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gwafuh_rn BSN, RN

Med Surg, Telemetry, Long Term Care
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gwafuh_rn has 7 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Med Surg, Telemetry, Long Term Care.

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  1. gwafuh_rn

    Dept of health

    Felt sorry for my colleague.the way she told me the situation, left the computer unattended to attend a patients need ( maybe there was a call light or a bed alarm triggered). Someone used her computer to check a patient
  2. gwafuh_rn

    Dept of health

    Sorry for the misunderstanding. A colleague of mind got suspended at work a year ago because of hipaa violation.it was a 1 week suspension. Now she was notified by her manager that cdph will interview her in regards with hipaa violation that occured a year ago.if the nurse already got suspended, does she get penalized by the dept of health???
  3. gwafuh_rn

    Dept of health

    What is the role of dept of health in relations with hipaa violation occurred in the hospital. What penalty do they impose to the nurse involved?if the nurse is not at fault? Do they still get penalty??
  4. gwafuh_rn

    Critical Care Course in los angeles area?

    how much is usually the critical care certification?
  5. im planning to transfer from med surge to icu hopefully next year but one of the requirement is taking the critical care certificate.just want to ask if there is a class in los angeles area? on the website hpproviders.com, there is a class but its in garden grove and there is no schedule yet for their class in los angeles. any help is appreciated.
  6. gwafuh_rn

    Kindred Sub-acute Care Facility background check ques?

    which kindred is that? im working at kindred hospital but its not a sub acute.its more of a long term acute hospital.they don't do credit check in ouir place.
  7. gwafuh_rn

    question on paternal/paternity leave

    my wife will be giving birth on july/august,my question is how many weeks will the hospital allow me to be off and how many weeks will i get paid?who do i need to notify? I have 2 jobs.Im almost 2 years on my other job and i just started on my other job last feb.im not sure if they are gonna allow me to take time off for a while to attend to my wife's needs as well as with the new born baby.advice please.thanks! =)
  8. congrats.
  9. gwafuh_rn

    Pearson Vue Trick - Does it Work Every Time? Part 2

    quick question.in doing the pvt trick,what should we answer if we ever took the nclex exam?
  10. gwafuh_rn

    For philippine graduated students.

    Goodluck to my wife who will be taking the nclex rn somewhere this june.
  11. gwafuh_rn

    NCLEX RN on Monday....can't Sleep!!

    good luck
  12. gwafuh_rn

    Centinela Hospital Medical Center Nurse Experiences

    i worked at centinela as a registry nurse.i worked at their telemetry unit.the work was easy because you only have 4 pts with 1 tpc.its a fast pace because once you discharge a pt,you get a new admit.
  13. gwafuh_rn

    Hiring in LTC/Skilled Nursing

    kindred los angeles is looking for a full time rn. there are 6 available slot.Good luck.
  14. gwafuh_rn

    Pinoy nclex takers

    you can buy one at amazon
  15. gwafuh_rn

    Pinoy nclex takers

    i didn't have a philippine licence but i was able to take the nclex exam.
  16. gwafuh_rn

    Pinoy nclex takers

    Thanks for the reply.i'll give them a copy of her visa just to be sure.because it will be too hard for her if they're gonna send her back to philippines just to take a licensure exam.