every other new grad or recent graduate of a nursing school, i applied to numerous hospitals/nursing homes/rehab facilities/group homes locally, within texas, and 1 outside of texas. all were rejects, in my case, i assume because of the gap between graduation (2006) and finally passing boards (2010). i have a stable work history at the same facility (10 yrs) and just could not get an internship or start working 1:1 with a preceptor even for being employed there so long. i had to start the internship application process just like everyone else. i had a panel interview in december and was offered the position 8 days after the interview. the internship started feb 7. i emphasized in the interview that women's services was the area i had more knowledge/emphasis in, but i was willing to work in any specialty area that had an opening. compensation is different with the hospital system you're going to be working for, some just have a general gn pay they start all new grad nurses with, while others actually give a little incentive for your experience/skills, generally anywhere between 21-23 right now i believe. of course then you get shift diff and weekend shift diff which adds on more; how much depends on if your day or night shift. i hope this helps, if you have any other questions, don't hesitate to ask! :) best of luck and good luck with your job search! start looking now and keep your search area open! :) jadu1106, rn
  8. jadu1106

    I'll be here for the next 364 days :)

    noyesno, congratulations on your 1st rn job! i just started mine a few weeks ago and am learning so much! wishing you a successful internship! :) jadu1106
  9. jadu1106

    Wow!! I took my boards yesterday....

    Congratulations on becoming an RN! Best wishes for a successful career! :)
  10. jadu1106

    Hired for my first job today!

    Hi! Congratulations on your 1st nursing job! :)
  11. jadu1106

    The Story of a New Graduate Nurse

    Congratulations! What a story! So out of curiousity, what area will you be working in? :) jadu1106
  12. jadu1106

    Newborn nursery report sheet

    hello allnurses.com members, i have researched on allnurses.com and need help finding report sheets nurses use for the newborn nursery. while i have found a few on here that mitchsmom has posted and are great tools, i wanted to know if anyone else would be willing to share what they use. i have one i have gotten from work, but its a copy made from a copy of a copy, and needs to be redone, and feel it needs some additional information added, so i have been working on that today. if anyone has one they wouldn't mind sharing, i would be so grateful. thank you! :tku: :[anb]: p.s. i know i probably should have posted in the ob-gyn forum area, but i felt that i could possibly get more response from the general discussion area. thank you!
  13. jadu1106

    Questions to ask in an interview?

    hello! :) i had previously posted these questions in another thread, but here are some more to add to the previous poster! some interview questions that may be asked: 1) how will you handle unexpected circumstances, such as being short staffed and having to perform a treatment you have not done before? 2) why did you choose xx area of nursing? 3) what do you consider your most significant strengths/weaknesses? 4) what are your career goals and where do you see yourself 5 years from now? 5) how will this internship help you meet your career goals? some questions i have written down that i would want to ask my potential employer: 1) based on our conversation today, do you have any concerns i can clarify? 2) as a nurse manager, what are your expectations of a new nurse? 3) how long is the orientation process, and if i don't feel comfortable at the end of my orientation, will you allow more time with my preceptor? 4) what have been the biggest challenges for previous interns on this floor?
  14. jadu1106

    Cover Letter

    Hi! In my opinion, I would leave it out. Only offer that information if asked during the interview! Best of luck to you! jadu1106
  15. jadu1106

    Job Offer in Newborn Nursery

    love_2_learn, thank you for taking your time and writing your post! i know this will be a rewarding journey! i will definately take your suggestion and get that book: physical assessment of the newborn: a comprehensive approach to the art of physical exam, by ellen p. tappero & mary ellen honeyfield, 4th edition. every suggestion, advice and resource will help me tremendously become better and better at being a newborn nursery nurse. i thank you and everyone here at allnurses.com for the support and guidance! i am blessed to be a member of this wonderful website! :) thank you and happy holidays! :snowman: