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  1. Getting Back On Track To CRNA

    I wasn't sure if that would be an option since I'm doing FNP and I was under the impression that only acute care NPs could work in the ICU setting. But I guess I'll see and if CRNA means having to go back to the ICU as a RN for another year or 2 then...
  2. Getting Back On Track To CRNA

    I also feel like part of the reason I made my decision for NP vs CRNA was burnout and fear of rejection so I 1000% understand how you're feeling. I think it's a great thing that you were aware of how unsafely you were being trained in the AGACNP prog...
  3. Getting Back On Track To CRNA

    Absolutely. I think my best course of action right now is to focus on finishing the NP degree while completing the remaining pre-reqs (CCRN, possibly GRE, more leadership exp… etc.) for CRNA school.
  4. Getting Back On Track To CRNA

    Thank you for your input!! I’m 25 going on 26 this year so I feel that I do have some time. I’ve got a little over 1.5 years to finishing my NP degree. I’m hesitant to leave my current unit so soon since I just came back and I don’t want to burn any ...
  5. Getting Back On Track To CRNA

    Thank you so much for your response. It’s very relieving to hear that. I’d still love to do anything else that could improve my chances even if it means going back to the ICU eventually or anything else that can make me stand out.
  6. Getting Back On Track To CRNA

    Hi everyone, I’ve been a RN for < 3 years. Anesthesia has been my dream since high school but it hasn’t been a linear path. I started as a new grad in postpartum (only job offer at the time) where I worked for 1.5 years before making the move to o...
  7. Burnt out after only 6 months

    Thank you so much everyone for your responses. I have checked with HR and I do in fact need to stay for an entire year before transferring. I am so afraid of making the wrong decision. If I were to leave it may look bad to have left a job after only ...
  8. Burnt out after only 6 months

    Hi everyone. I've been a nurse for ~2 years. My first ~1.5 years as a new grad nurse were in a very happy laid back specialty, but ultimately I felt like I had no "real nursing skills" and made the switch to a very intense peds ICU where I've been fo...
  9. Is ICU worth the stress?

    I second the user above me. The stress is NOT worth it in my opinion. I recently ~6 months ago made the switch to a very high acuity peds cardiac ICU and honestly I dream about leaving every day. Yes it can be rewarding but the stress, anxiety, and j...
  10. Kaplan vs. NCLEX

    Stick with Kaplan! Make sure you do as many practice questions as possible. The NCLEX really is about learning how to take questions and the more you practice the better you will do. To be completely honest I HATED Kaplan at first. But my school paid...
  11. NICU or wait for peds job?

    I totally agree. I've had a few interviews (not peds) but I'm waiting and taking whichever offer I get first, if any. I now understand that getting your foot in the door is what is important. Transferring can be done any time later and experience is ...
  12. NICU or wait for peds job?

    The new grad job market here has really slapped me in the face! Unfortunately neither of the positions panned out but I've been scoring a few job interviews lately. Waiting to hear back. Will update if anything!
  13. Took My NCLEX yesterday 75 Questions - Help?

    I'm not an NCLEX expert by any means, but I got similar questions too. Tons of SATA, one EKG, tons of prioritization. I feel like the odds are in your favor. But if you fail, don't be discouraged. It would just be a bump in the road and I'm sure you ...
  14. How do i know if im ready for nclex-rn

    Like the other poster said, try not to cram too much. You know more than you think you know. Try to take deep breaths and relax because nerves can actually make your mind go blank and forget things! Your U-World scores are great. Don't overthink and ...
  15. Took My NCLEX yesterday 75 Questions - Help?

    Hey! Hang in there. When I took the NCLEX I did the PVT trick and my card got declined at first. I was petrified but it turns out I was doing the trick wrong. You have to change your credit card info but only one thing at a time (either the number or...