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Quota is a BSN, RN and specializes in Oncology.

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  1. Quota

    QOL vs Preservation of Life

    Thankfully my actively dying patients usually have q15 minute morphine. We understand dying on the oncology floor at least.
  2. Quota

    Do Male Nurses Face Gender Bias in Nursing Education?

    Oh there are plenty of other shows with male nurses I was just pointing out the ones the OP decided to use in their article. I’d guess the majority of medical dramas have male nurse characters (I haven’t watched them all). Night Shift and Nurse Jackie have good male nurse characters.
  3. Quota

    Do Male Nurses Face Gender Bias in Nursing Education?

    You’re confusing sex and gender, they aren’t the same thing.
  4. Quota

    Do Male Nurses Face Gender Bias in Nursing Education?

    I’m guessing the OP never really watched ER, Scrubs, or Grey’s Anatomy because they all had male nurses in them. Not that any of the shows are really accurate portrayals but they absolutely showed male nurses and they weren’t stereotypes. As for personal experience 13/53 in my nursing school cohort were men. Two of those males work in L&D and one in Peds, none of them had a hard time getting the job either.
  5. I’m in the occasionally picking up and extra shift category, and it needs to include surge bonus for me to pick up ($360 bonus for picking up, 1.5 pay for shift). The request is usually put out to the unit at large or occasionally a group text to the nurses who aren’t scheduled that shift. A simple “no thank you” is all that’s needed. No hurt feelings, no guilt trips involved. Time off is important, you don’t need excuses for why you can’t/don’t want to pick up extra shifts. Yes or no is all you need to reply with.
  6. Quota

    What was your first job as a new graduate?

    I’m about 8 months in as a new grad on an Oncology unit. Great supportive unit and I’m learning a lot. Full time days as well so I’m likely to hang around for a couple years and enjoy the schedule and friendly unit. Probably try and move to a cardiac type unit in the furture but time will tell.
  7. I’ve been fairly comfortable since about the 5 month mark, mostly because I have a very supportive unit and I have zero issues asking questions if needed. Usually it’s just clarifying questions making sure I’m correct about what I already think I should do. I’m right around the 8 month mark now and feeling really good. I work on an Oncology unit and am just finishing my chemo certification, already hanging it but still need to finish my online exam. Sure things still pop up that I’m unfamiliar with and ask for back up on but nursing is a huge field and I expect that to continue for years. I’m actually starting to feel ready to step up for one of the “super user” trainings coming up soon on my unit for new software upgrades. ie: taking on an extra responsibility for the unit. I certainly agree I still have things to learn and room to grow as a nurse but I feel comfortable in my job. Sure there are still good days and bad days but that’s just the nature of the beast sometimes. Heck the same four pt can be smooth sailing one day and non-stop running around, staying late for charting mess the next day (at least on Onc they can).
  8. Quota

    Hepatitis B vaccination

    I’d buy that logic. I was in my teens when I finished the HepB series and still have good immunity as of last titers in 2017, so 21 years later. I’d be willing to bet I still am so 23 years later...
  9. Quota

    Hepatitis B vaccination

    At some point a doctor told me about 10 years. I finished my HepB series back in ‘96 and as of 5/2017 titers I still have immunity. So it depends on the person.
  10. Quota

    pH in NGTs

    NG tubes are confirmed by X-ray after placement.
  11. Quota

    Nursing Scrubs Policy Question

    My hospital has assigned colors for staff (nurses, techs, respiratory, nutrition, secretary, transport, etc). OR, L&D get hospital supplied scrubs. Peds nurses get to wear designs and prints to appeal to the kids. Custom unit/hospital shirts and jackets are also allowed but they are also generally in the designated colors as well. Personally I prefer my scrub top with my pockets to the shirts. I’ll wear the shirts in day to day life or when I come in for a class/training day.
  12. Quota

    "I've never done this before"

    Saying I don’t know isn’t a dirty phrase IMO. Presentation and follow up with an answer is important though. I’ve told pt’s I hadn’t done a procedure/skill before and was going to get a more experienced coworker to come show/guide me. Never been an issue. They appreciate the honesty and willingness to ask first and get things right vs fake it till you make it. The key is “I don’t know but I will find out and get back to you”. Followed by getting back with them fairly quickly. I’m still less than a year in as a new nurse and things still come up that we just don’t do often on our unit. Simply explaining to the pt “we don’t see a lot of ‘xyz’ on this floor, let me check with my charge nurse/coworker before we do ‘xyz’.” is usually well received. They are usually happy I’m more concerned with getting things right than trying to appear I know everything.
  13. Quota

    Rejected by Patient

    I’ve been “fired” once so far in my 8 months. Basically a newly diagnosed leukemia pt in shock and upset about it plus having issues getting pre-existing pain under control. Perfect vortex of small things and miscommunications left her unhappy with my care that day. As the nature with leukemia she was still around about 2 months later when I was assigned her again. She didn’t remember me but was very happy with my care then. Don’t take it personally. Frequently they are having a bad time with their illness and just trying to exert control where they still can.
  14. Quota

    Is Anyone NOT Going to be an APRN?

    Second career new grad here, 6 months in so far, with no intention of going back to school. That doesn’t rule out moving out of direct bedside care eventually but more school is only in the cards if I discover an area of nursing I really want to pursue that requires it.
  15. Quota

    How often do you wash your scrubs? :)

    I’ve got 6 sets of scrubs that get washed with the rest of my clothes about every two weeks. No real special precautions beyond wear once and wash before wearing again. I have work shoes that I wipe down before leaving the unit but that’s about it.
  16. Quota

    Sick Days?

    I just hit my 6 month mark and I’ve missed one scheduled shift. I actually got sick from a pt with a respiratory infection. Took care of them two days in a row, was off for two, and came back to them on contact/droplet precautions linked to an outbreak of “respiratory illness” at their assisted living facility. I had them back that day as well. I developed cold like symptoms starting the evening before I was back on, felt pretty crappy the day I was back but it was too late to call out by the time I got up for work that morning. Thankfully I had a decent stretch of days off in a row not counting the one shift I missed in the middle to recover with. They also had about two days notice that I wasn’t likely to be there that day, 24 hour confirmed notice it wasn’t happening to get coverage. Of course I also had to deal with all the “fun” of my “work place injury” because I got sick from the pt... I’d highly suggest avoiding missing any work for the next few months for sure, look into your hospital’s policy on call outs too. You usually only have so many in a designated time period before a talk with management/HR happens.

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