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NCLEX Resource Review - Kaplan, Hurst, UWorld

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A personal insight into NCLEX study resources and tools. What helped me and hopefully you too! You are reading page 3 of NCLEX Resource Review - Kaplan, Hurst, UWorld. If you want to start from the beginning Go to First Page.

Has anyone ever used board vitals

Congrats!! & Thank you for posting. I honestly feel the same way about Kaplan and thought there was something wrong with me. My school also provided the 3 day course and I didn't find it that helpful. And don't even get me started with the decision tree. It will not stick in my brain for the life of me! All of your descriptions of Kaplan questions are exactly how I feel down to the nit picky and unrealistic. The insanely minuscule detailing in Kaplan is just overwhelming.

I recently borrowed a friend's UWorld (who took and passed the NCLEX). I absolutely love their questions and rationales, & I found them so much easier and straightforward than Kaplan that I was beginning to worry they weren't passing level questions. So I'm glad to read that they are! The only downside to using a borrowed UWorld is that I can only see my progress for individual qbanks & not as a whole. Not sure if I should keep using her subscription and supplement with Kaplan or just get my own...I've been doing worse on every Kaplan test but I do feel that some of their components are helpful (265 Q-trainers, sample tests, readiness test...also Kaplan was free for us so why not use it!).

Anyway, a very big congrats RN! Thanks for giving some hope & motivation!

Hi all, any advice on the way to study for the Kaplan nursing entrance exam? I read the book for the KAPLAN NURSING SCHOOL EXAMS 7th edition but it never helped me though I got some few tips. English is my 2nd language and had forgotten about the verbs, nouns that were asked in the Kaplan exam. I was disappointed that I failed it the first time I took it and I am planning to retake it in July /August.. I am currently trying to read the TEAS textbook to help as well as study.com. Any advise from other nurses, would like to do it for LPN to BSN -Indiana states online BSN.


Hi there! We recently made some big updates to our NCLEX qbank with new features to help you study and retain knowledge more effectively.

As far as a comparison, we can't provide a completely unbiased opinion but this is the feedback we've heard. UWORLD has the same interface that you will encounter on the NCLEX exam, whereas we have our own exam interface, so if that's important to you it's definitely valuable. We currently offer more questions, but we've gotten some feedback that they're often harder than you'll encounter on the test. Some people like that because it makes the real thing seem easier when they take it, while others might feel like they're struggling in practice.

Where BoardVitals thrives is in our rationales. The detailed explanations and rationales offer a comprehensive understanding of the topics, so even if you are finding them difficult, you will be able to think critically and pull that information when you're sitting for your test. If you ever have a question or comment about any of the questions you encounter, you can write to our doctors and nurses on staff directly in the platform. They will get back to you as quickly as they can via email (usually within a day or two) to make sure you get your question answered or your concern is addressed. We offer a free trial to get a sampling of our platform and the questions you'll encounter if that helps you get a feel for our product. Hope this helped and good luck with your studying!

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Wondering if you found any help? I'm taking mine in September

I am taking my NCLEX in just 2 days, I am using uworld and I am just getting 55%-70% on each 75 items Q and A, and I'm not sure if that is good or not. what do I do? feeling nervous. actually its mixed emotion. I have 1000 more questions left on qbank for sure im not gonna be able to finish all that. I just checked my report and I am on 72 percentile? I dont get it. give me some encouragement. thanks

72% in uworld is considered as high. you can do it!

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I did the entire question bank, got 55% correct, 45th percentile (high chance of passing), and passed the NCLEX in 75 questions.


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72% is great! But the best way to gauge how you will do on the exam is asking yourself - "do I really understand the rationales?". I had an average of 58% correct before I took the exam and passed in 75 questions. Best of luck!!

Okay well so i took the exam yesterday. I took all 265 questions for 5 hours. I got a lot of SATA and priorities and some of the questions I dont know. I got a little bit of everything actually ECG that is SATA, computations, Psych. And Exhibits questions and infection control and drag and drop. My last questions around 260-265 was priority and SATA. Still feeing nervous.

So how did you do?

So I have been doing 100-200 questions a day and taking notes on questions that I am not getting correct. My percentile is 53 and im scoring between mid 50s - mid 60s on my exams on here. Is this poor standings compared to the NCLEX?