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  1. by   b angel
    i had my nclex exams today morning and i had a lot of ,,almost 15 sata questions and a lot of priority questions..i'm totally depressed.i checked with the trick and got a good pop up.can i believe i passed?? will the trick work??
  2. by   SpelaD
    I don't think so...

    And I hope not, because I got a good pop up today and don't want any surprises.
  3. by   SpelaD
    I got the same pop up today and it's supposed to be a good pop up.
  4. by   Silverdragon102
    Quote from BabyGEEEEE
    i took my nclex! i got a bad pop up!!! *&%$!! that's not accurate!!! it's just a trick i passed doode! have you ever noticed? they don't allow negative posts about pvt? i bet this will be removed. don't lose hope RN's to be! i also have a friend who did not have the good pop up but hey she officially passed. So people who got the bad pop ups or what you call CC pop just wait for the REAL result. it destroyed my life for two days! suck PVT
    We do not delete negative posts about the trick we just do not get many people post they did the trick correctly and get a different answer
  5. by   Silverdragon102
    Quote from xxmayaoo
    Just took the NCLEX and I swear to god it felt like every other question was a select all that apply. The test shut off at 75 questions and I was kinda ****** bc I really didn't feel as though I did enough to prove my competency. I'm feeling awful now and waiting for results is even worse. I did the PVT and it said 'our records indicate that u have scheduled this exam. Please contact ur member board for further assistance. Another registration can't be made at this time.'. Is this a good sign? Also has anyone gotten the good pop up to later find out they didn't pass? I'm so on edge right now I feel awful ahhhh
    Because you are asking about the PVT I am merging this with existing thread
  6. by   Silverdragon102
    Quote from MaleNurse-
    first post here..hello.

    to the topic that i am too lazy to search thousands of posts for.... Anybody here got a good pop up with the PVT trick, and still failed?

    Is it possible?
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  7. by   lunago16
    So, i took my NCLEX today.. but mine says,"the candidate currently has an open registration for this exam. A new registration could not be created at this time." So it won't let me register.. which is good. But other people's pop ups says something different.. Good or bad? Is anyone else getting this pop up?? And i checked it 4 hours after the exam.. how accurate is that?
  8. by   shelskyrn2010
    I took the test yesterday at 11am. came out of the center with tears in my eyes because I felt that I did so bad. I have never done so horribly on an exam. I got tons of prioritizations, multiple SATAs and 3 or 3 meds which I have never heard of before. I got the blue screen at 75 questions and I am scared out of my mind. I did the PVT and I got the good pop up "to contact the board of nursing". Does it take the whole 48 hr period for quick results? Does anyone know how long NY BON takes to update?
  9. by   beeenieweeenie, RN
    Got the good pop up, quick results say I passed!
  10. by   Ania1300
    So I read a post that someone had the good PVT but the next day she tried it and it went to the credit card page? Is this true - has anyone else had the PVT trick fail? I just took the test today and of course it sucked but right now I am still getting the good PVT. Please let me know if this changed the following day for anyone?! Thanks
  11. by   anxiousRN11
    i took nclex june 1st and availed of the PV's quick result which gave me a PASS status and now its been 3 weeks and i'm getting anxious more and more.i do not want to celebrate til i got hold of my official result from my BON. i've been checking their website too but i could not find my name listed,this makes me crazy the more.

    can anyone enlighten me if the quick result is really reliable considering that they keep seaying that it is 'unofficial'?and for illinois examinees,when should i except my result in the mail if i am from the philippines?please help.
  12. by   MrCAPR
    what do you mean by California Users? I got confuse, I took my nclex today and got the good pop up.... I am getting comments from many user congrtulating me, but after reading your post; I am now feeling anxious about it. So, you are saying that the Pearson trick does not wrok in California?
  13. by   tamara_
    I got the "good" message. Took NCLEX pn yesterday, finished with 85 questions at an hour and 10 minutes. Ill update if it worked!