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Quota has 4 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Oncology, OCN.

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  1. Quota

    New Grad Just Want to Throw Up: Should I quit?

    6 weeks isn’t even close to enough orientation for a new grad on any floor let alone an oncology medsurg unit. I think I had 12 weeks, now new grads have a fellowship and 15 weeks. It also sounds like your preceptor isn’t doing a lot to support you...
  2. Quota

    port accessing tips.

    I work inpatient but we never heparin flush PICC lines, only ports when we are going to de access them. Even pts who go home with a PICC just do daily saline flushes themselves, and home health to do dressing changes.
  3. Quota

    Wage negotiation for entire clinic of nurses

    No advice but the outpt infusion clinic that most of our pts go to when they don’t HAVE to be inpt is basically the same base rate (as far as I know). It’s within the same hospital system and literally across the street from my hospital. I’m pretty...
  4. I work inpatient ONC and only difference I’d have is adding 25mg Benadryl to the pre-meds. Nothing in those vitals would have caused me concern. Same d/c instructions as all outpt neutropenic pts, go to ED for sustained fever over 100.4.
  5. Quota

    ONC Certification information

    You need to be working on an oncology unit and chemo giving chemo. Even to get biotherapy certified you need to be working on an oncology unit for about six months first. OCN cert after about 2 years, I’m working on mine right now after about 2.5 y...
  6. I’m currently precepting a new grad who missed out on a lot of clinical experience, no capstone either. She went through the same ABSN program I did a few years ago. It was a bit of a rough start as I realized just how lacking in hands on skills sh...
  7. The only work related use my cell phone gets is using tiger text (encrypted service) to message doctors. The nurses on my unit were recently granted access to use tiger text, in general most nurses at our hospital do not have access to tiger text at...
  8. Quota

    Hazard Pay

    No hazard pay but we did get our merit increases, I got my chemo cert increase, and we just got a retention bonus the other week so $$$ in some form.
  9. I’ve got friendly and fair minded coworkers for the most part. The majority of us are willing to make the occasional swap to help each other out. Things come up sometimes you couldn’t plan ahead for. I’ll use RTO for specific days if I know about ...
  10. Quota

    Blood administration

    I work oncology so I give blood and platelets all the time. We prime the tubing with saline first and our orders are always by the unit so no worries about volume. We do always want to get all the blood product to the patient, our infusion volumes ...
  11. I can be either one depending on my assignment that day, usually I’m in between, I’m occupied most of my shift but not overwhelmed. On days that my assignment ends up being easy and I have lots of free time I spend that time asking coworkers if I ca...
  12. Quota

    Opinions on how soon to float new nurses

    Seems early to be floated to me. Our policy on my unit is you won’t be floated until six months after orientation ends. I was just floated for the first time about two weeks ago so just over a year as a nurse. It was awful haha, made me appreciate...
  13. I work in patient oncology and some of our patients are on the unit for 30 days stretches only to come back for another 30 days 1-2 months later. Certainly develop friendly relationships with some of those patients, they know I’m a crazy dog lady, I...
  14. Quota

    They locked up all the masks in security ?

    I work on an oncology floor and previously all our neutropenic pts had their own box of masks either in their rooms or just outside their rooms. With the mask shortage all masks have been moved to the controlled access supply room. Yesterday I coul...
  15. Quota

    Certification and Work Benefits?

    My hospital paid for my chemo certification and I have a raise coming at the six month mark post certification. They will also pay for me to get my OCN when I reach the two year mark which will earn me a bonus. Certification is also required if I w...