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  1. Indian_rn2b

    Ran out of time[nclex-RN] ..255 questions

    When you ran out of time your computer shuts down ..:/
  2. Indian_rn2b

    Looking for a job..havnt pass nclex yet :(

    I have no idea about the CNA exam you might check the CNA thread to get the better idea about this test.But don't worry it won't be as harder as nclex
  3. Indian_rn2b

    Nclex pn denial of application for licensure

    I am sorry about what happened..All i can say is Stay strong you will get through this Good luck :)
  4. Indian_rn2b

    Looking for a job..havnt pass nclex yet :(

    Hello I don't think you can get a nursing assistant job without the certification.If you are planning to take your test soon then i would suggest you to just focus on your exam but if you are planning to take a break and wanna work then you can apply for CNA exam since you have finished your nursing,You won't need to take CNA classes you can just take the test and get your certification and find a CNA job..:) Good luck
  5. Indian_rn2b

    Which book I use for practice question

    PDA is better
  6. Indian_rn2b

    Passed my NCLEX with a Bad Pop-up. Praise the Lord!

    Never heard about this before But I am happy you PASSED..:)
  7. Indian_rn2b

    September test takers [NCLEX-RN 2012]

    Congrats Yownyown :)
  8. Indian_rn2b

    September test takers [NCLEX-RN 2012]

    Congrats :)
  9. Indian_rn2b

    Help me pleaseee!!!

    Okay make sure you take breaks.Take a 10-15 min breaks after every 40 to 45 minutes of studying(even though you don't feel like taking a break) Divide your systems breaking down the content helps.Also alternate reading and doing questions.When you get tired of reading take a 10 minute break and do 40-50 questions .Keep your brain confused.Don't just keep doing stuff without a study plan.Make a study plan and stick to it.Don't panic and trust yourself.You will be fine. I would suggest you to do hurst videos one more time and if you can do them twice before your test. Repetition is the key sometimes we don't get stuff first time.keep doing it until you start remembering what she(Marlene) is saying in your head.Keep practicing questions and reading rationals carefully that would help you will your content and your score would start improving..:)
  10. Indian_rn2b

    Help me pleaseee!!!

    How many hours you study a day?
  11. Indian_rn2b

    Help me pleaseee!!!

    @Sumandeep The score indicates that you need to work on your content.I would suggest you do hurst videos one more time and also combine one review book Saunders, exam cram or any book you have. Read the disease or topics from a book on which you have problem getting right answers.Don't rush to take your test until you feel confident and comfortable with the questions. Work on your weak areas.Content is the key. Good luck
  12. Indian_rn2b

    September test takers [NCLEX-RN 2012]

    Hello obafemi enitola I Know its really hard to decide what to study and if you are foreign graduate you have to be very careful with the resources you use.I am a foreign graduate too and I am using Saunders comprehensive review book 4th edition and I love it.Its little overwhelming though.But being a foreign nurse I feel a need to review my content.So get a one review book that you like search Allnurses about "best review books for Nclex Rn exam" you will get an idea of what is best. I would also suggest you to get a review classes (only if you can afford them).There are lot of review courses out there most popular are Kaplan,hurst review and NCSBN review.You can search Allnurses to compare their reviews Good Luck:)
  13. Indian_rn2b

    Got MY License in the Mail !! My Journey below

    Congrats and best of luck with Job search :)
  14. Indian_rn2b

    265 questions, 5 hours, PVT, Passed

    Congrats :)
  15. Indian_rn2b

    JUST finished the nclex this morning....

    You can try PVT now..its been more then 3 hours ..You can take it right after it says "delivery successful" GOOD LUCK:)
  16. Indian_rn2b

    My daily log for NCLEX-RN exam

    Watched Cardio videos from Hurst 10 SATA questions from Saunders (40%) Listened feuer med surg part 4 audio while working out.. Few Kaplan audio Read few pages on Cardio from saunders