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NCLEX Resource Review - Kaplan, Hurst, UWorld

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A personal insight into NCLEX study resources and tools. What helped me and hopefully you too! You are reading page 5 of NCLEX Resource Review - Kaplan, Hurst, UWorld. If you want to start from the beginning Go to First Page.

Studying for NCLEX

Using UWorld + other books

Does anyone know the correct steps in order for suctioning a tracheotomy?

1. Preoxygenate

2. Suction

I found different answers. What I am looking for is the steps in order.

Thank you.

Has anyone taken the Kaplan Entrance Exam? How did you prepare for it ? Any study tips

Hi I was wondering what type of scores people have gotten on the Uworld pharmacology section. I took a uworld pharmacology exam (75 questions) and got a 57%.

Quota, BSN, RN

Specializes in Oncology. Has 2 years experience.

I'm close to finishing the entire qbank (just over 100 questions left) and I'm sitting at 57% for pharmacology questions. Take my NCLEX on the 18th and I'm not worried. Of course pharm is my lowest scoring area so there is that too.

Took the kaplan and I did horrible. I got an 96 on math, 77 on reading, and 55 on writing. I retake it in 5 weeks. Please help! How can I improve my score! I really need to get into this program.

Does anyone have an advice on whether to go with HURST vs KAPLAN for a live NCLEX review?

For reference, I am in an accelerated ADN program- our program lasts only 10 months.

I know HURST is more content and KAPLAN is more strategy- what else should I know?!

Our class needs to choose one or the other so we can get a group discount so I'm hoping to get some opinion from people with experience! :)

Thank you!


Has <1 years experience.

I never tried Hurst but I did Kaplan. It is really more of a preference.

I did Kaplan and passed in 75 questions. That strategy (decision tree) thing works. They also have a guarantee.

BrisketRN, BSN, RN

Has 4 years experience.

I did Kaplan live class (included at my university) and then used the online study content. Passed in 75 questions. I am usually not a very strong test taker.

Hi, I have applied in NSU for Nursing and I got an interview call. My interview is on 2nd October. I'm so nervous and excited too. I just wanted to ask you that how's the interview looks like and also the Kaplan test. Thank You

UWorld (and the Mark Klimek notes) work. I just passed (after my third attempt) the NCLEX. I searched for the NCLEX Guide on AllNurses.com, rewrote all those notes, and used UWolrd. I also have a friend that gave me some Mark Klimek lectures. I didn't use those lectures, but I used the notes. This is exactly what I did.

Long story short, I graduated school last winter (Dec 2017). I took the test the first time right after I graduated, thinking that I would be fine considering the predicted tests said I would do well. Well, I was wrong. I studied MAYBE 20 hours before I took the NCLEX the first time. BIG MISTAKE.

I tried again in May. This time, I just found a set of notes (very similar to the Klimek notes and the notes on here-NCLEX Guide). I only used those notes to study for the test in May. I didn't feel like ponying up the money for UWorld because I used maybe 300 questions during the first test and got frustrated with their difficulty. They made me feel really dumb. (Thats mostly normal.... I may be a bit challenged.) I took the NCLEX again at the end of May and got ALL 265 questions. I just missed. It sucked. BUT, I immediately had a plan ready if I needed it.

Third time, my final chance. In the state of Nevada, if you fail after three times, you have to take some sort of class and prove that youre ready to test again. Long story short, I just passed (mid September). Heres what I did:

4 weeks of:

1. Rewrote all the notes from the guide, spacing between each thing so I could add stuff I needed to.

2. Wrote out all the meds on that guide into flash cards (like 50-60). I would add anything to them that I saw on UWorld rationales. I am ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE when it comes to meds. Well, that was before this time around. Many of those cards just had the prefixes and suffixes for most meds.

3. UWorld. UWORLD UWORLD UWORLD!!! Thats the single biggest thing that helped. READ THE RATIONALES!!!

So I studied for four weeks straight, averaging 4-6 hours per day on average. I averaged about 100 questions per day from UWorld, usually on 25 question quizzes. I SUCKED!!! I averaged right about 45% overall when I started. I decided to read the notes again and again until I had them memorized/understood them. I also memorized all the meds on my little med cards. I did 800 questions and did the first 75 question exam. I got a 49%. (Borderline). So I went back at it in UWorld as well working my notes more. I made sure that I read every rationale whether I get the question right or wrong. If I got it wrong, then I would read the ENTIRE rationale. If I got it right, then Id just read the last line in the rationale. I did all the UWorld questions and then did my second 75 question exam. I got a 64% (Very good chance). At that point, during the last 700 questions of UWorld, I was averaging a 56%. My overall average was a 52% when I was done. The most important thing is to just keep at it. Make a good study guide, make flash cards if you need to, and UWORLD UWORLD UWORLD!!!! IT REALLY DOES WORK!!!!

Congratulations on passing your NCLEX on the third attempt. I passed my NCLEX PN on the third attempt only I used Hurst.