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2012RNJ has 2 years experience and specializes in peds.

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  1. LPN-BSN PhaseII CSM Exams Discussion

    use module for Ob they are pretty similar.
  2. LPN-BSN PhaseII CSM Exams Discussion

    College Network Module for peds was really what helped passed the ped and about 5% studying from saunders.Focus on the module for peds as it covers all the topics needed.
  3. LPN-BSN PhaseII CSM Exams Discussion

    OB was okay i used college network.peds is the hardest but you can do it.
  4. Thinking of having a baby while in LPN school

    i hit enter before finishing.It is something i have to go back someday i hope to finish and i still get e-mails from my school every months about things to do to get back.Your husband needs to be realistic about nursing school not focus on your assoc...
  5. Thinking of having a baby while in LPN school

    Mallorgy: I want to digest what i am going to write here carefully.I am due to have my baby in two weeks and no,i am already an lpn;i want to continue with lpn to bsn online.I had to take 15 credits worth test between May and July,i passed but failed...
  6. states that takes Isu

    This might help answer questions about states that accept ISU http://www.indstate.edu/lpn-bs/images/icons/states-that-recognize-isu-lpn-bs.gif
  7. N222 (med-surg)exam please help!

    I didn't pass the first time because i was thinking with my background,i should be good with a little bit of studying:but,i thought wrong!
  8. N222 (med-surg)exam please help!

    I posted a while ago about NURS224 and how i need help to pass the exam.After studying TCN that i bought from college network and medsurg textbook for a month,i finally passed with close to an A.Unto the next phase it is for me now.Thank you all for ...
  9. N222 (med-surg)exam please help!

    Thank you ladyscrub,tammy and 2brn09.
  10. N222 (med-surg)exam please help!

    study materials like books will be helpful.
  11. N222 (med-surg)exam please help!

    Is there a forum for students taking this exam or some that already took and passed it.
  12. I need help with N222 exam(med-surg);i failed the first time and i used college network module.I failed by 1.5pt(s).I already passed all other exams except N222,then i can take the TEA exam.Please i need help to pass it this second time.I am all ears...
  13. congrats!
  14. Indiana State University LPN-BSN 2012

    congrats to you guys.i hope to get the same news like you by nov as well.i have medsurg and peds to finish first.congrats once again!
  15. No need for TCN expensive study guides

    it is too late for fall2012 entrance right now,june 1st is the deadline to complete all the 4exams and TEAS.November is the next available deadline for spring2013.Goodluck!