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  1. by   08sunloverRN
    Yea!!!! Found out today I passed!!! I am finally an RN after being an LPN forever!!!!
  2. by   AtomicWoman
    PVT worked for me. Got the "good" popup when I got home from the test and found out I had indeed passed when I got my quick results online 48 hours later. Yippee!
  3. by   Faeriewand
    I test tomorrow at 8am so I will tell you about what I get! I hope I get the good pop up when I get home!!!
  4. by   letilope
    what is the good pop up. what does it actually say??? acn some please let me know... thanks
  5. by   2012RNJ
  6. by   Silverdragon102
    Quote from letilope
    what is the good pop up. what does it actually say??? acn some please let me know... thanks
    Please take the time to read the first post in this thread Pearsonvue Trick part 2 - Nursing for Nurses and any questions regarding the test should also be placed in that thread.
  7. by   hopn2bern
    hey!!!! thats wonderful!!! i tried the trick as well i got the good pop up it hasnt been exactly 48 hours yet but i am still sooo nervous!!!! i have heard it really works !!!! fingers crossed 4 me!!!
  8. by   hopn2bern
    well i am waiting as well i keep getting the good pop up . anyone know how long it takes to receive your license through the mississippi state board of nursing?
  9. by   dawgmama
    Congrats to all who passed your NCLEX!!! The Pearson Vue trick really does work! I took the test on June 16th, the fire alarm went off 5 times during the test, we had to leave the room the first 3 times, and my screen went blue after 75 questions! My jaw literally dropped till the words popped up on the screen that I was finished. Whew! My mom took me out for coffee, and when we got home, I tried the trick. As I waited for the 'pop up', my heart was nearly pounding out of my chest! It was the good one! In two days, I got the early results, and yep, I passed! My friends who just took the test also tried the trick, and it worked for them also.

    Good luck to all of you studying for the test! You can do it. When I sat down at the testing computer, I took a moment to write on the top of my white board, "Breathe" and "I can do this!", I also reminded myself that my ATI predictor gave me a 94% chance of passing NCLEX, and I hadn't studied for that, it tested my general knowledge after 4 years of school. So all of you guys can do it too!
  10. by   cmorr095 RN-BSN
    The PVT definitely works. I took my test on June 22 with another classmate and it work for us and several others that tried it from my graduating classes. I have 75 questions and when I walked out the door I just knew I passed. Congratulations to all the newly licensed Registered Nurses.
  11. by   NRSKarenRN
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  12. by   wannabHishands
    My friend Shawn took the NCLEX-RN on Friday. We did the PVT over the phone, and it was right! He got his quick results passing report yesterday!
    (now, if it'll only be the same results for me one week from today...)
  13. by   chris82
    I really hope the good pop up is right!! Over a year out of nursing school, all 265, and a six month old can it be that I actually passed my first time!! Hope it's right. Honestly I think if you really put forth alot of effort than you will be prepared!!!!!