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Hemodialysis, Operating Room Nurse, PACU
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McLovin' has 7 years experience and specializes in Hemodialysis, Operating Room Nurse, PACU.

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  1. McLovin'

    Chamberlain University Nursing Informatics

    Yes I am a BSN holder with 10 years of bedside RN experience. I was a programmer for 3 years before going into nursing. I am currently looking for an online MSN program that focuses on N.I. Sorry for the lack of info. Thanks again!
  2. McLovin'

    Chamberlain University Nursing Informatics

    Looking into Chamberlain to do my Masters in Nursing informatics.. Is this an online program? I have a bachelor's in computer science... Would this be credited? Thanks!
  3. McLovin'

    Texas Nursing: Moving from upstate NY

    Hello all. I just wanted to get some of your thoughts regarding practicing as an RN in Texas, particularly in Houston Methodist MC. I am a currently practicing RN with over 6 years of MS experience in the field of orthopedics/neurology (stepdown) unit who recently got an offer to work at an orthopedic unit in HMMC, with the usual sign up and moving bonus. Is HMMC a good institution? Career advancement? Pay? Work hours? Unionized? Any information regarding the hospital (and Texas in general) would be really helpful. I'm still deciding if I am to accept the position... Thanks!
  4. McLovin'

    Does HIPAA cover patients outside the US?

    I understand your point. Thanks!
  5. I used to have nursing photos during my early years in my country of origin that I still swap online with my colleagues back home. Usually we just bring up old and outdated nursing procedures we did in nursing care through old photos we had. Would this be included in a potential HIPAA violation? Even though the patient is not a US citizen? Your thoughts?
  6. McLovin'

    Albany Medical Center

    probably you'll start at $25/hr. At least that's the recent RN reclassification leads you to. Personally its a pile of bull.
  7. Tell that to your employers. Lolz
  8. Exactly my point. Obviously there are immigration obstacles, especially with the recent retrogression. Yet I find no fault in being "prepared" So if want this Ms. Weird Gal, go get it.
  9. You just handed her a one-sided opinion, without even considering the potential circumstance that a LOT of us experienced recently. It is NEVER HELPFUL if you merely put weight one side of the story. So how would you explain my/our experience? I was discouraged by the similar people like you, but I am an RN in the US right now. How'd that happen? And take note, the process wasn't that hard acquiring this job. I survived a series of interviews without difficulties and was hired eagerly by my employer. Clearly, I/we wer/was qualfied for the job. Because we had the credentials and abilities to back up what we offer. I have no idea why your employers give your locally educated RNs a hard time looking for work, as you boldly claim. You can present facts and even back it up with your so-called "truths" But you can't just rule out the possibilities of circumstances.
  10. McLovin'

    How's Life for NLE 2006 passer?

    How's life you say? AWESOME! ;-) I failed the June 2006 NLE, which I am SO proud of. And passed the December exams. I got a job as a Nurse trainee the next year, was absorbed after a few months, became a regular staff and recently landed in the US ( a month ago) with an employer waiting for me. So far so good. :-)
  11. send me a PM. Might be able to help you.
  12. McLovin'

    BSN degree or not?

    Generally, based on recent guidelines, it will depend on whatever credentials you might have. By credentials I mean, what is your accomplished certification? Are you registered from your country of origin? Do you have any experience with patient care? Recent or otherwise? What I am trying to say is that, it is actually an individualized assessment from an Evaluator. And from that assessment, they will be able to identify whether you need to accomplish more school credits, on the job trainings, etc.
  13. McLovin'

    Visa Screen Renewal (3 years expired)

    You'll only need your qualified IELTS results and $275 ma'am. No need to 'start from the beginning' ;-)
  14. Dealt in absolute eh? That's not helpful buddy. My opinion..? Just go for it sweetie. In my experience, back in 2009 (almost 6 years ago), we were told back home (the Philippines) that the U.S. will not be needing IENs in the next decade. FACT: I am now currently working in the U.S. as an RN, along with many, MANY IENs. And most of them have arrived recently. MORAL of THE STORY? Pursue your RN degree, pass all the needed exams and requirements. Keep all your credentials updated and current. You'll never know what the future might hold. ;-) Goodluck! :)
  15. McLovin'

    PH Nurses for USA (Experiences with Employers)

    Until you become current again ma'am. For now, it is very hard to say how things'll turn up. Try to watch October and November's VB, if the PD's continue to maintain a slow pace until the 1st quarter of 2016... Looks like we're back in the dark ages (again). nevertheless, chin up! Be optimistic. We can never know...