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  1. leanjess

    First med error

    Wow! One month of orientation? Really?! I got just 5 days of orientation, and they put me up alone on the med cart. Plus I had a fall while on my med pass..it was the WORST day of my life. Looking at quitting and looking for jobs in the hospitals. I'm a new nurse too, I graduated in May and this is my very first nursing job. This week is my 2nd week there and I can say I'm not having the best experience.
  2. Hello! Thanks for your replies. Yeah, I'm currently living in Seminole County area. Any help will be deeply appreciated!!
  3. Hello everyone!! I'm Jessica, and I just took the NCLEX last 2 weeks and I passed! Now, its time for the real time: looking for a job. I have been applying to several jobs in Florida Hospital, Orlando Health locations...and to no avail. I'm already regretting my decision of leaving Indiana. No one wants to hire an inexperienced RN, but I wonder how I can get experience when no one wants to hire me. What do you guys think? Any advice? Am I doing something wrong?
  4. leanjess

    My NCLEX Preparation that made me successful.

    Congrats, RN!!!!!!!!!!!:w00t: Wish I can be as dedicated as you are! 6000 questions? That's mind blowing...I'm here struggling to get questions in my study routine...I test in 2 weeks, and I feel like I know NOTHING at all! Makes me so depressed each time, I think about it!
  5. leanjess

    I passed yaay!!!

    Yeah, I attended a free online event 2 days ago. I saw the 50 bucks discount but it still amounts to 449 dollars!! I still can't afford it even with a payment plan (that's how broke I am ). People are lucky and blessed that they have the finances to buy these reviews, and I'm always happy seeing "I PASSED" posts.
  6. leanjess

    I passed yaay!!!

    CONGRATSSS!!!!!!! Good News indeed!!! Wow! Everyone is really praising this Hurst review, but sadly I can't afford it Oh well, looking up to the Lord to help me pass this exam :bowingpur
  7. leanjess

    Testing July 27. Ready to just be done.

    Amen, sister!!!!!! I FEEL you completely...I test in 2 weeks!!!! And I feel like just exploding into flames:flamesonb whenever I think of NCLEX!!!
  8. leanjess

    Took NCLEX-RN this morning...

  9. leanjess

    NCLEX Tomorrow.

    Good luck, RN!!!!!!!
  10. leanjess

    Anybody Looking to test in July?

    Oooh Lord, yeah! La Charity is HARRDDD! my highest ever was 77% and lowest was 60%...but hopefully I can learn more form using it every time I'm done learning about a body system. My studying is mostly reading every body system..and then answering questions about that system with Saunders, Lippincott and La Charity. then I have NCBSN for general topic questions..ooohhh well.
  11. leanjess

    FREE Kaplan practice test today 6-27-12

    I attended as well. Got a 74% but I think it's because some of the questions in that test are same ones in their Strategy Book 2012-13 which I already did. So oooh well, didn't make any difference to me..but I guess you can call it a brush up on my memory bank or something..idk.
  12. leanjess

    FREE Kaplan practice test today 6-27-12

    I already signed up....I saw the terms and conditions...but I didn't bother to read it. Ha! I never read those things. I hope I didn't "sell my soul" LOL! But I love free tho :)
  13. leanjess

    NCLEX Jitters!!

    CONGRATS, RN!!!!!!!!! What was your secret weapon for this SUCCESS?? I test in 3 weeks..
  14. leanjess

    Nclex less then in 5hours :-(

    Good luck, girlie!!!! U are already a victorious tester!!! No need to worry yourself, for He is in control!!!!!! :yelclap:
  15. leanjess

    Took Nclex twice! Kaplan works

    Hello! Congrats!!!! I PM'ed you about some questions that I have..but sadly i think you haven't checked them out. I was wondering if you cud share some of ur resources? That will be helpful..to aid pple like me who are yet to test. THANKS!
  16. leanjess


    Good luck to you all!!! I will keep y'all in my prayers today! Go and conquer that nclex!!! P.S. Can any of you share your study resources? (you can PM me if you are more comfortable with that). I test on the 16th of July...and any info I can get will be gladly appreciated! God bless!!!