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Hello all,

Took the NCLEX today in Raleigh, NC

Was there a total of 5 and a half hours and answered 265 quesitons.

I have learned from Kaplan and forums that the last question is crucial.

My last question which was a higher level, select all that apply question that I am almost positive that I got right. (Even if I had not I heard that if the last question was high level and you got it wrong your still good to go but that if it was basic and u got it wrong you would have to have gotten the previous 60 questions ALL correct [which sounds nearly impossible]).

I just did the re-registration trick and this is what I got:


Can anyone please offer advice/assurance/opinions that may give me some guidance in this difficult time?

Thank you all, I am so grateful for you all on this forum!

Congrats! Good pop up means you pass..according with so much people posting about a pop up

Looks like you passed!


Congrats you passed

Congrats you passed

I'm not counting my chickens before they hatch but getting you these replies have really turned my day around. Thank you to the members above!


I too took the the NCLEX today with 265 questions and took almost the full 6 hours. I also got this pop up so I am hoping that I passed as well.

Congrats... :yelclap:

Congrats and goodluck to you pls share your nclex experience to us!!!ty

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