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  1. Miniangel2

    Nclex Tutor Service is anyone?...

    Hi There, Thanks for this very Helpful and kind Advised I'll think and decide which can apply for my Situations,Definitely its enlightened my Brain again gave a good smart Idea! Goodluck to you and God Bless...
  2. Miniangel2

    Nclex Tutor Service is anyone?...

    Hello, Thanks and I'll check it out..!
  3. Miniangel2

    Nclex Tutor Service is anyone?...

    Hello there fellow Nurses, I Just Failed my Nclex Jan. 4th 2017, Using U world only! I am planning to change my Material and the way I studied and focus my content knowleged and Testing Strategy and Improved my Critical Thinking..Please Help me... If Anyone here had a Experienced in NCLEX TUTOR SERVICE Please share me some input, and How much its costs and If you can Recommend any Service that you Used before, I really Appreciate your very kind help,..Any Suggestions and Advised or Comments would be help too..Thanks and God Bless All.. .
  4. Miniangel2

    Passed nclex on 3rd attempt!!!! Here's my story and tips!

    hi! Congrats and Thanks for sharing your Journey, I am so Inspired with your experienced THANKS a million again, Really helpful to all NCLEX Test Takers, I just Failed ,but like you've said,We can able to Pass!!! and I am not giving up, until I Pass.. Goodluck and God bless!
  5. Miniangel2

    My NCLEX Experience: Preparations, Study Tips, and Acing the Exam

    hi! Congrats and Thanks for Sharing! Just drop by here,I am ready tomm to sit for my Exams! Goin to Bed to have some Peaceful quiet time..By God's Grace hoping for the Best results! Goodluck to you and me:yes:
  6. Miniangel2

    Nclex RN january 2017

    hey! Guys, Goodluck to us, taking mine too! tomm. Keep Positive and we Will do it!
  7. Miniangel2

    Nclex RN january 2017

    hi! Wow! I am going to tests on Jan. 4th too! and its 1:00pm! how about you? I have Uworld only because kaplan did not worked for me! I am Struggling in Uworld my score is up and down until now! I start studying since Oct.SO I was really Worried bec. of my Percentages,But you know what, We kept going and do our bests! Thats All and The most important we will Pray to each other! God is a Kind God:)
  8. Miniangel2

    3rd time taking NCLEX

    HelloThere I would suggests Uworld, So many POSITIVE Comments about Uworld This is my First try using Uworld and Its really hard questions compare to Kaplan..But its Worthed ! GOODLUCK, hope you find works for you!:)
  9. Miniangel2

    Nclex RN january 2017

    Hello there ! Just wanna share about Uworld, that aside from the Uworld had now a very POPOULAR Q Bank and Content with Rationales are extremely helpful I just found out that only Uworld helped her to just PASSED her and she shares that if you really had enough time to REVIEW all the Q Banks plus the Rationales and makes Note of it would be so Helpful to Passed NCLEX.. SHE advised to all that get enough time before the EXAM and have enough time to REVIEW and really Make a note! and YOU WILL PASSED!
  10. Miniangel2

    Nclex RN january 2017

    Is it on January 4th too? I will travel long and it is too complicated the Place when I visit I hope i'll get there on time and dont get Lost, Planning to stay in HOTEL were the Testing Center is close I change my Mind I woundnt Trade my peaceful quiet and very comfortable Bedroom,specially the Day of my Exam! (Just Sharing to Relieved my Anxiety) lol! Thanks for reading:)
  11. Miniangel2

    Nclex RN january 2017

  12. Miniangel2

    Nclex RN january 2017

    Hello there!,The Score are up and down, But I hear many people say dont worry about the score but focus on the RATIONALES make sure we understand, So I felt relieved But still Worry .. And scared to failed again! I am almost going to Sit at January 4th!..So WE CAN DO THIS!!!!
  13. Miniangel2

    Nclex RN january 2017

    Hi! guys, supposed to take the Exams end of Dec. But I re-scheduled to Jan. I am using Uworld and La Charity , GoodLuck to us! and Lets Pray for each other:saint:
  14. Miniangel2

    NCLEX RN Experience - Passed

    Thanks for sharing and Congrats RN,very well said!
  15. Miniangel2

    After 19 years took NCLEX-RN

    hello onic87, please kindly e-mail me m7rodrig@aol.com, Thanks!
  16. Miniangel2

    not able to pass

    hi, Sianee Pls. e-mail me I have questions regarding to your Exams m7rodrig@aol.com TY.