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  1. oztizz184

    Nursing home/rehab...

    bumping topic
  2. oztizz184

    Nursing home/rehab...

    I have been working at a nursing home/rehab center for almost 2 months now. My first nursing job after graduating and passing the nclex rn. For those of you who work or have worked at nursing home/rehab places, how soon did you start looking for a hospital job? I'm waiting for the 1 year mark to start looking after getting experience as a new grad RN. Also, when looking and applying for a hospital job, did they hire you after telling them you worked at a nursing home/rehab as you're only job?
  3. oztizz184

    Passed Nclex rn in August, still no job

    Thanks to all of your replies! I recently just got a part time seasonal job in a store. It's a job, but I wish it were a nursing job. No calls yet from anything nursing related
  4. Right after I passed, I applied to many job openings-New grads and RN positions. After a while of not hearing anything, I reapplied to other RN positions, still no calls. All the new grad positions are gone and no one is hiring new RN's, yet there is a RN shortage? (I contacted my senior preceptor and they are not hiring either.) I've been volunteering to keep me occupied, but really hoping to get an RN job soon. Any advice for a new grad/new RN for searching for a RN job? It feels like job hunting is harder than the nclex! I don't want to forget 4 years of nursing by not working. Thanks.
  5. oztizz184

    Nclex in 6days..

    YOU GOT THIS!!!!!!!!!!!! good luck!!!!!! You WILL BE AN RN!!!
  6. oztizz184

    Nclex nclex nclex.........bummer

    you got this. just do questions and review last 7 days. day before exam-dont study, or if you have to, do a few questions, brief review of sg and rest you will be a rn
  7. oztizz184

    NCLEX review help

    i used saunders 5th edition senior year and for nclex rn
  8. oztizz184

    Nclex please help

    I just did questions and rationales 10th day to exam day. 1 week Before my exam, i did the kaplan questions found online, test 1,2,5,6,7 i scored between 60-70s but the score didnt really matter, it was the rationales I also read the study guide not by allnurses and read that like once a day, like 1/2 of it a day. day before i did the study guide, reviewed labs, and nothing else
  9. oztizz184

    Pearsonvue Trick - Does it Work Every Time? Part 3

    you did. YOU PASSED!!!!!! now all you have to do is wait for the official result. YOU PASSED. keep running this in your mind and celebrate to yourself!!!!
  10. oztizz184

    Nclex please help

    hi, it's normal to not feel like you're ready, or 'forget' things you studied. Days before my exam, I felt like I still didn't know anything that I studied. The exam tests you on random questions, and it's impossible to study everything. When you're taking the exam, the questions will make you recall things that you've studied that you THOUGHT you had forgotten. you know everything you need to know. just do lots of practice questions from now. and read all the rationales. those will help A LOT. if you feel like you need to, look at some content for brief review. dont study study, just briefly read questions and rationales are KEY for you right now. good luck!
  11. oztizz184

    Pearsonvue Trick - Does it Work Every Time? Part 3

    Good pop up!! Congrats!
  12. CONGRATSq!!!!!!! OMG SO PROUD OF YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. oztizz184


    I know exactly what you're using. What I did, read saunders and took notes in the andersons book. after all the notes, i read and reviewed the anderson book once or twice in the last 2 weeks of studying before my test date. I did tons of questions every day, then the next day or 2 read content, then do questions after that. i switched back and forth. the last week before nclex, i did kaplan questions found onlline/google. i also read the study guide that can found on here but no by allnurses. YOU have plenty of time. dont rush. dont cram. you know the info, you went to nursing school and survived it for a reason!! nclex is just another step in your journey to achieve your dream. read the anderson book a few times during the last 2 weeks, and do tons of questions. read the rationales!!!! those are extremely helpful and important. good luck, you will pass, be confident. you cant memorize everything for the nclex. impossible. the nclex is random and you never know what they'll ask you about. just know the basics and use test taking strategies. ABC's, infection control, priority. relax and breathe. i felt like i forgot everything after school ended. i passed the first time with the same things you used. plus nclex 4000.
  14. oztizz184

    According to PVT....

  15. oztizz184

    Resume question-rn license?

    thank you ashley!
  16. oztizz184

    Resume question-rn license?

    how would you write your RN license info on the resume? like... Registered Nurse, state, license number, expiration date? or which info to not include thanks!

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