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  1. POTS emergency action plan or IHP?

    Thank you for the guidance!
  2. Staff Training

    Thank you every one! I'll see where my teachers are doing the first aid/cpr as I know they do it and start there! Scuba Nurse - This is how it's been done in my district. Beginning of the year training for all staff on Epi/Auvi Q, Blood borne. I'm ho...
  3. POTS emergency action plan or IHP?

    What do you guys do for your students with POTS? I have a student with a POTS diagnosis. I have not received accommodations yet from the physician (1st time seeing a cardiologist is next week). But I was thinking she may need an emergency action plan...
  4. Staff Training

    How does everyone go about staff training and documentation of staff training for: Blood borne, Epi, common illnesses/emergencies (seizures, asthma), inhaler I'm trying to find an easy way to institute this in my school and plan for next year since I...
  5. Nurse legality issue, help

    If you are not comfortable with it, DO NOT DO IT. Stand your ground and state you are not comfortable doing so. I wish someone would of told me that. It is your license protect it.
  6. Hypertension Parameters

    Thank you! That's why I'm going back and forth. Because after being in the ER and seeing patients with a SPB in the 180's symptomatic and not receiving BP medications I was having a hard time with this number. Would it be appropriate to tell the pati...
  7. Hypertension Parameters

    Hi everyone, I'm on my 6th month as a new nurse and I'm working in home health after leaving the emergency room setting. I'd like some insight into some of the parameters in our plans of care. Many of our aging patients have hypertension, take blood ...
  8. Mileage & Taxes

    Thank you so much, I guess my concern is the recent change of taxes.
  9. Mileage & Taxes

    Thank you for explaining. I'm guessing now that the tax law has changed I wont be able to deduct this on my taxes. I plan to file as 1 (single) and have it balance out at the end of the year so I don't have to pay taxes. I just wanted to cross my T's...
  10. NCLEX Resource Review - Kaplan, Hurst, UWorld

    One week after graduation.
  11. NCLEX Resource Review - Kaplan, Hurst, UWorld

    Sorry it has taken me so long to respond, I used the Kaplan book that is provided with the online course. And I took notes from the Kaplan practice questions too.
  12. Will this affect my future career as an RN?

    No it won't affect your future as a Nurse. Just ensure that you put in 2 weeks notice and tell them you are leaving due to finishing Nursing school and want to take time to focus on finishing and taking your NCLEX before you start your first Nursing ...
  13. Mileage & Taxes

    Hi Everyone! I was wondering at the end of the year how I will do taxes to get reimbursement/deductions for mileage if my new employer pays 40 cent per mile versus the federal 54.5 centper mile? Just curious how I need to keep track of my mileage so ...
  14. I just finished Nursing School in July so I understand the confusion on how and what to study. Along with my anxiety-ridden journey here's what I found. I hope it helps someone! Let me start by explaining what works for me... I never learn ...
  15. This is actually quite common for hospitals in my area. The best case scenario is to request training or at least a shadow day. I hope all works out!