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  1. jtboy29


    PearsonVue I believe sends the results to the Board of Processing who then sends the letters out. Really weird that you haven't received anything yet because by the 3rd week you should of at least known.
  2. jtboy29

    nclex test bank

    There's all sorts of NCLEX test banks which give practice with NCLEX style questions. Is there any particular NCLEX test bank you're talking about? Unless you are talking about the NCLEX practice test on NCLEX | NCSBN ?
  3. jtboy29

    NCLEX PN Breeze account changes.

    Don't lose hope at all
  4. jtboy29

    NCLEX PN Breeze account changes.

    The BVNPT is slowly processing as of this week results from Nov.19th and they are probably backed up plus it's the holidays and the end of the year. I would continue to wait until you get that official letter in the mail stating that you have met the requirements. When I failed twice I had that 4th option still there along with the third option.
  5. jtboy29

    Is there any hope for me at this point?

    I would strongly suggest investing a refresher course because being out of college for 3 years is a long time and being that you've taken the NCLEX 4 times and have failed each time your best bet is to invest in a course review course. Your last resort in my opinion is to re-do the nursing program. You don't want to quit your job right now because you still need some source of income. You can also try finding a job that you somewhat like to get you by. I worked in the food service department of a hospital and I didn't like one bit of it to say the least that's why I told myself "I need to pass my NCLEX PN or be stuck at a job where it was heading nowhere" Hurst Review, Rachel Allen are two good course review courses or even Excell Nursing Review. What do you feel was your weakness or reasoning why you failed the NCLEX 4 times?
  6. jtboy29

    Hurst Review Best Fit

    I took and passed my NCLEX PN using just the Hurst Now course package. I would of done a live review or live stream but I needed flexibility. If you are a self-motivated learner then Hurst Now will be just fine. It was my third attempt and I was already frustrated I couldn't pass the exam two times so I was motivated enough to go back and refresh my memory with content. With Hurst Now you can still get access to the online video lectures and specialty videos.
  7. jtboy29

    Failed nclex

    You're welcome. I would really consider it. I'm sure there are other review courses you can use to prepare you for another attempt at the nclex
  8. jtboy29

    Failed nclex

    I've been in your situation. I failed the NCLEX PN twice before passing the exam the third attempt. After failing the second time using UWorld I decided to go with a review course like Hurst. Let me tell you that Hurst changed the way I thought and how I answered questions. I only used Hurst the entire time I was studying for my third attempt and didn't look at any other textbook or review material. My first two times I had so much handouts, looked at so much review material it proved to be overwhelming for me. Don't give up or lose hope. Right now, take a break from anything NCLEX breathe then a week later slowly get back into studying. This next attempt at studying be mentally fresh and take care of yourself physically.
  9. jtboy29

    Taking my NCLEX tomorrow... any last min advise?

    Congratulations mic_imai. You're welcome. If I had passed the first attempt I wouldn't have been able to share my journey and inspire others.
  10. jtboy29

    NCLEX PN Breeze

    I hesitated on checking my BreEZe account lol after I took mine.
  11. jtboy29

    NCLEX PN Breeze

    Not really sure. I would give it a few more days. Then check again. All I know was is I got my letter in the mail a week after I took the exam saying I met the requirements and passed. Also depends when the NCSBN sends in the results from your exam. If you went from feeling you passed to feeling of failure don't lose hope.
  12. jtboy29

    NCLEX prep

    Hurst Review proved to very helpful for me.
  13. jtboy29

    Taking my NCLEX tomorrow... any last min advise?

    If you want to look at something to review look at the strategies in Hurst. Then nothing at all after that. You should be well prepared being that you did both Hurst and UWorld. I passed my NCLEX PN on the third try using only Hurst. And my scores for the QReview Simulators were 59/125, 61/125, 80/125 and 60/125. I went in test day being confident and with a bit of anxiety that I can do this. Don't stay up late tonight. Get a good nights rest, set your alarms, get what you need ready tonight so that way you won't frantically do it in the morning. Then tomorrow wake up relaxed, eat a nice breakfast and be in the positive mindset that you will do this.
  14. jtboy29

    NCLEX in One Week

    I would review Cultural and Religious considerations again. Since you're scoring well on Mosby's and Exam Cram you would be good to go. You won't ever feel ready for the exam you just have to believe in yourself. I used Hurst when I was studying for my third attempt because Saunders and UWorld wasn't working for me. Review your precautions, prioritization and delegation. You will have to know the scope of practice of an LVN along with the RN and UAP. Remember, LVNs can only data collect in the assessment phase. Know the difference between a stable and unstable patient.
  15. jtboy29


    Don't lose hope because of the PVT. It's not 99.9% accurate. Actually if you feel horrible it's probably a good sign. I know the effort put in passing the NCLEX PN. I did it myself before finally passing the exam on the third attempt. If you do fail, then re-assess what you did wrong and how you studied and change it up so that way you can be better prepared. Also since you stated that maternity is your weakest subject then I suggest you look into a content review course such as Hurst (just in case you failed).