NCLEX tomorrow!

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I'm testing tomorrow ahhhhhh! I keep going back and forth between being super nervous and confident. Overall I'm positive and I know I can do it. Anyone else testing tomorrow? Also those who have recently gone through it, remind me of what to bring/not bring, that should ease my nerves a bit. Thanks :)

Good luck!!!!! Go smash it...and bring home the license number!!!:nurse:

good luck!!! mine is in 1 week!!!! omg im super nervousssssssssssssss

I took mine a week ago! Just try to keep that confident attitude for sure. Find a relaxation technique that works for you... Deep breathing, closing your eyes... Something. They do let you get up and leave the testing center for a minute or two.. So you can to walk the hallway or do whatever! I had 142 questions and 21 SATA and today I hold my RN license! You can do it. This is the last road block to that amazing nursing career! You can do it!

GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!

Let us know how you do!

and what you used to study and your study plan

I'm also testing tomorrow I'm sooooo nervous!! Good Luck!!

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Good luck!!!! I test on Tuesday and am ready to get it over with!!! Let us know how you do.

Good Luck to you!!!!


Good Luck Guys :)

75Q. it was hard. it felt like almost half were SATA. tried the PVT "Our records indicate that you have recently scheduled this exam. Please contact your Member Board for further assistance. Another registration cannot be made at this time."

good? bad? ahhhhhhh

I hope it is good!

My test is tomorrow at 2! So far 13/13 for my class and Im praying Im not the 1 person to fail it lol.... I have made it this far and I keep telling myself the chances are that I WILL pass :-) I have been preparibg for this exam for two freaking years! I Can do this!!! Good Luck!!!

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