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  1. AtomicWoman

    Return to NP Practice

    It sounds like you have a great plan in place already, with lots of support. Good for you! I don't know how it works in Canada, but did you have to be certified by a particular organization to become an NP? If you did, I hope you didn't let your certification lapse. Here in the States, if you let your certification lapse, there is only a short while when you can be reinstated. After that, the certifying body (for example, ANCC) can (a) make you take the certifying exam again and (b) require you to meet the educational standards are in place now -- not the ones that were in place when you were first certified. Hopefully, none of the above applies to you. But if re-certification is going to be an issue, better to start working on that now than later! Best of luck to you!
  2. AtomicWoman

    Diversion investigation

    Dear heavens yes, you need an attorney. I hope you have spoken to one by now. I'm guessing the DEA, your state BON and Board of Medicine are all involved. Best of luck to you as this gets sorted out!
  3. AtomicWoman

    Lost New NP

    OP, I am worried for you. As at least one other poster has mentioned, an FNP working in an intensive inpatient role is working outside their scope of practice. That's a legally dicey place to be. I don't understand why your employer would do that. You were not educationally prepared for this role. Fingers crossed that you quickly find a suitable FNP position that you love. I'm sure you are very, very stressed every day. As someone trained in primary care, I know I sure would be! Happy New Year. May 2020 bring you a new job.
  4. AtomicWoman

    Do you have your own malpractice insurance?

    I have had my own malpractice since I was a BSN student. I would never be without it. One of my BSN instructors was an RN/JD who represented plenty of nurses. She told us that if the circumstances are right, an employer will throw an employee under the bus. And then you're stuck -- the lawyer works for the employer, not you. Just my opinion, of course.
  5. AtomicWoman

    FNP in Hospital Setting

    Agree with the others about scope of practice issues. Did you receive training in weaning vent patients and taking care of other critical patients in your FNP program? How is your scope of practice as an FNP defined by your state Nurse Practice (or similar) Act? Around here (Philly area) most, if not all, hospitals no longer allow FNPs to work in the ED or round in the hospital unless they get a post-Master's in acute care. You may find your malpractice insurer to be reluctant to extend coverage for your new activities.
  6. AtomicWoman

    Would you stay?

    "the medical assistants have attitude - one doesn't speak with me because she feels she is the provider and when initially i was working she would literally argue with me in regards to who should be seen or not......" I would be out of there like yesterday. That sort of situation is intolerable, IMO.
  7. AtomicWoman

    Adding second CRNP specialty in Pennsylvania

    Has anyone added a second specialty to their CRNP license in Pennsylvania? I'm already licensed for Adult Health and I want to add a second specialty (just finished a program and passed my certification exam). There is so little information on the BON website about how to do this, and when I call the Board, I'm on hold forever. No luck emailing. I know they need an application and verification from my school and ANCC, but do I have to go through the criminal background check again? Thanks!
  8. Wondering if anyone has any updates on the UC program. I got accepted, but they aren't the only school I am applying to. How did anyone feel about the program? Did it prepare you well to take the ANCC exam?
  9. AtomicWoman

    NCLEX Shut off at 88!

    If you haven't used this book, I can highly recommend it: Prioritization, Delegation, and Assignment: Practice Exercises for the NCLEX Examination, 3e: 978
  10. AtomicWoman

    Employer holding pay check

    I am sorry to hear about your thieving employer. I agree with others that you should file a complaint with your state Labor Board. As far as not knowing whether you have malpractice insurance, this is reason #1,752 to carry your own malpractice ins. For lots of reasons, I always have my own malpractice insurance. I carry it in addition to the coverage I have under my employer's group plan. No way do I want to depend on that premium being paid by someone else, and no way do I want to believe an employer will never throw me under the bus. Sorry again. I hope you at least see something of what you are owed. But I suspect you are not holding your breath!
  11. AtomicWoman

    DEA licenses in more than one state?

    Yes. I really wish they would make it so that you get one, national DEA number, but nope. You have to get a number for each state.
  12. AtomicWoman

    Advice?? Having trouble finding NP job.

    I disagree that adult-gero primary care is limiting (yep, I am an AGPCNP). True that the retail clinics want FNPs. But adult-gero NPs can work in internal medicine (including endocrinology, cardiology, nephrology, etc.) and around here, many family practices hire adult-gero NPs because parents take their kids to pediatricians, not the family doc. They can also work in rehab facilities, as another poster pointed out. I get job listings sent to me every day, and there are plenty of jobs for AGPCNPs.
  13. AtomicWoman

    Private practice

    You can read a lot of free articles on Nurse Practitioners in Business - Business Education, Resources & Support for Entrepreneurial Clinicians. I also get emails from Barbara. I used to belong to her pay site so I could read the forums, but I am not ready to start a practice yet, so I just read the free articles for now. You'll get lots of good ideas and info on that site. (I have no affiliation with the site.)
  14. AtomicWoman

    AANP recert

    OP, I am certified through ANCC, not AANP. However, whenever I have a question like yours, I go straight to the source and email ANCC. They answer pretty quickly and then I have something in writing. I'll bet AANP would answer you quickly, too.
  15. AtomicWoman

    omg I forgot to give report!

    When I was a floor nurse, I had that nightmare, too! And as a faculty member, I sometimes have a nightmare that I have forgotten to teach a class for an entire semester! I guess that is a riff on the famous student nightmare of forgetting to go to a class.
  16. I am surprised there are no other comments on this story yet. Especially coming so soon after the story of the Utah nurse who was assaulted for protecting her patient from an illegal blood draw. I found this article horrifying and depressing. Are nurses so used to abuse that it seems almost "normal" to us?

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